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      Korean hair accessories are useful in everyday life, whether it is to decorate your hair. Simply tie your hair in a ponytail, bun or braid. Click-clack clips, Brazilian combs, crab clips, crystal pins or elastics are available in all their forms. Hair accessories for women or children that will enhance your mane. For a dance party, a party, or a cocktail. Hair accessories are an essential korean accessory for any outfit.

      Our hair accessories will allow you to keep your hair in perfect condition all day long, especially during a windy spell. But also to highlight a successful wedding or ceremony look. Brides or bridesmaids will surely find their happiness. Once adopted you will not be able to do without our darling hair ornaments.

      Which hair accessory is right for my hair ?

      Korean Accessories for Short Hair

      Fixing messy locks has never been easier, with the help of our hair accessories! Welcome to Ali Baba's cave. You won't be able to get rid of flyaways with our kirby clips and hair clips.

      The best way to fight the "bad hair day" is to add a nice effect with crystal clips. Or garnished with shiny pearls will dress up any bun or braid.

      Hairstyling is not a detail to be neglected if you want to sport a look that's sure to impress. Tame our korean accessories and learn how to tame your hair with class and originality. All of our budget-friendly items are designed to help keep your head in place.

      Even on frizzy, smooth, wavy or curly hair. Women with masculine hairstyles will be delighted to be able to feminize their look. For example, by using accessories for short hair like pretty clips with sequins or feathers.

      Korean Accessories for your Ponytails

      If you don't like to have highlights in your eyes, then we have just the thing for you: elastics. This year the elastics change their look and become a telephone cord scrunchie to discipline the strands without pulling on them.

      Because you can never have enough elastics at home, fill your hair collection with our pretty models whatever your age. Your braids will be impeccable with our mini silicone rubber bands. Your ponytails will never be so original with a hair accessory with a bow !

      Elastics are the solution for many looks and to give the impression of a neat tie. They will accompany you in your sporting activities with a low ponytail for example and promise you a multitude of different styles. Very popular with hairdressers, hooked hair elastics offer excellent support for long hours. And you can adjust the tension as you wish so that the elastic holds you perfectly.

      Basic Korean Hair Accessories

      Give your old-fashioned ponytails a makeover. With the help of our corduroy scrunchies for a guaranteed sparkling effect. A must-have to shine at a dance show. Holographic scrunchies are our favorite for twisting a ponytail and shining brightly on New Year's Eve.

      Gingham print hair accessories will add a retro touch to any of your hairstyles. Practical for sports, the plain or patterned scrunchies is a basic. It's just waiting to discipline your ponytails.

      Even when you do not wear it, it will act as a bracelet around the wrist. Otherwise your scrunchie will hide the elastic of a high bun while styling it. All your favorite models are already waiting for you at Korean Street Fashion!

      Korean Bun Accessories

      We distinguish between bun spikes that allow you to decorate your hairstyle and those that you used to structure a hair tie. The U-shaped picks are very effective to give hold to a bun. Be sure to choose the color of your clips according to your hair for a successful camouflage effect.

      These hair accessories are adorned with ornaments such as flowers, gems, swarovski crystals. The feathers or tulle are real jewels that will adorn a beautiful bridal bun. These ornaments will accentuate the desired style during her wedding: romantic, bohemian or country style depending on the ornaments chosen. And will reveal your femininity to spend an unforgettable day placed under the sign of love!

      The Evening Hair Accessories

      The decorative rhinestone hair comb is ideal to hold your strands. Especially very effective to give a sophisticated note to an outfit. We love the metal jewel comb with a Greek goddess look to brighten up a chic bun.

      Black combs with classic teeth are also welcome evening hair accessories, to achieve a banana bun. Like the stewardesses with the buns inspired by the 50s.

      The fixing technique is simple, just fold the lengths roughly. Then make a movement going from the outside to the inside. Don't forget to slip in a few flat pins and a spritz of hairspray to bring down any flyaways.

      If you don't know the brazilian comb yet, this korean hair accessory will change your life. It transforms itself according to your wishes! This magical accessory allows you to tame long and thick hair without too much effort thanks to its stretchy material.

      Its plus: the small rhinestone or wooden beads that decorate the whole. If you prefer more unstructured loose buns. Choose a bohemian model decorated with small white flowers or with a fine lace yoke.

      Korean Hair Styling Accessories

      You'll never be able to do without our wonderful hair styling tools again! The hair styler is a great tool for making a ponytail look. The crepe bun donut is our favorite way to add volume. Even to enhance a dancer's bun. The donut mounted on a comb will be a very practical chignon accessory to shape a banana.

      Soft curlers to give a little wavy effect are also very popular with our clients. Since they curl the lengths without heat. Finally, modify your bangs by putting a curved push-up under your locks to give them a vintage look.

      Korean Hair Accessories with Bows

      This year, hair accessories with bows have gone into oversize mode! Maxi-knot hair clips are making us turn our heads with their oversized size. To get a cool and quirky look, it is important to match your hair clip to your top. You will be in perfect harmony in every detail!

      Available in beautiful rainbow colors or with shiny rhinestones. For an even more fabulous look! Bows will be your best ally when you want to add a little fun to your child's outfit.