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      When the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, it's time to bundle up in a Korean coat. This korean clothing is indeed the best partner for winter and gloomy days. Reaching at least past the hips, it covers a good part of the body and allows you to face the most unpleasant elements, such as rain, snow or wind, especially if it is equipped with a hood. And as the choice of coats for women is vast, whether in terms of material, color, cut, style, price ... there is bound to be a model that will help you spend the fall and winter warm.

      Korean Long Coat, Warm for the Winter

      Wearing a korean long coat, preferably made of wool or wool sheet, will be the best way to face the negative temperatures. Indeed, unlike a simple korean jacket or a short jacket, it covers the body effectively. It can be chosen with a length ¾ so that it stops just above the knee. This makes it very easy to wear, with a suit and pumps or a slim fit and sneakers. But it can also be extra long and fall to the ankles: coverage power guaranteed. Thanks to this long coat, you can continue to wear skirts and short dresses even when the weather is freezing. Especially if you opt for a pair of high boots.

      To protect yourself from the cold air, you can choose a korean coat with a belt: the korean trench coat. The belt will have the effect of cutting the air currents. To avoid catching cold, a high collar is ideal. If the neckline is wide and open, we will not forget to adorn a scarf or a warm neckerchief.

      Long coats in faux fur are also still in vogue. A good alternative to wool and gives an original touch to all those who dare this material. To play it down, you can choose an XXL coat in faux fur in flashy colors, like pink, purple ...

      The korean long coat also allows you to play on the stylistic originality. Checks, polka dots, patterns, colors, cuts, materials, prints... are many and varied. What to get off the beaten track even in the heart of winter. And adopting a bright color is also a good way to face the ambient gloom. If the area you live in experiences frequent rain or snow, then a korean long hooded coat is the right coat for you, more suitable than a long hoodless coat! If not then you can have a look at our korean collarless coats assortment.

      The Korean Short Coat, Feminine or Casual

      Short coats are also always in fashion. But they are more recommended for the mid-season insofar as they do not cover the whole body. However, they have the advantage of emphasizing the silhouettes and highlighting the legs, especially when they are covered with tights or leggings. In the department of Korean short coats, the choice is not lacking. Capes are particularly chic and elegant. To wear them, we associate them with other clothes close to the body to compensate for its natural volume. Ponchos are also in trend, especially if you want to adopt a bohemian look. The caban, this navy blue jacket with masculine accents, gives boyish looks always welcome. The bomber jacket, made of polyester, leather, skin... is also a good protection against the cold.

      What are the different coat styles ?

      Korean Caban Coat

      Like many other korean caban coats, the pea coat comes straight from the ships of the military navy. For a while, it was reserved for men's wardrobes, but it is now also very popular with women. It must be said that the coat offers a short and flared cut that perfectly highlights the female silhouettes. And as it is warm, comfortable and functional, it is also ideal to face the rigors of winter.

      Korean Down Jacket

      It is easily recognizable, with its feather-stuffed socks. Always looking pneumatic, the down jacket is the ideal coat for winter. Light, comfortable and warm, it allows you to forget the icy cold and the negative temperatures. XXL version or ultra-light model, the down jacket has renewed its image of technical and sporty clothing. It is on all the catwalks and continues to seduce the greatest number, even those who thought they would never wear it. An eternal comeback that makes the korean down jacket the winter basic to have in his dressing room.

      Korean Duffle Coat

      A thick korean wool coat with a large hood and a recognizable buttonhole: the korean duffle coat is one of those coats that we no longer present. A true icon of the British military wardrobe, it has been invited into the wardrobes of children, men and women. Warm, practical and comfortable, the duffle coat is perfect to face the korean and western winter. Especially since designers and fashion brands like to revisit it to give it a feminine and trendy look. It is a flagship coat of korean fashion!

      Korean Parka

      For comfort throughout the winter, nothing beats the korean parka. This jacket is warm and waterproof at the same time, which allows it to accompany you everywhere, whatever the situation. What's more, its lining and hood can be removed, making this versatile coat ideal for most of the year. Once reserved for men, the parka offers a korean casual look similar to the down jacket, but without the sporty, padded feel.

      To keep warm, opt for a long, belted parka. The sleeves that tighten at the wrists, the deep pockets and the high collars still keep the heat in. And the hood decorated with fake fur is always so trendy. When it comes to color, too, you have a choice. The classic parka is navy blue, khaki, brown ... but it is now also available in metallic, satin, clear ... It can even be adorned with feminine details such as colored embroidery or sequins glittering.

      Korean Trench Coat

      Choosing an off-season coat that is elegant, comfortable and that adapts to all your outfit desires is complicated? Yet the korean trench coat is the jacket you need. Light and fluid, you can wear it every day. By following our advice, you will know where to find and how to wear the ideal Trench Coat for next fall. In fabric or leather, with low shoes or ankle boots and close-fitting pants, the trench coat adapts with a disconcerting ease to our everyday life! A must-have in your wardrobe.

      The main color of the trench coat is beige, but it can be declined in gray, brown or black. Some can be more or less warm, but those designed only in light canvas can be worn on a summer evening to protect yourself from a small refreshing breeze that would contrast too much with the heat of the day.

      The accessories that accompany the trench coat do not have to be numerous, you can opt for a satchel to carry in your hand and possibly put a scarf in your hair if you wish, but you will not necessarily need anything else.

      It is worth noting that korean men also wear the trench coat. If you are a man then you will also find in our collection some korean trench coats for men. Some Korean coats are korean coat fashion, while others are more traditional like the korean classic coat.

      And what color to choose ?

      The timeless black coat

      This is the winter garment to have in your wardrobe. Indeed, the black Korean coat is a basic to adopt to be sure always to be elegant, whatever the weather. Black has the advantage of going with everything and bringing a touch of elegance to any outfit. It can be worn with a dress and a pair of heels or with jeans and ankle boots. A warm black coat will accompany you effectively throughout the cold season, from fall to early spring. Practical and functional, it is your best ally against the cold.

      If you are not a big fan of black, korean fashion offers a wide choice of colors for its coats. There are, for example the brown korean coat, the beige, the gray, the khaki or the pink korean coat.

      A korean coat for every season

      The Korean Spring Coat, a great protection against the bad weather still present
      Dead trees are giving way to buds and birds are chirping again? It's time to find your Korean spring coat! The Korean spring coat is not as thick as the winter one but it is just as covering and protective against the bad weather, always present in spring. The ideal coat for this season is the trench coat, it is also possible to turn to jackets for the less chilly.

      The Korean Summer Coat, Light and Breathable

      Wearing a coat in the middle of summer, suicide? Not really, a summer jacket can be useful when the heat stays moderate and is changeable throughout the day. A summer jacket can also be very practical for storing extra personal belongings. Finally, when getting married, wearing a jacket is a must, even in summer! When choosing a summer jacket, look first at the fabric, which should be as fine as possible and preferably cotton or linen. Avoid absolutely any synthetic material, not very breathable.

      The Korean Fall Coat, your friend against Rain and Wind

      Summer is over! The temperatures are dropping, the wind and the rain are back. It's time to swap your swimsuit for a warmer korean fashion outfit and choose your korean autumn coat. For this rather gloomy period before winter, we recommend a coat such as a trench coat or a caban coat, as long as it is light.

      The Korean Winter Coat, to stay Warm and Dry

      The coat is by definition a garment designed for winter and to protect from cold temperatures. Thus, it will be necessary to privilege long, thick coats made with materials holding warm like wool. The parka, the down jacket and the duffle coat are ideal for this season of the year.

      Are there any popular korean coat brands ?

      No, like many clothes in korean fashion, the majority of korean coats are designed and manufactured by brands that do not give much importance in developing their image. Indeed, the care is more focused on the originality, the fashion side and the quality of the coats manufactured.

      Where to buy korean coats ?

      Ideally ? In South Korea! Of course, the easiest way if you know your coat size is to order online. Korean Street Fashion, allows you to do just that! Find on our online store a very large choice of Korean coats for men, women, for all seasons and all styles.