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      45 products

      Clothes shape who we are in the eyes of others, but they also allow us to bond with others who share our style. Apart from shoes, jewelry and accessories, the most important part of a clothing style is the clothes. And if you're here, chances are you're interested in korean clothes. As you probably know, korean fashion is divided into different subtypes, the main ones being streetwear and casual korean fashion.

      In this collection, you will find Korean clothes to incorporate in your outfits to get a korean fashion style. Now let's see the different Korean clothes that can enter your wardrobe.

      Korean Tops

      The tops are an integral part of any korean fashion outfit. Whether you want to wear a crop top or a long sleeve top when the weather is cooler, you will always find something you like in korean clothing. It is also without forgetting the tops for the summer or the various styles of top: stripes, with polka dots, of plain color, etc.

      Korean Blouses

      The tops for women are various and varied. But to make a casual outfit more sophisticated, there is nothing like a blouse. With its airy and vaporous shirt look, it brings femininity and lightness to your day outfit. The blouse is more dressed up than a simple t-shirt, but more casual than the blouse. Authentic, it accompanies you everywhere, whether it is in cotton, voile, satin or silk. It is nicely bloused over pants, jeans, shorts or a skirt. From morning to night, the blouse is the perfect style ally.

      Korean Shirts

      Between denim shirts, lumberjack shirts, white shirts, Hawaiian shirts, pajamas striped shirts, polka dot shirts and floral shirts, today's woman is spoiled for choice. It must be said that the korean shirt is a perfect shirt for the trends periodically animating the korean fashion landscape. With its classic cut, you can indeed play with them safely.

      Korean Jumpsuit

      A pair of pants and a top in the same garment: the jumpsuit has a certain practicality that will accommodate all those who spend hours in front of their closet without knowing what clothes to wear. If it is comfortable, the korean jumpsuit is no less chic and glamorous. An original evening wear with a strong personality, the jumpsuit is a perfect alternative to the dressy dress or the tuxedo for women. And in a casual and colorful version, the suit can also be worn casually, always with that touch of sophistication that we appreciate in it.

      Korean Short Jumpsuit

      A mixture of a jumpsuit and shorts and here is the short jumpsuit, an atypical garment inherited from the dungarees and which nevertheless, has become chic, feminine and resolutely trendy. Everything depends on the model chosen. Because the shorts combinations are very varied. They can be casual, in denim for example, with small straps or a floral print. The korean short jumpsuit can also be very dressed, in strapless and black version, with high heels and an elegant clutch. And summer as winter, we show his gams other than in skirts or dresses, which has the advantage of bringing a little change in his wardrobe.

      Korean Vests

      It is now a must-have for winter. Warm, practical, comforting, the long vest is the perfect garment for those days when you are shivering from the cold. Whether you wrap it up to rest on the weekend or wear it like a trench coat, it adapts to all situations and styles. You can even adopt it for the summer, when the evenings cool down. With a belt, buttons or simple flaps that are folded, the korean vest plays the card of elegance and femininity, while providing warmth and comfort.

      Korean Skirts

      Between trapeze skirts, midi skirts, mini skirts, pencil skirts or pleated skirts, the skirt is part of these rare clothes that can be declined almost endlessly. But if the tendencies dictate season after season the style of korean skirt to be plebiscite, it is not necessary to lose sight that it is better to choose its skirt according to its morphology rather than according to the air of time…

      Korean Pants

      A true cornerstone of everyday looks, pants are a key piece of the female wardrobe. They allow you to be comfortable while being chic, casual, sexy or cosy. Depending on the model of korean pants, we can play with all styles. The wide-legged pants will allow, once accompanied by a tight sweater and a pair of sneakers, to play the seventies, while the narrow cropped pants are chic accompanied by a pair of high heels and a blouse with a flounce collar. For its part, the straight flare pants will be neoclassical with a pair of derby and a turtleneck sweater.

      Korean Jeans

      From flare jeans to skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans to mom jeans, korean jeans have become a staple in our wardrobes over the decades. Indeed, no one can imagine today being able to do without what has become the basic element of our daily outfits. It must be said that with its casual and transgenerational dimension, the jeans are very easily integrated into any look...

      Korean Shorts

      They are the perfect alternative to the skirt, combining comfort, elegance and femininity. Shorts have long been a wardrobe staple. We like to wear them in summer to enjoy the heat and the sun, but they are also trendy in the middle of winter. As it adopts multiple cuts, lengths and styles, the korean shorts easily adapt to all morphologies and to all style desires: sexy, casual, sophisticated, urban, rock...

      Korean Lingerie

      Since a few decades, women's underwear has become a real fashion item. Diversity is indeed the order of the day, whether in terms of materials, colors, patterns, shapes, cuts... Cotton’s panties and white bras trimmed with lace now share the limelight with multiple models, from the most classic to the sexiest. Korean lingerie plays on all the tables to satisfy all women, whatever their taste and morphology.

      Korean Swimsuits

      A summer essential, swimsuits are a joy to put on as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear. Democratized after the Second World War, swimsuits are nowadays sometimes minimalist and sometimes avant-garde. To reveal your femininity and feel comfortable, it is important to choose the right one. Depending on your body type and taste, you can choose a one-piece, a bikini, a trikini or even a tankini.

      Korean Coats

      Among the essential pieces in your wardrobe, it will have a unique and important place to face the winter and the gray days of autumn: it is the coat. Longer than a jacket or a blouson, the korean coat can reach the thighs, but also the ankles for the longest models. Usually made of wool, it is intended to be particularly warm so that you can go out in all weathers.

      Korean Sweaters

      It keeps you warm all winter and can even be worn on cool summer nights. The korean sweater is part of these essential clothes that we wear with pants as well as with a skirt. Made of wool and with long sleeves, it also offers a multitude of style possibilities. Turtleneck or V-neck, the sweater is sometimes warm, sometimes seductive. Necklines vary from one model to another as do sleeve shapes, cuts, colors, knits and patterns. Short or long, close to the body or extra-large, you can always find a sweater that suits your morphology and style.

      Korean Dresses

      Thanks to the virtuosity of today's designers, dresses are now available in all styles and are no longer the prerogative of ultra-feminine women. Depending on their print, their cut and their texture, korean dresses can indeed be a strong piece in a minimalist or neo-romantic wardrobe. A dress code breaking the codes of traditional femininity will also complete the dress as a modern element of a contemporary wardrobe.

      Korean Overalls

      Long reserved for men who worked in the factory or in the fields, overalls are now a staple in our wardrobes. Denim dungarees offer casual and trendy looks, especially when worn with a sailor suit and white sneakers. But it is also chic and elegant, in a dressy version. Transgenerational and versatile, the overalls accompany you all year round, whatever the circumstances.

      Korean Jackets

      From the tweed blazer to the suit jacket, from the denim jacket to the leather jacket, jackets come in all colors and styles. Classic pieces often serve as a showcase for current trends. We see the blazer adopting a masculine volume, the korean denim jacket an oversized look, the perfecto a nineties style, while the suit jacket makes its own tennis stripes...

      Where to buy korean clothes ?

      If you are lucky and you have korean clothing stores near you then take the opportunity to buy your Korean clothes. If you are not so lucky, don't worry! Nowadays, there are websites specialized in the sale of korean clothing. No matter where you live, you will be able to order Korean clothes.

      How much do korean clothes cost ?

      That's an excellent question. But to tell the truth, asking the question of how much Korean clothes cost is like asking the question of how much a car costs. The price of Korean clothes will vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the fabrics used, the originality and beauty of the clothes, and whether they are new or second-hand. If you decide to buy your Korean clothes second-hand, they will obviously be more affordable but you will also be restricted on the different clothes available.

      Then comes the quality of the clothes. As with all types of clothing, Korean clothing can be found in several levels of quality ranging from mediocre to exceptionally durable. As you might expect, the cheaper the price, the higher the likelihood that the quality is poor. When shopping online, keep this in mind. But to give you an idea, the cheapest Korean clothing will be a pair of socks for less than $10 and the most expensive will be a coat for about $200.