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      5 products

      Women all over the world love to wear beautiful jewelry, for special occasions as well as for everyday life. Among korean jewelry, the bracelet is certainly the most popular and is widely worn by korean fashion conscious women. Wearing a Korean bracelet is always a good choice, especially if you combine it with a Korean necklace, earrings or rings. Can be worn alone or in accumulation, the bracelet allows sublimating your wrist and your outfit. Moreover, there are many styles of Korean bracelets to suit everyone's taste: materials, ornaments, sizes and colors. Let's see the different types of korean bracelets:

      Korean Bead Bracelet

      Very feminine, the Korean beaded bracelet can be declined in all colors, in all styles. You are discreet, choose a fine pearl bracelet with soft colors in pastel pink for example, choose an association of turquoise blue and white. Pastel colors are very popular in korean fashion and especially kpop. You are more fashion black, mix silver and black beads by accumulating bracelets in stainless steel, combine different sizes of beads for a "rebel" look. Or, your style is the colors, it must be flashy, combine the shimmering colors of beads mounted on a rush or chain, choose red as an ally and stand out from the crowd, make the woman in you vibrate! Each one has its own style, each one has its own beads, find the ones that best suit you in our selection and enjoy yourself!

      Korean Charm Bracelet

      The Korean charm bracelet has existed since the dawn of time. Indeed, many examples of these korean jewels to which were attached shells, stones and other ornaments have been found in many places in the world. Today, these bracelets include many charms, decorative pendants of all kinds that always reveal a little more about the personality of their wearer. Among the Korean charm bracelets, you will often find pearl charms, shells, charms in the shape of small flowers and other cute shaped charms. The advantage of this type of korean bracelet is that you can choose a bracelet and customize it with the charms of your choice. By adding charms, according to your taste you make your bracelet unique! By carefully combining shapes, colors and materials, the charms bring originality and lightness to your wrists.

      Korean Knot Bracelet

      You like sober and discreet jewelry? Then korean knot bracelets are for you. Very elegant, they are perfect to give your look a little something extra that will make all the difference. Whether you are looking for a knot bracelet for men, women, children or even teenagers, we have created a large collection of models in all styles. In the Korean Street Fashion selection, our knot bracelets come in a variety of materials including brass, steel, silver and gold plated. Some of our cord bracelets are adorned with one or more stones including amber, quartz and many others. All you have to do is choose according to your taste or why not according to the symbolism of each stone. All in elegance, these Korean bracelets, adjustable with a sliding knot are ideal to perfect an outfit.

      Korean Bangles

      Particularly elegant, the korean bangle bracelet is part of these jewels as classic as inescapable. It comes in the form of a ring, perfectly round, oval, even square or rectangular. The ring is usually open, with ornamental balls at each end of the bracelet. It is more or less rigid so that it can be put on easily by gently pulling it apart. Some bracelets are closed. In this case, they are equipped with a clasp system, often hinged. At Korean Street Fashion, you will find gold-plated and silver-plated Korean bangles, adorned with gemstones, precious stones or decorated with graphic patterns. They come in different thicknesses to fit all wrists. To choose your jewelry, measure your wrist with a closed fist to find a bracelet with the right circumference.

      Korean Friendship Bracelet

      Relationships are very important in Korea and giving a bracelet is one of the ways to prove your sincere friendship. There are many jewelry designs to make the ties that bind you eternal. For example, opt for a Korean bracelet with a charm that splits in two. Both of you will wear one half of the heart or medal with your initials or the date you met. The friendship bracelet can also be a simple link in leather, fabric, plastic ... surrounding a plate on which are engraved the words "best friends". Each friend in your group can wear one, and you can even vary the colors of the link or plaque. Silicone bracelets in any color and with your choice of inscriptions will also make nice symbols of friendship.

      Korean Bracelet for Couples

      In Korea, even more important than friendship is: the couple. While walking in the streets of Seoul, you will notice how the couple has an important place in the Korean culture. Rather than choosing to dress alike with a matching outfit, opt for a Korean couple bracelet! Couple bracelets are often knot bracelets on which there is a complementary charm, such as a lock and key, a heart separating, yin and yang. Sometimes it is the complementarity of the colors that imposes itself with beaded bracelets. Thus, one gets for example a black bracelet with a red pearl and the other a red bracelet with a black pearl. There are also some Korean bracelets with the words "king" and "queen". Whatever your taste and that of your partner, you will inevitably find a couple bracelet!

      Korean Engraved Name Bracelet

      Many types of bracelets can be engraved and personalized. This is the case of the chain bracelet, a chain whose links are distributed on both sides of a round or rectangular plate. On this one are generally engraved a first name, initials, a small word, a date... Some bracelets can also be provided with a plate on which we can engrave what we want. Motifs and symbols, such as the sign of infinity, a heart, a tree of life... can easily be found on these jewels with strong meaning. In the same spirit, there are also bracelets that can be personalized with a first name. In this case, the bracelets are not engraved but directly molded, most often in Korean script.

      Korean Stone Bracelet

      Natural semi-precious stone korean bracelets are suitable for all styles and moods. They add a discreet and refined touch of color to your outfits and blend in with all the current trends. Choose to mix several natural stones together or opt for a solid model that will dress up your wrist in a flash!Don't hesitate to combine different styles of stainless steel bracelets with semi-precious stones to add a trendy touch to your look. Bracelet set with a beautiful green malachite, chain with a blue-turquoise Howlite, or a black onyx, each of these stones will fit your style. Bracelets of yesterday, today but also tomorrow, the semi-precious stone bracelet is timeless. Each woman will find the piece that suits her in our selection.

      Here are also other types of bracelets:

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      Now that you have an overview of the different types of korean bracelets, here are some tips to help you in your choice:

      How to measure bracelet size ?

      To find the right Korean bracelet for you, measure your wrist. To measure your wrist, you will need a flexible tape measure or a string. Use a string or tape measure to measure your wrist. Wrap the string around your wrist to measure the length. A bracelet can be made looser by adding 1 cm. Your bracelet can be made looser by adding two centimeters. A loose bracelet can lead to it being lost or damaged. It is sometimes difficult to measure someone's wrist when giving a gift. Here are the dimensions of standard bracelets for children, men and women. This will allow you to choose the right size.

      Bracelets For Women

      The size of women’s wrists will depend on the type of woman. The average bracelet size is 19 cm. If you are looking for a bigger bracelet with a more traditional design, a 20 cm bracelet might be an option.

      Bracelets for Men

      Bracelets for men are 20-21 cm in length. The smallest size is 18.5 cm. The longest is 23 cm. You should adjust the length of the bracelet to fit the wrist of the man that you are gifting it to.

      Wearing a branded Korean bracelet ?

      Although there are a few different designers and korean jewelry brands, most of the Korean bracelets are handmade and are not branded. That's why you will find most of the time very affordable bracelets: between $20 and $80. Sometimes you will also find very cheap models at $10 and less, but we do not recommend purchasing them because of their often poor quality.

      Where to buy korean bracelets ?

      Despite the fact that Korean bracelets are based on classic bracelets, they remain atypical and are not always easily accessible in stores. Here at Korean Street Fashion, we have taken care to select and assemble the widest possible choice of korean bracelets, so that whatever your style you can find a jewel that suits you. Browse our collection now !

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