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      5 products

      As you have noticed, there are various models of Korean earrings. Stud earrings, clips, hooks, earrings... Which one to choose when you want to complete your outfit with korean jewelry ? In fact, there is no real rule about choosing your earrings and that's what we will see together. The important thing is to consider the style you like, the size of the earrings and the length of the earrings. Also consider the type of clasp and the comfort of the different models according to your personal experience.

      Here is a small overview of the different types of Korean earrings you can find on Korean Street Fashion :

      Korean Dangle Earrings

      The dangling earrings, as their name indicates, will hang in the neck and thus exceed the lobe. The length is more or less important according to the models, with fine and delicate creations, to others more voluminous, sometimes sporting beautiful stones or other materials like colored pearls, for example. Dangle earrings are hung via a curved stem in the shape of a hook. This type of Korean earrings allows to slim the face and the silhouette, even to emphasize a model size. They go very well with loose hair and with a high bun.

      Korean Stud Earrings

      Very common, this type of Korean earrings is placed just at the level of the lobe, dressing it with a stone, a pearl or a particular pattern. The studs are attached with a completely invisible pin and clasp, giving the impression that they are resting on the skin. The Korean stud earrings have the advantage of being very easy to wear on a daily basis, with all outfits, and to fit all face shapes. They are also relatively discreet, very comfortable and light. It's chic and charming and it's easy to match them with your clothes. Gold, silver or fancy, there is something for every price and taste. Remember, if you decide to wear large earrings, then put the necklace aside to avoid an "overloaded" effect !

      Korean Cluster Earrings

      Cluster earrings are often made of stones that are placed on the upper earlobe part and give a voluminous effect. Cluster earrings can either be shaped like stud earrings or drop earrings. It is a great add If you already have Korean stud earrings on your ears !

      Korean Hoop Earrings

      These Korean earrings have a long history, going back to the mists of time. They have been worn by many civilizations and have survived the ages without losing their charm. Traditionally, hoop earrings are round rings of varying widths. But today, we find them in the form of square, rectangle, heart, oval ... There is something for everyone. Discreet or in XXL format, they suit all looks, all outfits and all styles. These earrings can be worn as they are or they can be customized according to your desires with beads, wire, chains, charms, pendants, tassels, feathers, polymer clay elements… Hoop earrings are totally circular. They have different ways to close. The wire of the rings can be hollow to close them by inserting a thin pin. But they can also end with a ring or a loop where you have to insert a pin.

      Korean Huggie Earrings

      Where to find Korean earrings, those jewels that look like fake piercings ? Look no further! We offer a wide range of earrings and ear cuffs. The ring comes in a half circle, it tightens and spreads to be positioned correctly on the cartilage of the ear. No need to make extra holes, just pinch it on the outer edge of the ear to secure it. Unlike a traditional earring, you will be able to move and position it at will on your ear. And why not put several to be in the trend of stacking? The ear cuff is slightly more imposing than the ear rings.

      Korean Clip Earrings

      These earrings are made for those who do not have pierced lobes. The Korean Clip Earrings are composed of a support and a clip closure that pinches the ear. This way, the earring does not slip out. If your Korean earrings do not have a small rubber pad, you can add a clip-on earring protector. You will gain comfort.

      Did you know ? Clip-on earrings were the last earring design to be created. They were created in the 1930s. It was a solution to wear heavier, bulkier designs without distorting the earlobe.

      Here are also other models of Korean earrings:

      • Korean men earrings
      • Korean cute earrings
      • Korean cartilage earrings
      • Korean handmade earrings
      • Stonehenge Korean earrings
      • Cross earrings Korean
      • Cute earrings korean
      • Korean ribbon earrings
      • Korean tassel earrings
      • Asymmetrical Korean earrings
      • Korean finger heart earrings
      • Korean helix earrings
      • Korean long earrings

      The Different Earrings Clasps

      Hook Clasp

      This type of clasp has real hooks: you just have to slip them into the hole to put them on your ears. You just slide the small hooked part, and the earring is well in place. This system is undoubtedly the most practical and easiest way to put on your Korean earrings.

      Nevertheless, it is not the most secure, because nothing comes to block the hook. Fortunately, most of the models with a hook clasp are relatively large or present, so you will feel them well when they are in place: no risk of losing them.

      Post Clasp

      These clasps can be found on hoop earrings, studs or pendants: probably because it is the most secure and practical type of clasp to use. It is composed of a rod that is passed through the hole of the ear, and a pushrod that slides on this rod to maintain the earring in place.

      Hinge Clasp

      This type of clasp is generally composed of a mobile part that goes through the ear hole, and then locks into a small fixed part. It allows you to wear earrings in a flexible and light way, while guaranteeing a maximum security.

      Clip Clasp

      Clips are those famous clasps that clip onto the earlobe, so they don't need pierced ears to fit. They are sort of like little clips, but they attach themselves painlessly to your ear.

      Should you buy Cheap Korean Earrings ?

      The desire to change its earrings often is common to all women, unfortunately the beautiful pairs of earrings are often expensive... The idea comes then to turn to models of cheap earrings. Should you also get cheap Korean earrings? Here is our answer: it all depends on your skin! Indeed, as women we are not all equal when it comes to allergies and skin sensitivity. If you tolerate poor quality silver earrings well then no problem. But don’t forget to also think about the wear in time, silver and other materials of poor quality will quickly oxidize, change color and sometimes give off a stench. A good advice would be not to buy earrings under $20 because except for some exceptions, you will always be disappointed.

      Does Korean Earrings Look Cheap ?

      It's a question we get often, so it's time to address it once and for all. No, Korean earrings do not look cheap. But that's only true as long as you don't buy them for $1, $2 on Wish or other discount online sites that favor aggressive pricing over quality. By shopping on Korean Street Fashion you will be fine and amazed by the quality of our Korean earrings !

      Korean earrings brands, are they any ?

      The majority of Korean jewelry is designed by small designers and is not sold under any brand name. You will find countless unbranded but very elegant Korean earrings.

      Where to Buy Korean Earrings ?

      Like all Korean jewelry and clothing, it is not necessarily easy to find quality earrings at affordable prices. But that was true before Korean Street Fashion's online store project came to fruition! Now, you have the opportunity to access an almost infinite number of earrings currently trending in South Korea. Happy shopping !

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