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      From the moment Korea opened up to the world, Western trends, including casual fashion, began to permeate its culture. We will not look at the 20th century, as the fashion of that century was exactly like that of the European countries. It wasn't until the beginning of the new 21st century that the real "Korean boom" happened. Since the 2000s, Koreans have appropriated the codes of casual fashion and created their own style. Influenced by western fashion, kpop and Korean dramas, the korean fashion is unique and we will see what it consists of and the different clothes that compose it. But before that, let's see together the particularities of the korean fashion explaining some clothing choices.

      The roots of Korean Fashion and its specificities

      Let's start with the fact that Koreans simply adore brevity, restraint and simplicity in clothing, do not deny themselves accessories, but they always look stylish. So how do they do it? Let's recall the history of this country. Korean fashion for a very long time was closed off from the world. Women and men wore traditional clothing made of natural fabrics. Whether it was holiday attire or everyday attire, it was always understated. Women covered almost their entire body with cloth, leaving only the head open. Men, too, never exposed their legs or arms.

      The culture and history of the country are reflected in the mentality of Koreans and are firmly entrenched in fashion. For example, modern Korean women hardly ever bare their shoulders or wear blouses with necklines, but prefer short dresses and shorts. Short means just above the knees. Thus they demonstrate their slender legs. Of course, we won't speak for everyone, because there are always ladies who love to show absolutely all their charms. Men, by the way, are also very restrained in their clothing. They prefer light polo shirts, pants or shorts. But let's talk about each feature of the Koreans' style separately.

      Korean Fashion Does Not (Only) Depend on Fashion

      Korean fashion is not about trends or about what colors or fabrics to choose for the new season (although, of course, attention is paid to that, too). It's about how to be beautiful and feminine in an absolutely universal sense - that's why Korean girls try to convey a feeling, a mood of lightness and carefreeness in the first place. But here are a few “rules” of the casual korean fashion style :

      Everything cute is Fashionable in the Korean Fashion

      A Korean girl is absolutely sure that the image should cause not only admiration, but also tenderness! That is why every effort is made, from makeup to accessories, to create a sense of youth, innocence and naivety.

      Of course, the Asian "dollness" is very conducive to the fact that girls and women, without regard to age, choose an infantile style with baby-doll dresses and knee-length socks, but you do not have to go to extremes and take everything literally! Korean fashion teaches that even in a strict outfit there is always a place for a nice detail: you choose a formal skirt and a blouse? Let it be with a touching and feminine necklace! Wear an office set of jacket and pants? Add a yellow round woven strap bag !

      Always Emphasizes the Waist

      The word "always" is certainly not an ultimatum, but korean fashionistas do try to emphasize the waist whenever possible. This is directly related to the first rule, because emphasizing the fragility of the figure is already half the battle for the image of the carefree young beauty.

      Voluminous Top - Tight Bottom : A typical korean style

      Another great way for those who want to add a graceful fragility to your figure - choose voluminous sweaters, flared blouses, spacious tops with solid sleeves, oversized jackets and complement them with tight-fitting pants, miniskirts or shorts.

      Simplicity and Naturalness are a Priority

      Korean fashion is always about how to make the most natural charm out of simple things. Of course, there is also the high fashion industry in Korea, in which you can find experiments, complex cuts, and a designer approach, but the fashion for every day is very simple.

      Mini is great !

      In Korean fashion, the mini is not only considered an attribute of youth street style, and can be easily built even in formal business images.

      Korean Clothes : What you Need to Wear to Embrace the Korean Fashion Style

      Clothes : the base of korean fashion

      In Korean fashion, we find all the types of clothes that we are used to seeing and wearing. For the upper body, we can mention tops, blouses, shirts, jackets and sweaters. For the lower body, there are pants, jeans, shorts and skirts. For the summer, there are obviously dresses, jumpsuits, overalls and swimsuits. And for winter, coats! Then, it depends on you to match the different elements together for a Korean casual look, following the tips seen above. But in the end remember that any piece can often be integrated into a casual outfit whether it is a garment: plain, striped, with polka dots or any other printed pattern. The volume being very appreciated in the Korean fashion, think of wearing pieces like the Korean ruffle blouse to mention only it.

      Korean Shoes, a fashion item not to be neglected

      The choice of clothes is important in a casual outfit but let's not neglect the importance of shoes. Indeed, a nice pair of shoes can completely upgrade an already very Korean and elegant outfit. Although streetwear and casual are two very different clothing styles, sneakers are not to be put aside. Very appreciated by Korean women, they can be the touch of your outfit. Otherwise, there are, of course, the sandals, always very feminine and comfortable, a must when it is hot! Boots are also very trendy and anchored in the korean fashion. The number of styles of boots is impressive between booties and high boots, you have the choice!

      Korean Jewelry, great to enhance a nice korean outfit

      Although not essential in a korean fashion outfit, Korean jewels often bring that little extra that enhances an outfit. So why deprive yourself of it? Among the easiest jewelry to wear: earrings. Whether you have pierced ears or not you can find a pair of earrings! Then, the traditional and timeless bracelet: leather bracelets, charm bracelet, bead bracelets, etc.. Then comes the necklaces in gold or not, necklaces near the neck, longer necklace and many others. Finally, more and more trendy, the rings in a Korean bohemian style can be worn in accumulation.

      Korean Accessories : essential for any trendy korean outfit

      Talking about korean fashion without talking about accessories would be to treat the subject in an incomplete way. Indeed, in Korean fashion accessories have a very important place. Among the accessories you have the choice to wear a pair of round or transparent glasses. To integrate a beautiful leather belt to your outfit, to hold your pants or simply tighten your dress at the waist and get a "slimmer waist" effect. Otherwise, you have, of course, other accessories like bags, scarves and hair accessories.