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      5 products

      Nothing like a pair of Korean boots to boost the look of a silhouette. Declined in seventies fashion, these korean shoes will have no equal to accompany skirts and midi dresses. Those equipped with high heels will avoid mixing with sexy outfits, at the risk of falling into the first degree. On their side, flat boots will gain to be carried with mini lengths so as to balance the silhouette. And if in general, we choose our boots in all-purpose colors such as black or brown, you should not hesitate to dare red or blue duck, this kind of color has no equal to breathe a real soul stylistic supplement to a look composed of neutral or classic colors.

      Here are the most popular women's korean fashion boots :

      Korean Ankle Boots : The Most Versatile Ones

      The korean ankle boots, also called booties are shoes that adapt to all styles and all season. Indeed, the common denominator of these boots is a shoe height that rises just above the ankle. Ankle boots can be heeled or flat and the materials used for these models are numerous. Leather is the material of choice that combines quality and aesthetics. Skirt, leggings or slim you can multiply your outfits with these new boots essential in your wardrobe.

      Korean High Boots : The Women's Best Friends

      Korean high boots are the ultimate allies for women who like to wear dresses and/or skirts but are afraid of looking too prim. With high boots, dresses become even more stylish than with pumps and midi skirts less retro. When they are flat, high boots have no equal to accompany mini skirts. In general, high boots allow you to inject into the silhouette what is necessary of style and allure to avoid the no look. We will wear them in winter, spring and fall, we will put them away in summer.

      Korean Low Boots : the Trending Ones

      They could be defined as closed pumps or low boots. Korean low boots are becoming more and more trendy because they offer a perfect alternative between the boots, sometimes difficult to put on and the pumps with which we do not always walk comfortably. Not to mention that low boots are generally less expensive. With their low profile that stops just below the ankle, these boots have become the must-have shoes of the fall, even in winter, whether they are flat or with heels, leather or nubuck, glamorous or rock.

      Korean Lace Boots for a Nice Retro Look

      Lace-up boots are dressier than boots that you're going to put on at the last minute and in which you'll really feel like in a slipper. Korean lace boots offer a better foot hold and a more elegant curve, even totally feminine if you choose them with heels. They can be either retro 20's or even more masculine and close to Doc Martins. The number of these lace-up boots is colossal and everyone will find something to suit them.

      Korean Flat Boots : Comfortable All Year Round

      Korean flat boots are comfortable shoes, mainly for fall and winter. They can be made of several materials and come in a variety of accessories and colors. Thanks to the wide range of flat boots available in many famous shoe brands, you will certainly find the ones that will go best with your wardrobe.

      Korean Stiletto Boots : The Most Feminine Ones

      Shoes are more than a fashion accessory, they are useful and necessary and if we can also enjoy ourselves with boots or booties that we like then why be shy? The boots with heels are shoes that it is important to have in its ideal wardrobe. They allow you to gain a few centimeters of height while maintaining an optimal comfort ideal. The stiletto boots can be laced or put on depending on the model you choose and they are many !

      Korean Tanker Boots for a Glamour and Rock Style

      Black leather and resistant, metal buckles and a thick notched sole: tanker boots seem incompatible with a feminine look. Yet, we can't get enough of tanker boots, with their free and rebellious style that twists any of our outfits. Especially since they are now found in glamour & rock versions made of sequins, studs, straps, straps and golden zippers. The tanker boots have become timeless shoes and must-haves of dressings. We put them on whatever the season and they are associated perfectly with pants with holes as well as with a little floral dress.

      Korean Black Boots : An Essential

      Indispensable for having the perfect shoes to wear at all times. Korean back boots are suitable for all weather and all outfits. From the thinnest to the most massive, you will find in our collection page an overview of these shoes that make the pleasure of many of us!

      Korean Brown Boots, among the Best-Sellers

      Whether flat or heeled, low or high, round toed or pointed, Korean brown boots are among the best-sellers in boots. It must be said that the brown leather composes beautiful duets with materials such as wool, pink silk, white lace, jeans or navy blue velvet.

      Korean Chelsea Boots for a Stylish and Casual Look

      With their name coming straight from the London of the late 19th century, these boots have crossed the seas and the ages. The korean chelsea boots have never really left the feet of men and women who want to adopt a stylish and casual look.

      These boots whose sides are decorated with elastic bands are recognizable among all and continue to stir the imagination of designers and other fashion designers. That's why there are more and more different models: heeled or flat, leather or nubuck, classic or modern... You can bet that you won't get tired of these English boots in the Korean version.

      Korean Camel Boots : Original and Lively Color

      To finalize his outfit and mark his personality, the korean camel boots are perfect. Go for a total denim look with these shoes that change the usual colors. A pretty golden color to associate with many clothes and accessories, provided not to make any mistake! Some colors like white or denim blue are more easily associated with camel, just know it to wear your pair of boots more easily.

      Korean Suede Boots : Perfect for All Looks

      Korean suede boots are perfect for fall looks made up of chiffon dresses, trench coats and long scarves. In order to go with everything, we will choose our suede boots in taupe, camel or tan colors, except for suede waders that we can safely choose in black, gray or khaki. Suede boots, also known as "suede", nubuck or velvet, especially when they are a beige or light color, unlike black, easily attract dirt. So be sure to clean your pair regularly !

      Korean Riding Boots : the Easiest Boots to Wear

      Classic but timeless, korean riding boots are undoubtedly the easiest boots to wear. Paired with skinny jeans or mixed with a skirt, they inject an undeniable dynamism to the look. In practice, we prefer them with heels rather than flat, the idea being to avoid tightening the silhouette.

      Here are also other models that you can sometimes find on the site: korean army boots, dwarf boots, rain boots and sock boots.

      What korean boots to wear in winter ?

      Given the impressive number of boots, we can quickly find ourselves lost in front of all the models. To help you, here are some models of boots that you can wear in winter without risk: flat boots, high boots and tanker boots. Of course you can also wear black and brown boots as long as they are high enough and waterproof to protect you from the rain and winter.(depending on where you live)

      Korean Boots : Where to do your online shopping ?

      On Korean Street Fashion, of course! Without joking, take the time to look at the different models of Korean boots and booties present on our online store specialized in Korean fashion. We take great care to offer a wide range of products, which we update regularly.