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      Over the seasons, the belt finds its place, it is a useful korean accessory and this is what makes its longevity. It can be found in all wardrobes, from the most select to the most bohemian. Korean belts are essential for many morphologies. They can be in turn leather, fabric, cotton or vinyl. All materials lend themselves to the game and allow to find the ideal belt for each outfit.

      With buckle, with holes: the Korean Belt diversifies

      Depending on whether you're looking for a discreet accessory or on the contrary if you want to use the belt in a more important way, there is something for everyone: from a thin leather or Korean cotton belt to an imposing belt with rhinestones and sequins, there is something for every taste and every desire. Each silhouette can be enhanced with a belt that is just right. The belt buckles allow you to keep the same belt but to embellish it with a variation each day. Plain brown and korean black belts are the most commonly used. However, red, white or two-tone belts are also popular.

      Belts are usually worn over pants with loops to hold them in place, but it is possible to wear a belt loosely over a dress or tunic. The belt will then bring a 100% accessory touch. Worn loosely and falling on the hips it will minimize the effect of a tunic or dress too loose.

      Korean Men's belt and women's belt: same function, different uses

      Men's belts and women's belts both have the same function but the men's belt is never 100% used as an accessory. It is always worn in its strictest sense and has no, or less, accessory part. Contrary to this use, a woman's belt may not fulfill its supporting role at all but simply adorn and enhance an outfit. The Korean belt can be an elegant accessory and serve as a reminder of color to other accessories such as a hat, bracelet or scarf for example.

      The variation of belts in many colors allow leather goods companies to offer new models. Many styles are thus covered. From chic to retro through a braided belt or a transparent belt, all desires are possible in terms of belt. It remains to find the bag and scarf that will go perfectly with the chosen korean belt and that will form a harmonious whole.

      A woman can also bring a masculine touch to her outfit by wearing a man's belt.

      Here is an overview of the different korean belts :

      Korean Decorated Belts

      For some time now, belts decorated with jewels, pearls, silver or gold studs are on all the catwalks of the greatest designers, girls and glamorous women are crazy about them. They are perfect for a chic and casual urban outfit, on a cigarette pants or even on jeans. It is a touch of fantasy in the outfit that always makes a sensation! Learn more about matching belts and shoes to your outfit.

      Korean Thin Belts

      Skinny belts will be perfect for women who are rather small, they slim the waist and give a super slim and sexy look. The big trend at the moment is neon and flashy Korean belts, ranging from pink, red, orange, electric blue ... They will be perfect to contrast with your outfit, for example a small white dress and a thin pink belt may be the greatest effect! But which belt for which body type ?

      Korean Leather Belts

      The most classic, the most beautiful for all your outfits and the authentic. We like the very fashionable braided Korean leather belt versions, the plain colors are the timeless ones, the mixed color braided ones are very trendy. We will always prefer a braided to a smooth leather, with small patterns of flowers embedded, very nice too. The ideal size, not too wide, not too thin, that is to say just the size that fits in the loops of a pair of jeans.Learn more about cleaning leather belt.

      Korean Belts to Tie

      Who said scarves were only meant to be worn around the neck? It's a new trend right now, scarves are hanging on the pants or skirt, a very hot trend for the summer. It's original and stylish, you can change and vary the pleasures at lower cost. Tie your scarf around your waist with the knot on the side, it will give you a bohemian and urban look at the same time. You can also choose a tie, a colored cord, a silk or satin tie, always very fashionable.

      Korean Wide Belts on the Hips

      This is a timeless style that is always a sensation among fashionistas. The belt placed on the hips draws the eye to the feminine curves of the hips and refines the waist at the same time. It is a style that is perfect to wear over tunics or shirt dresses, over bohemian and long skirts, or simply over jeans. It's a sexy and casual touch.

      The Korean Corset Belt

      The corset belt is extremely feminine, it is even a real weapon of seduction! This wide belt is usually made of a soft material that hugs the shape of the waist just below the chest. The illusion will be there, and you will have a real wasp waist and will benefit you curves and highlight your chest. A perfect style with a pencil skirt falling to the knees and a small blouse well cut. It's a very sexy outfit but also very classy for a chic evening or even for the office.

      The Korean Belt with Straps

      It is perhaps the most classic and always in vogue. Often quite simple and sober color, it goes with everything and that's why we love it. It is particularly well suited for pants and jeans, winter and summer. If you are fancy, it also exists in color which can put some pep in your outfit.