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      You must have one in your wardrobe: the hoodie. Today, present in all dressings, the hoodie can be worn on any occasion: after sports, on weekends to rest or everyday to have a comfortable sweater and add a touch of streetwear to your outfit.

      How did the hoodie become a fashion statement in Korea? How does the word streetwear today immediately evoke a person wearing a hoodie? We'll see that together now by quickly tracing the history of the hoodie. Created in the 1930s, the very first hoodie was originally designed for function rather than comfort or style. Indeed, the brand Champion had designed this garment for American soccer players in order to be easily put on including over the equipment and to keep the body warm during breaks.

      We are therefore very far from the streetwear image of the current hoodie!

      And it is indeed a few years later that the hoodie has gained popularity, first through the cinema and Holywood in which several heroes wore this type of clothing, this is the case of Rocky. Then with hip hop which with its own style of dress has placed the hoodie as the centerpiece of any streetwear outfit. Other cultures and subcultures have then appropriated the hoodie, such as skateboarders or punks to name a few. All these eras and movements have contributed to make the hoodie what it is now, a streetwear star.

      What is a korean hoodie ?

      Today, there are many different styles of hoodies, so much so that the hoodie, also called hooded sweatshirt is sometimes used in casual or even casual chic. So we will see what characterizes a korean hoodie. Firstly, the streetwear hoodie is a garment resulting from cultures and influences of the street: hip hop, sports, skate but also anime and today Asian fashions, including Korean fashion. This means that his style is in perpetual evolution. Nevertheless we can distinguish some common points to all streetwear hoodies: the comfort, the hood and the two strings to tighten it, the oversized cut and the sleeves and the elasticated waist.

      What is a korean sweatshirt ?

      Like the korean hoodie, the korean sweatshirt is worn by the majority of people and is also a cult street fashion item. Made of thick cotton, the sweatshirt is ideal for having style, while being warm. With a fitted waist and a loose fit, the only element that differentiates the sweatshirt from the hoodie is the absence of hood. Indeed, where with the hoodie we have a hood to cover the head, we find on sweatshirts only a round collar, like t shirts.

      How to choose a korean hoodie or sweatshirt ?

      Now that you know more about hoodies and sweatshirts and which one you want to buy, let's look at the factors to consider when buying a hoodie. The first thing to consider is the fabric used to make the hoodie. To date, the majority of hoodies use one of three materials: cotton, fleece and nylon. Each of the three fabrics has its advantages, disadvantages and ideal conditions to be worn.

      Materials used: cotton, fleece or nylon ?

      Cotton is undoubtedly the most used material for hoodie manufacturing. Its main advantage is the ability of cotton fibers to naturally absorb moisture, while offering great comfort. The other advantage of cotton is its lightness, allowing a perfect fit on the body. Cotton hoodies and sweatshirts are therefore particularly popular with athletes and workers.

      Fleece is a material made from cotton and wool. Fleece is the ideal material for hoodies designed to keep you warm during the winter. Apart from the softness of fleece, it is an extremely easy to care for material. Indeed, stains are very difficult to fix on fleece sweatshirts. To summarize, it is the fabric to be preferred for winter wear, including campers and trekkers. Its only drawback is its less durability compared to cotton.

      Unlike cotton and fleece, nylon is a fully synthetic fabric, recognizable by its shiny appearance. Although nylon is not often used in hoodies, it is useful when you need to wear something to protect you from the rain. Indeed, one of the characteristics of nylon is that it is not very permeable, which is also its disadvantage when it is too hot outside because it is a material that is not very breathable. Nylon is the least expensive of the three materials we have seen.

      Other criterias to consider when choosing a hoodie

      • Elasticity
      • Weight
      • Drape

      Worn over a t-shirt, the sweatshirt and hoodie must be sufficiently stretchy. A stretch hoodie is a comfortable sweatshirt to wear in all circumstances, you understood it is a very important criterion in the choice of a hoodie.

      The weight of the hoodie is just as important as the elasticity. Depending on whether you are cold or hot outside, the choice of the weight of the hoodie will be different. Most hoodies are currently a balance between weight and flexibility. In the winter, opt for a thicker hoodie and the rest of the year wear a lightweight hoodie that is even more comfortable.

      Next comes the choice of drape. A good hoodie is a sweatshirt that perfectly fits the body and for that some fabrics are better than others. So be sure to observe what type of fabric you prefer in order to choose the best hoodie for you!

      What is a good korean hoodie ? What price for a good streetwear hoodie ?

      A good hoodie is a hoodie whose color and style we like, obviously! But it's also a hoodie that will last in time ! So, a good streetwear hoodie is a hoodie whose material is robust and will resist to many washings. It is also a hoodie whose seams have been designed to resist even when they are put to the test. And finally, it's a hoodie that fits in your budget and that you'll love to wear.

      But how much do you have to pay for a well-made hoodie? There is no single answer to this question, as it depends on your idea of what a quality hoodie is and your personal expectations. Some people change their wardrobe every 6 months, while others keep their clothes for more than 20 years, so the perception of what is a quality hoodie is quite relative.

      Nevertheless, here are a few rules to consider when estimating the quality of a hoodie based on its price.

      Cheap streetwear hoodies (under $20)

      Made from nylon and other synthetic fibers, hoodies under $20 are often poorly finished, with seams that fray quickly. In this price range, it is not uncommon to see your hoodie shrink 1 or 2 sizes in the first wash. If you want to wear your hoodie more than a few times, then skip it!

      Affordable cotton hoodies (between $20 and $40)

      At this price point, we are starting to see good quality cotton hoodies that absorb sweat and are very light to wear. The majority of hoodies are in this price range and it is the ideal choice if you are on a budget.

      Mid to high end hoodies ($40 to $200)

      High quality hoodies start at $40 and go up to $200 for the more carefully designed garments. By buying a hoodie or sweatshirt in this price range, you can be sure that you'll have a garment that will last you for many years, if not your whole life.

      Luxury streetwear hoodies ($200+)

      Here the quality of the hoodies is not necessarily better, what differentiates these hoodies is their rarity and the aura that their brand transfers to them. To give some examples: Balenciaga, Gucci, Raf Simons, etc.

      Does hoodies really are unisex ?

      In korean streetwear, the division between men and women is not so obvious. That's why most hoodies are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. However, there are some exceptions where there are hoodies made for men and others for women.

      Mens streetwear hoodies: what to wear ?

      Mostly, the hoodie for men is a hoodie of a neutral and common color: white, black, gray, although this tends to evolve with all the latest sublime creations. The oversize is also characteristic of almost all hoodies for men. If we had to draw a typical portrait of the hoodie for men, it would be a black oversize hoodie.

      Streetwear hoodies for women: what to choose ?

      Typically, the crop top hoodie is a hoodie designed exclusively for women. The colors are also more cheerful than in unisex and men's hoodies. Pastel colors are especially prevalent in women's hoodies.

      Popular streetwear hoodie brands

      Most streetwear brands have a collection of hoodies. To name just the major ones, there are: OffWhite, North Face, Supreme, Fear of God, Balenciaga, Heron Preston. And of course the brand that created hoodies in the first place: Champion!

      Each brand has its own style and its own streetwear codes, no matter what your style is, you will find a hoodie that suits you. Be careful not to neglect the hoodies of small designers and brands not very known, there are often beautiful surprises.

      Korean streetwear hoodie colors : which one to choose ?

      There are as many hoodies as there are colors. The choice of the color of your hoodie will depend on several factors and in particular on the context in which you will wear it, the other clothes with which you will wear it. And simply according to your preferences in terms of colors, because we all have a favorite color !

      White streetwear hoodie

      In fashion, white is a neutral color and that's why it's so popular! White is a great color for summer, so it's a great choice if you want to wear a hoodie in this color from June to September.

      Black streetwear hoodie

      Just like white, black is a relatively neutral color that goes with many colors and is therefore very popular. By wearing a black hoodie, you can be sure not to make any fashion faux pas.

      Green streetwear hoodie

      Green symbolizes nature and liveliness. Opting for a green hoodie is a good idea if you are an energetic, hyperactive person or if you want to wear an unusual color.

      Olive streetwear hoodie

      Generally speaking, the color olive gives good vibes. If you want to contrast with light pants or any other accessory, the idea of wearing an olive hoodie is not to be neglected.

      Orange streetwear hoodie

      Orange color inspires creativity and energy, if you want to add vivacity to your outfit, then selecting an orange hoodie is a very good idea.

      Blue streetwear hoodie

      The color blue is very little used for hoodies and sweatshirts. Even so, it's worth making a place for it in your closet if you want something that adds a touch of serenity.

      Red streetwear hoodie

      In fashion, red is a symbol of strength and confidence. If you want to express that through your style, the red hoodie is perfect for that!

      Pink streetwear hoodie

      Pink is associated with softness and empathy. So if you choose to wear a pink hoodie you will be communicating a message of tolerance and understanding of the world.

      Beige streetwear hoodie

      You like white but want a little variety? Then going for a beige hoodie can only be a great decision.

      Camo streetwear hoodie

      Although camouflage is not a color in itself, using it in an outfit with a camo hoodie brings an interesting outdoor and adventurous side.

      Grey streetwear hoodie

      Grey, a mix between white and black, is an all-purpose color. If you like black or white but are not a fan of monochrome, then a grey hoodie is a great option.

      Purple streetwear hoodie

      Purple is a symbol of luxury, royalty and sophistication. By wearing a purple hoodie, you show your boldness on the streetwear scene!

      Yellow streetwear hoodie

      Characterizing openness and friendliness, the color yellow is however very little worn in the streetwear universe. Take the plunge and stand out from the crowd!

      What is a good korean hoodie fit ? 

      There is no such thing as a "good" cut, just as there is no such thing as a "good" color, or a "good" style. The right fit is the one you like to wear, according to your style. An oversized hoodie or a fitted hoodie is a good korean hoodie fit as long as you choose it.

      If you still want to have some guidelines for the cut of a streetwear hoodie, here are some tips. A hoodie should not be too loose, nor too tight. When you wear it, you should feel comfortable, with a tight waist and sleeves.

      Styles and design of streetwear hoodies

      There are as many styles and designs of streetwear hoodies as there are tastes and colors. Let's take a look at some of the most common hoodies:

      • Streetwear zip up hoodie
      • Korean streetwear hoodie
      • Streetwear graphic hoodies
      • Urban streetwear hoodies
      • Cool streetwear hoodies
      • Oversized hoodie streetwear
      • Streetwear graffiti hoodie
      • Embroidered hoodie streetwear
      • Tie dye streetwear hoodie
      • Underground streetwear hoodies
      • Streetwear fluffy hoodie
      • Streetwear fleece hoodie
      • Streetwear fur hoodie
      • Streetwear love hoodie
      • Long streetwear hoodie
      • Streetwear mystery hoodie
      • Streetwear cut out hoodie
      • Streetwear poncho hoodie
      • Streetwear reflective hoodie
      • Streetwear rose hoodie
      • Streetwear tiger hoodie
      • Streetwear triangle hoodie
      • Streetwear vintage hoodie

      What is the best korean hoodie in streetwear at the moment?

      We wish we could tell you, "This hoodie is the best one out there right now, you have to buy it". The reality is that the best hoodie at the moment is the one you like because of its cut, its patterns if it has any, its color and all its specificities. And if that hoodie happens to be a current trend, then it's a jackpot for you !

      Where to buy korean hoodies ?

      To buy a hoodie, you have several options. The most convenient way to get a korean hoodie is to go to a sportswear store, or one that specializes in streetwear fashion.

      The second most common option is to order from an online store specialized in street fashion. The advantage is to enjoy a wider choice of hoodies, most of them not available elsewhere, while benefiting from low prices. Here on Korean Street Fashion, we offer you a large choice of original and stylish hoodies.