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      Crossbody bag, backpack, cosmetic bag...shoulder bag, handbag ? There are so many different bags that it's hard to know which one to wear for which occasion and for which type of figure. Many of you asked for some guidance on how to choose the right bag, this companion so dear to our style. Korean bags are not only great but also very convenient korean accessories. Here's how to buy it, which one to wear for which occasion and how to choose it according to your figure. You'll see that you don't need luxury leather goods or to spend twice your salary on a Korean bag to boost your look!

      A Few Tips to Choose your Korean Bag

      The Ideal Daytime Korean Backpack

      The schoolbag, whatever its size, is a very practical bag. Its thin shape allows you to organize everything lengthwise. Its pockets on the front also allow you to store small things you need within easy reach.

      The school backpack can be carried by hand or slung over the shoulder like a little schoolgirl. Choose it in a fluorescent color in summer or in a nice print to add a touch of fantasy to your look. Avoid buying it in a glossy brown leather, a little too classic… The Korean backpack is ideal for going to work or going out on the weekend. It will also give a preppy and vintage look to all your dresses.

      The bag is the vibrant accent to your style, it is with you all the time and houses the most important items of your day-to-day life. Here are some great tips to consider before you choose the right bag for you:

      Avoid black : The majority of times, you should avoid the Korean black bags. The bag can be a great occasion to dress in colors and enhance an outfit by wearing basic colours. Choose a small blue, coral, fir green or the bold red. You can always be sure to choose the most reliable colors like camel, nude white or beige.

      Choose gorgeous materials: Whether it's natural fabric, leather or nylon, you must pay close attention on the high-end products. Look at the label if uncertain about the substance and stay clear of imitation leather, which won't endure and not be able to handle an excessive amount in weight (if you are carrying your laptop, for instance). The lining is equally important and must be durable and pay attention to seams. If the lining is fitted with pockets to store things, it's an advantage that should not be overlooked.

      Attention to details: They are as important when it comes to leather items as textile. Therefore, pay close attention to the final elements in your Korean bag (zippers buttons, zippers metal, leather tassels ...). The accessories, like the zipper, or the rivets (small studded pieces that decorate the bag) must be strong and of high-quality. If the zipper fails or is damaged, having it repaired by an expert can add to the cost of the bag.

      Consider investing in the "multi occasion" Korean bag : It is not necessary to alter it between outings and work it's timeless. The bag should look chic enough to dress up and stylish enough to carry around. To cut a long tale short, the bag must be made of a gorgeous material (smooth or aged). However, there are additional criteria to take into consideration. These are the top five:

      1. Red green, pink blue, yellow... as well as simple camel, beige, and nude...
      2. It is closed by a zip to protect yourself from thieves (you never know)
      3. Medium size, comparable to the Format of 48hrs (perfect for office use)
      4. It is longer than high-format
      5. With shoulder straps and an adjustable handle for carrying it with your hands (the numerous handles will add style to the bag!)

      The Best Korean Bags

      For a change in your style within just a blink, you need to change your bag! Recommendation: do it with care and don't forget everything in the bag you have previously used Make sure you check the small pockets! There are a variety of shapes to bags. Here is a brief overview of three distinct designs that are important to me.

      This is the Ideal Daytime Korean Backpack

      The schoolbag, no matter its dimensions, is a practical bag. The slim design allows you to store everything along the length. The pockets on the front can also be used to store the small things that you require within reach.

      The backpack of your school is able to be carried in the hand or carried over the shoulder as the little girl in school. Select a vibrant shade in summer or the form of a lovely design to add a touch of fanciful to your outfit. Don't buy it in a high-gloss brown leather, which is which is a bit too traditional... It's a great Korean backpack is great for working out or for a night out for a night out. It can also add an elegant and vintage style to your outfits.

      The Korean Crossbody Bag Goes Everywhere

      The crossbody bag can have many facets. Its shape is the most classic, the flap on the bag also contains the clasp of it. Its round shape is an easy shape to approach. It is carried on the shoulder in most cases but you can also carry it in the hand or under the arm thanks to an additional handle.

      Choose it classic in a beautiful leather that is a bit vintage or sleek, or play up the contrasts by tackling a colored leather with gold embellishments. It's multi-occasion! With a few chic details that style it like the hoops or gold details, you can wear it from noon to midnight!

      The Korean Tote Bag

      In recent years, korean tote bags have become a practical accessory because of their functionality and easy use. They can be customized to reflect your personality or purchase from various brands to create a stylish look and be eco-friendly.

      A tote bag, in essence, is a bag of varying size that often has no attachments other than a pair of parallel handles on each side to hold the bag there. The primary function of a tote bag to be a convenient to carry around, particularly during shopping or other errands. It is a Korean mesh bag but, in reality, is any type of bag that is made of the robust, woven fabric of linen or cotton. The material can also be found on tents, sails, backpacks, and many other items. Mesh is the same material that artists use all over all over the world to create the foundation to create their art medium.

      The Korean Cosmetic Bag

      The cosmetic bag is an accessory that allows you to store your beauty and hygiene products in one place. Like a pouch, with or without a compartment, essential during a trip, this kit allows to better organize the suitcase. Contrary to popular belief, the Korean cosmetic bag is not only for women. Whether you need it to store all your skincare products at home or to travel, you will find a cosmetic bag made for you on Korean Street Fashion!

      Where to buy korean bags ?

      If you can, the best thing to do is to go to Seoul, walk around the city and do your shopping there. Otherwise, we recommend you to order your korean bag directly  from an online store specialized in korean fashion. In addition to having a choice and unique models, you will benefit from affordable prices. Feel free to check out our different bags according to your current needs.