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      5 products

      What is more feminine than a dress ? And there are as many styles of dresses as there are different korean clothes. Whether you are a classic, city girl, sporty, masculine or sophisticated, the diversity of Korean dresses means that you will always find what you are looking for. Because yes, every woman has a dress waiting for her!

      The choice being very vast, it seems essential to us to draw up some categories to help you make your choice according to the seasons, events, colors, styles and fabrics used. From the simplest to the most glamorous, the Korean dress in all its forms is reviewed on Korean Street Fashion.

      Korean Shirt Dress

      The korean shirt dress is a dress modeled on an extended shirt and is often fitted at the waist, with a belt of the same material as the dress. So much for the basic model. In reality, there are many variations of korean shirt dresses! Maxi or midi length, sleeveless, short or long sleeves, gauze or poplin, plain or printed, fully buttoned or with three buttons and a polo neck...

      This dress is ideal If you have trouble finding your dress. The shirt dress has the advantage of fitting all body types.

      The two essentials of any self-respecting wardrobe are the plain shirt dress (in a color that suits your complexion) and the version with a colorful print to brighten up your face... and the gray days !

      T Shirt Dress Korean Style

      T shirts are practical, it goes with everything ! Pants, shorts, skirts, the t-shirt is a basic in our dressings that we decline to infinity. With the oversize trend that has taken hold of Korean fashion, we can even wear them in dress versions.

      Light, practical and comfortable, the korean style t shirt dress can be worn in casual or casual chic mode depending on how you accessorize it. But be careful, with a t shirt dress, you can quickly look like you just got out of bed. Accessories are very important to wear this fashion piece with elegance.

      With sandals or sneakers, just put on your dress and you are dressed! It's the perfect outfit to go to in the summer. You have an appointment on the beach or a barbecue with friends ? Take out your korean t shirt dress for the occasion. Just put it on and you're ready !

      Korean Sweatshirt Dress and Hoodie Dress

      Stylish but comfortable, the korean sweatshirt dress is easy to wear every day. If there is one thing we can't take away from the sweatshirt dress, it's its comfort! We put it on in an instant, with a pair of sneakers on our feet, and we have a practical, casual and girly outfit. What we like above all is the cotton material of the sweatshirt dress.

      Very soft, it is warm in winter thanks to long sleeves, but its sleeveless version is perfectly suitable for the summer season. In a sweater dress, we are comfortable, free to move and all in a feminine and relaxed style. And you what do you think of the Korean sweatshirt dress? For a more streetwear look, you can opt for a korean hoodie dress in cotton fleece having a hood in addition !

      Bodycon Korean Dress

      The first fashionable bodycon dress appeared in the early 1980s. Since then, this dress has never lost its popularity, although it can be difficult to put on such a dress depending on your body type !

      The sleeves of a Bodycon Korean Dress can be of any length. These dresses can be casual, glamorous, or even downright sexy depending on the color chosen. A printed dress could be considered casual, a black bodycon dress as glamorous and a red bodycon dress as sexy. One of the key characteristics of this dress is its elasticity in order to follow the morphology and mold the body.

      Korean Apron Dress commonly called “korean dress with shirt inside”

      The korean apron dress is the association of a skirt, a narrow chest piece and a pair of straps. Or, more simply, the declination in dress of a workman's garment. It owes its origin to its practicality: it is usually equipped with pockets, straps easy to adjust or even that can be dropped aside to make a skirt.

      Combine it with your t-shirts, long or short sleeves, on bare skin and under a blazer, on the beach, over your bikini or over a simple bodysuit. The daring association of the moment: wear the Korean apron dress with a total denim style.

      Korean Camisole Dress

      What is the korean camisole dress ? Long, short, asymmetrical or beveled, what counts with this dress is its satin touch and its ultra-thin straps. It was the summer dress of the 1990s, back on the scene in 2010 ... In the form of a baby doll dress improved.

      Very elegant, the korean camisole dress falls delicately to highlight your forms. Its bias cut hugs the curves without being tight for all that. It is a chameleon dress! It adapts to all your desires of style and all the occasions.

      Korean Evening Dress

      A gala, a wedding, a cocktail party, a dressy reception, a company party... But what outfit to wear for this type of occasion? The evening dress is the ally of all women who, one day, find themselves invited to this type of event. Still it is necessary to choose a Korean evening dress, that is at the level of its cut, its material, its color, its style... There is indeed a multitude of models of evening dresses, from the basic black dress to the very dressed sheath through the small strapless dress, there is really for all the occasions and all the desires.

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      Which fabric for your korean dress ?

      Korean Silk Dress

      Extremely soft to the touch, silk is a prestigious fabric. Known and recognized for its finesse and elegance, silk fabric is both light and soft. It brings a fresh feeling by letting the skin breathe, which makes it perfect for a summer dress.

      Korean Satin Dress

      Just like silk, satin is a fabric of incredible softness! Concerning the dresses, the satin is especially used for the camisole dress and also certain night clothes.

      Korean Lace Dress

      Whether for a wedding or a day at the beach, the lace dress is ideal. Thanks to its multiple variations, it can be worn for many occasions. White lace for a young bride, a short dress for summer, black lace for a long sophisticated evening dress, yokes cleverly placed for a fall day ... The lace invites itself by elegant touches on the dress, when it is not its main fabric. Sometimes sexy, sometimes romantic, sometimes dressed up, sometimes casual: the korean style lace dress plays on all levels and that's why we love it.

      Korean Jeans Dress

      Synonymous with spring and summer, the korean jeans dress is the perfect piece for all body types, from petite to tall. The jeans dress is one of the timeless pieces of the summer season.

      If it is inseparable from the casual outfits, it can also be worn in a more refined way with nice accessories. A good reason to offer yourself a denim look and show your legs with the beautiful days coming.

      The korean denim dress with integrated pockets is indeed an easy garment to wear. Basic, even classic and timeless, it remains effective and classy. It offers women who wear it a spring look and is always trendy. Let yourself be seduced ! 

      Korean Jersey Dress

      A dress as soft and comfortable as possible? In this case we would say: korean jersey dresses. Indeed, cotton jersey has the same characteristics as cotton but are even softer. So it's the perfect choice !

      Korean Velvet Dress

      Velvet is a sumptuous, soft fabric that delights the senses. Choose a korean velvet dress if you want an original, elegant dress that will make you feel beautiful. Believe us, with a dress like this you will not go unnoticed !

      Korean Cotton Dress

      Cotton is a material used for all types of clothing, so it's not surprising to find it in some dresses. Pleasant to wear, easy to wash and durable over time, the cotton korean dress is an essential. Pick different colors dresses and printed dresses and fill out your wardrobe !

      A formal, semi-formal or casual dress ?

      Korean Formal Dress

      For a very formal setting, a long dress will be most often appropriate because it is elegant without taking the risk of being judged as "vulgar" or inappropriate. For the style it will depend on the setting: business meeting, wedding or funeral ?

      Korean Semi Formal Dress

      If you are in a semi-formal context, then you can always opt for a black dress, which is the perfect all-purpose dress! If you are invited to a cocktail party, you can opt for a colorful cocktail dress that will do the trick.

      Korean Casual Dress

      The korean casual dress can take many forms! Indeed, apart from the korean t shirt dresses and shirt dresses almost any dress can be casual as long as you add the right accessories. We make an exception for the very long evening dresses that can only be worn for certain occasions.

      Korean Sexy Dress

      Sexy dresses are those that highlight your assets: chest, hips and buttocks. Dresses that are close to the body, or even a tight dress is a very good choice. Some colors like red or fabrics like velvet and satin also invites sensuality and evokes a sexy look.

      A korean dress for every event

      Korean Party Dress

      The occasion makes the thief, and the dress! A wedding, an award ceremony... are all pretexts to put on a sophisticated dress, even stuffy according to the organizers' instructions. Yes, the pretext of this event will also guide your choice.

      For special occasions, almost everything is allowed: extravagant details, shimmering fabrics, daring cuts... Don't hesitate to choose a dress that makes you dream, but that you didn't dare to wear until now: long dress, velvet dress, dress of a daring color, etc.

      Cocktail Dress

      Glamorous, feminine, elegant and modern, from sober black to pastel colors, cocktail dresses are available in a wide variety of models. Strapless, full or tight, sophisticated or light, our dresses will accompany you in professional as well as festive evenings !

      Korean Wedding Guest Dress

      As a wedding guest, you should not steal the show from the bride by choosing a dress that is nicer or more original than her. This is also true for the bridesmaid who should not be overshadowed by you. What we recommend is to choose a nice but simple and chic korean cocktail dress !

      Korean Bridesmaid Dresses

      Being a bridesmaid is a great pride and joy. The eyes will not be on you as much as on the bride, but your dress must be up to the level of the confidence that the bride has given you. So don't hesitate to choose a beautiful pastel dress with bows and lace to stand up from the other guests.

      Korean Graduation Dress

      You have just validated your exams and will soon participate in the graduation ceremony? In this case, we recommend that you choose a midi dress, neither too long nor too short in the color of your choice. If you have any doubts then don't take any risks and choose a little black dress.

      What color for your korean dress ?

      Korean White Dress

      Next to the unchallenged black dress is usually its alter ego, the white Korean dress. Like its counterpart, it can be worn on any occasion, very easily. Whether you put it on for an evening, for a day of work or for a vacation in the sun, it illuminates all outfits and highlights the femininity of each. Since Marylin Monroe and a certain New York subway mouth, it is no longer reserved for brides. So, no reason to deprive yourself of a white Korean dress.

      The white dresses are thus of all the wardrobes. While black lends itself more easily to winter outfits, white, pure and bright, is perfect for the summer. As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, to highlight the tan and give a good look, white dresses are out. Whether you choose it short or long, it will go perfectly for a day at the office that a vacation at the beach. It can indeed be accessorized in a thousand and one ways, as white blends easily with many colors.

      Korean Black Dress

      Since the 20's and the model designed by Coco Chanel, the black dress is at the end of the hangers of all wardrobes. It is worn whatever the occasion, it is married to high heels as to sneakers, it is sometimes glamorous and sexy, sometimes simple and casual. The designers as well as the followers of fashion are not mistaken; the black dress is on all the red carpets, in all the magazines and in all the collections of clothing, year after year. Today, the little Korean black dress, we adopt it in all its forms and in many styles. A timeless basic which we cannot get tired.

      The black is known to highlight all the silhouettes! A woman with a generous chest will be perfectly satisfied with a pretty korean black dress that fits her shape while remaining sober. A marked waist will be perfect in a dress with a flared or v-shaped profile. Women of small size will prefer short models, and taller women, longer models. In short, the black dress is a must-have for all women all year round !

      Korean Blue Dress

      The korean blue dress takes multiple shades and always transports us in an airy and light world. The blue inevitably makes us think of the sky and the sea with azure and navy-blue colors. But blue can also be duck, turquoise, night ...

      Therefore, there is not only one blue dress, but an infinity. Especially since it adopts all cuts and styles: long or short, with or without sleeves, flared or straight, plain, striped or printed ... A Korean blue dress, if it first evokes the dream and serenity, can also be electric and rock. In short, it is part of these essential clothes to have in his wardrobe.

      Korean Orange Dress

      At first glance, one might think that the orange dress is difficult to consider. Certainly, it is a warm, solar, refreshing and stimulating color. A real concentrate of vitamins that gives pep to any outfit and warm up any look. But no need to turn exclusively to neon orange Korean dress.

      You can also very well adopt an orange dress in pastel shades or a rusty orange, even ocher, for a style just as successful. The orange-coral trend is also a solution for all women who dare not dive into a color too bright. In the winter, at least, these wiser shades of orange are ideal, especially since they give a good look. For the summer, and if you feel like it, opt more for flashy orange colors, those that will highlight your complexion and give dynamism to all your little summer dresses.

      Pink Korean Dress

      Pink is no longer just part of little girls' wardrobes. In recent years, the color of fairy tale princesses has become trendy. It can be found everywhere, from shoes to clothes to accessories. So the Pink Korean Dress could not but be of all the closets, true counterpart of the inevitable little black dress.

      Especially since the shades and nuances of pink are endless, as well as the cuts and styles of dresses available. The star color of the latest fashion shows, pink, is inviting itself into all wardrobes. A color that will give pep, good humor and a good dose of femininity to all outfits.

      Red Korean Dress

      It can sometimes scare the most discreet of us. However, the red dress is part of these clothes that we cannot do without. If red is often associated with glamorous outfits, it can also lend itself to other styles. The shades of red are multiple: pale and wise, dark and discreet or scarlet and sexy, there is something for everyone.

      Then it remains to find the right length, the right material, the right cut and the right accessories. Therefore, the red Korean dress can be worn on any occasion and all year round, an excellent reason to give color and pep to his wardrobe.

      Green Korean Dress

      The green dress offers an incredible range of colors. Thanks to the many shapes, materials and colors you are sure to find a green korean dress that fully suits you. For every day or for a special occasion, follow the advice of Korean Street Fashion to make the best choice!

      Gray Korean Dress

      The gray dress can be the prerogative of pure elegance. Often worn on special occasions, such as cocktail parties or weddings, it is chosen for the refinement it exudes, the charm and sobriety in addition. Compared to the black dress which seduces many by its slimming side, the gray korean dress illuminates and transports the body in a universe of softness and reverie.

      Yellow Korean Dress

      How to dare the color and give back the brightness to your wardrobe ? The yellow dress is the solution. From chick yellow, pale and discreet, to daffodil yellow, bright and sunny, there is a whole palette of colors, cheerful and bright. So, all women will find a yellow korean dress that will suit their skin tone, hair color and look. And the cuts, styles and looks are just as varied. So there is no reason not to succumb to the radiant charm of the yellow dress.

      What length for your korean dress : long or short ?

      Short dress, long dress ? We will see that each of these dresses deserves your attention and a small place in your wardrobe.

      Short Korean Dress

      It is of all the wardrobes! Women put on their short dresses as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear. Of all colors and materials, the possibilities are numerous and we concoct looks sometimes classic and sometimes original. In winter, short dresses can be worn with a pair of tights, a sweater and a coat.

      But they also know how to play on warm materials to continue to accompany us every day, even in the heart of the cold season. Feminine and refined, the short Korean dress is also an excellent option to go to a party or a big occasion like a wedding.

      Korean Long Dress

      Elegant and feminine, the long dress is the best ally of women all year round. We wear it fluid and airy on the beach, by the hot summer days. We opt for a flowery and romantic model for the beautiful spring days. The Korean long dress in wool will be ideal to face the winter and fall.

      And for a big occasion, the long evening dress is all found to look good and stylish. Especially since this dress adopts multiple shapes, styles and lengths, which allows it to be worn by all women, regardless of their morphology.

      Korean Mini Dress

      Let's see now a less common dress but just as interesting : the mini dress ! The korean mini dress is as its name suggests a mini dress, that is to say an extremely short dress.

      This type of dress is very casual, to be favored for summer when it's hot but to be avoided for parties or in a professional environment.

      And in terms of sleeves : korean sleeveless dress or long sleeve dress ?

      The choice between a sleeveless dress and a long sleeve dress will mainly be based on the context in which you will wear your dress. In a casual or formal context ?

      Korean Sleeveless Dress

      The sleeveless dress is the purest absolute version of the dress. One hole for the head, two holes for the arms. Its working girl look makes it a timeless wardrobe staple, and the simplicity of the cut allows you to do and redo the sixties, seventies, eighties, and...well you get the idea! The Korean sleeveless dress is the unique piece that allows you to play with all the fashions, past and contemporary.

      Korean Long Sleeve Dress

      Long sleeve dresses are very popular in Korean fashion for the very simple reason that it is fashionable to be modest and not to reveal too much of your upper body. That's why you will find so many long sleeves dresses on our online shop. The long sleeve dress is also always a great choice for formal events. So now, don't hesitate any longer and go for a long-sleeved model !

      A korean dress for every season

      Spring dress

      A korean spring dress is a long dress, with pastel colors and often floral prints. Spring dresses inspire lightness and freshness.

      Summer Dress

      For summer, the types of korean dresses that can be worn are very varied. But to give the typical dress for the summer: it is a brightly colored midi dress, with the waist tightened and balloon sleeves. These dresses are also commonly called beach dresses.

      Autumn Dress

      When fall comes and the leaves start to fall, you can still wear dresses! The typical autumn dress is a long dress with warm colors: brown, beige, taupe, etc. This is also the perfect time to wear a sweatshirt dress, much warmer than a classic dress.

      Winter Dress

      Despite the cold weather, it is still possible to wear a beautiful korean dress. For example, you can wear an apron dress with a pair of thick tights and ankle boots and you're done! You can also opt for a wool pullover dress.

      Korean Printed Dress

      Printed dresses are ideal for summer by bringing a touch of freshness compared to the Korean dresses of plain color. Here are the different patterns used:

      Korean Floral Dress

      It is one of the pieces that we prefer to put on in the beautiful days: the floral dress. With its charming and bucolic print, its feminine shapes and its light and airy materials, it makes us forget the harshness of winter and makes us welcome the summer season joyfully. Still it is necessary to choose the good korean floral dress, with adequate patterns and an advantageous cut. Do not hesitate to look at the korean floral maxi dress, a very long floral dress!

      Korean Striped Dress

      You love stripes but, apart from your practical, all-purpose sailor jacket, you don't yet dare to go for the striped dress, full of character! The stripe can go in all directions, from top to bottom, from right to left, diagonally or obliquely, but some advice will be essential to avoid a messy effect. So we will make you discover, or rediscover, the famous Korean striped dress that has crossed all times.

      Korean Polka Dot Dress

      Whether they are small or large, white or colored, they do not leave indifferent! The korean polka dot dress, a nice way to give cheerfulness to your wardrobe and to transmit it! The polka dot has this little something childish, candid and innocent. 
Timeless, the polka dot dress has crossed various eras but often, we think vintage when we evoke the pattern. Dots only, some will say! The polka dot has been democratized and made a place in wardrobes sometimes very classy of korean women.

      Where to buy your korean dress ?

      You can buy a korean dress directly in Korean fashion stores if you have any near you. Otherwise, you have the possibility of Korean Street Fashion to order your items directly on the internet via our online store. You will benefit from a very large choice and receive your dresses directly at home !

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