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      The korean fashion accessory, or how to give your clothes the detail that makes the difference: belts, hats, jewelry, scarves and other scarves, accessories are not lacking. The latest bag, fashionable glasses, trendy tights: whatever the season and the fashion of the moment, there is always one or more accessories to match your clothes... and to add to your wardrobe.

      To be on the cutting edge of fashion, you should never underestimate the importance of accessories. Handbags, earrings, suspenders... there are a multitude of accessories for women that will enhance an outfit with a touch of elegance and originality. Korean accessories, whether they are useful or simply aesthetic, multiply throughout the korean fashion shows and are collected throughout the seasons. The trick is to know how to match them to your outfit, not to fall into the overabundance or bad taste, and to let your creativity express itself.

      An Essential Korean Accessory : Belts

      The belt is an ideal accessory because it is both useful and pretty. It comes in many materials and colors, so there can be one for every outfit. It is often the figurehead of a brand that uses its buckle to convey its imprint. Like a perfume or a bag, a belt is an essential accessory to complete a korean outfit.

      A Must-Have for Wardrobe : the Korean Socks

      Socks, a must-have for wardrobes that are trendy, and who understood the importance of wearing Korean socks in accordance with the rest of its outfits. This is one of the first important points when you want to choose a pair of socks that suits you. In recent years, this accessory called sock has the wind in your sails. Whether for men or women, the sock is a garment in its own right, considered as an "accessory" a few years ago, nowadays essential for walking, running and any other activity.

      Timeless : the Korean Stockings

      It is the masterpiece of korean winter outfits. Timeless accessories, stockings are in every drawer. Like stockings, they enhance the legs, shaping them, making them shine and keeping them warm. In silk, nylon or wool, patterned or plain, black or colored, opaque or sheer, sober or with polka dots, matte or shiny: korean stockings are as varied as women's tastes.

      Korean Scarves for a Warm Winter

      If the scarf is essential to spend a warm winter, its usefulness can extend to other seasons. It depends on the material it is made of. A pure korean wool scarf will be perfect for the cold of the heart of winter, we will adopt cotton more easily for the fall or spring, lighter and more pleasant. Each season has its own material and each outfit has its own color !

      Fashionable all Year Round : the Korean Headscarves

      Indispensable, the headscarf is part of these accessories that all women have. To enhance an outfit, to protect your neck, to give yourself an original look... the korean headscarf is the certainty of being fashionable, all year round. Alongside scarves, the headscarf, in silk or cotton, brings lightness and color, even in the hair. Every time, with a headscarf, your look and outfit are perfectly successful.

      Used for Centuries : the Korean Bags 

      The bag is undoubtedly man's and woman's best friend. Allowing him for centuries to take with him the material necessary for his survival, it is the container that has allowed a thousand and one journey. Over the centuries, the bag has become less vital, as man has ceased to be nomadic, but it continues to be the long-distance companion of women and men spending their days outdoors. This accessory also allows each and everyone to carry their urban survival equipment during their daily trips. Indeed, it is necessary to be able to carry a wallet, phone and purse without risking losing them. As for its style, it depends on everyone: tote bag for some, backpack for others...

      Korean Sunglasses, the Accessory to Have for a Cool Look

      As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, we are happy to take out our korean sunglasses. A must-have accessory for summer, they play the fashion card with original and original models. You can choose a pair with a resolutely vintage look: butterfly, oversized, cat-eye or round glasses. In all colors, they bring a trendy touch to your look. Some eyewear manufacturers also offer frames made of recyclable wood, which will change the classic tortoiseshell frame. The choice of frames is almost infinite: signed by the greatest haute couture houses or designed by small creators, there is something for everyone! And to choose the right sunglasses, it is recommended to check that they provide good protection against UV rays.

      Korean Hair Accessories to Enhance your Hair

      Hair accessories are ideal for finalizing your new look. Add your finishing touch now with our hair accessory collection. Don't hesitate to use hair accessories when designing your outfit. Indeed, korean hair accessories will bring a special touch to your look that will not leave you indifferent whether you have short, medium or long hair. Among our hair collection you will find hair clips, headbands and elastics. Korean Street Fashion also recommends that you check out its collection of earrings to enhance your face.

      Where to Buy Korean Accessories Online ?

      Is your outfit ready ? You have chosen your top, your bottom and your shoes ? And all you have to do is add a few accessories to perfect your korean fashion style ? That's great ! Now you're probably wondering where you can buy such fashion accessories online. To this question, there are several solutions: either order on a generalist website like Amazon, or order directly on a store specialized in korean fashion and having a large choice of korean accessories. The choice is quickly made for many satisfied customers of ours, who ordered on our Korean Street Fashion store. And you, what are you going to do ?