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      Korean kids also wear traditional national outfits. However, this happens very rarely. Mostly in connection with the most significant events, such as the Korean New Year (Sollal), Chuseok, and some family celebrations

      Modern Kids's Hanbok

      The modern children's hanbok is very comfortable. It usually consists of 2-3 parts: a spacious robe, a skirt and a shirt. It is comfortable to wear. This is important because for the first time the national costume is put on the baby on the first anniversary of birth.

      The child is dressed in a tol khanbok, or tol from. It is a beautiful and bright hanbok, with spacious sleeves and floors, so that the baby is comfortable to move and play. However, it has its own features, which are regulated by the gender of the baby:

      Hanbok for boys

      Boys wear a jogori - a pink or blue jacket - and a korym - a long blue jacket.

      Hanbok for girls

      Girls are dressed in a long and spacious chima and tane - a bright jacket a tone lighter than the skirt or a jacket in stripes.

      These garments are complemented by traditional headdresses: pokkon or hogon, peaked hats for boys, and kulle, an ornate cap for girls. Children look very cute in these outfits and wear them with pleasure, because the clothes do not constrain their movements.