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      Sunglasses are like our phones, indispensable for all our outings! Useful and pretty, they allow us to see without being seen, but also to rest our eyes tired by the too bright light of a summer sun or by a too short night. They come in plain, colored, patterned, with thin or imposing branches. We are spoiled for choice in terms of design and lens tint.

      From brown to green, passing through a more or less dark grey, all shades of lenses are available depending on the brand and the model. Polarized or with gradient lenses, you can find the right pair of sunglasses for each outfit. It is a true korean accessory that can transform an outfit. You will be able to adapt your sunglasses to the seasons and to the trends. Note that once you've found a lens with a shade that suits you perfectly, it's possible to find that shade on new models within the same brand. A permanent comfort and a look that will evolve with the seasons.

      Let's not forget the "traditional" glasses very much worn in Korea, and not only by people with sight problems. Because yes, Koreans tend to find that glasses can give a professional look and inspire seriousness with a pair of black rectangular glasses. Or inspire the fact that one is trendy and pays attention to one's appearance with a pair of clear or circle korean glasses.

      Why do Koreans wear round glasses ?

      Among Koreans, round glasses are especially popular. You don't see many people wearing round glasses in the US, but why are round glasses so popular in Korea ? In addition to round glasses, clear-framed glasses are also in vogue. We are going to take a look at round glasses and clear-frame glasses that are popular in Korea.

      Koreans are influenced by their surroundings more than western people, so when they see idols or actors wearing round glasses, everyone starts wearing them. Since round glasses are quite distinctive, it looks cool when idols and actors wear them, but when ordinary people wear them, some of them end up looking "tacky" and not friendly… In Korea, everyone wears round glasses, so it may not bother you, but the reality is that the degree to which they look good on each person is completely different.

      Why are clear glasses so popular right now ?

      The reason why clear-frame glasses are so popular is that "idols and Instagrammers are wearing them. Yes! As we mentioned in the section on round glasses, Koreans are very easily influenced. Young people in particular are always checking out their idols and Instagramers, so they immediately adopt the latest trends.

      There are another reason which is that clear frames create a playful look and blends well with any hair and clothing color. It's also great for both men and women, and can be used regardless of the season. Although clear-framed eyeglasses seem to be in the casual fashion style, they can be quite fashionable if combined well. However, it takes a lot of courage for ordinary people to wear clear-framed spectacles. Clear-framed glasses are difficult to wear well, despite the fact that they are very popular in Korea.

      Korean Style Glasses : Elegance and Style !

      It is a seductive asset that we can play with; alternately on the tip of the nose or on the head, sunglasses are essential to protect our eyes from the sun's glare and reflections. We quickly realize when we have forgotten them how comfortable they make our daily life. It is essential to preserve all the faculties of our eyes to choose sunglasses woman who have guaranteed and certified glasses. Counterfeit glasses are a real danger for this reason. You risk using them to feel protected when in fact the glasses do not filter anything and put your eyes at great risk. Thanks to the large number of possible variations of the glasses, you will find those which suit you best. It is important to adapt the quality of the lens to your activity, some lenses that are too tinted are not suitable for driving, for example, and conversely, others that are too clear do not provide enough protection at sea or in the snow.

      Korean Glasses for Men

      You are a man and you like the style of the Korean glasses ? You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it! Why not adopt a pair of black rimmed glasses ? Black-rimmed glasses are recommended for those who want to show off their singularity more. Black-rimmed eyeglasses, which look great, also play a role in finishing up your outfit. Black-rimmed eyeglasses are also popular as they are an easy model to choose for beginners in eyewear and sunglasses.

      Korean Clear Glasses

      Don't forget about this season's number one most popular clear frame sunglasses.
      They are the most popular sunglasses of the season, not only in korean fashion but also among foreign celebrities. It is said that their popularity will definitely skyrocket in the future, so be sure to check them out!

      Korean Style Glasses

      Matching glasses to the color of clothes is also very trendy in Korea. Seasoned fans of Korean fashion match the color of their lenses to their clothes. This will create a sense of unity in the outfit and makes it all the more aesthetically pleasing and neat. If you have a pair of glasses with blue lenses for example, make sure you wear a blue top or jeans, for example.

      What are the most popular korean brands ?

      Korean eyewear style is all about style. And no brand has the exclusivity of round glasses, transparent glasses and any other type of glasses. This means that many designers and manufacturers offer korean glasses, some of which you can find on Korean Street Fashion. However, if you value buying branded eyewear, here are some of them: Gentle Monster, Muzik Eyewear, IRRESISTOR, NYBK Korea, Truth Eyewear, Caliphash, Pez Verde and grafik:plastic.

      Where to buy korean glasses ?

      Sunglasses can be used not only for practical purposes but also as a fashion item that can be placed in a breast pocket or worn around the neck. There are many models that are recommended, so please refer to them for how to match and use them! Now, if you want to buy a pair of korean glasses or you are wondering about the price of one of these pairs, we invite you to check our collection. You will find all the information you may need. We offer a large choice of glasses for both women and men and for all styles.