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Indispensable during the inter-seasons that are spring and autumn, the korean jacket is a key korean clothing of the wardrobe. There are many different types of jackets. The blazer, for example, is available in velvet or tweed plaids and can be worn with jeans, a floral dress or a leather mini skirt. The leather jackets that are also popular, timeless classics. Then come the denim jackets that, depending on the trend, change volume and wash, then the short jackets that win to be worn in cool mode rather than chic. Not to mention all the other jacket styles: bomber jacket, oversized jacket, satin jacket, etc.

Let’s see the different jacket styles :

The Korean Puffer Jacket for an easygoing look

Initially popular thanks to its simplicity and its easygoing look, the puffer jacket has become more sophisticated in recent years. Reinvented by high fashion houses, the korean puffer jacket is becoming more refined and stylish from season to season and is opening up to the high-end market. Whether you wear it at the ski resort or for a walk in the city, it will dress you up in all circumstances.

It can be worn close to the body, and more or less thick depending on the temperature. A thick puffer jacket with a real puffer padding allows enduring effectively against the winter harshness, do not hesitate to choose it with a lined hood. The women's korean puffer jacket keeps you warm and gives structure to your look. This quilted fabric combines comfort and timeless style.

With a slim fit and worn with a sweater and skinny jeans, it will bring volume to the slimmest of figures. The women's puffer jacket will give a chic look if worn with a dress, heeled boots and opaque tights. If your hips are developed and you want to match your puffer jacket to your curves, puffer jacket with straight cuts will be ideal to hide them. You can also wear your thin korean puffer jacket under your open coat, which will add style to your outfit for the day and material to keep you warm. If you want the puffer effect on a longer jacket, then know that there is also korean long puffer jacket.

The Korean Bomber Jacket for a military but now casual fashion look

On the catwalks, the korean bomber jacket is revisited in a thousand and one ways, which further increases the ways to wear it. Among the very fashionable pieces, we find the bomber with floral prints. Here again, the jacket plays on the discrepancy between this very manly aviator jacket and purely feminine patterns. Another trend, the satin korean bomber, declined in a multitude of pale, metallic or frankly bright colors. The shapes are also diversifying. The jacket can be very wide and very long, always with its recognizable elastic waist and cuffs. The quilted or fleece versions are also very popular.

Decorated with patches, sequins, leather parts, zippered pockets, camouflage patterns ... The bomber for women plays on all the tables, and thus lends itself to all the desires of styles. You can even still opt for its traditional shape: short, olive green and puffed on the waist, with a zippered pocket on the sleeve and patches. In any case, you can wear it in a sportswear way with sneakers and jeans, feminine with heels and a little dress, casual with chinos and sandals...

The Korean Blazer, the perfect mid-season jacket

Light and easy to wear, the blazer is the ideal mid-season jacket. When temperatures are not high enough to walk around bare-armed, it is easily imposed. It is the ideal alternative to the denim jacket or the leather perfecto. And it goes equally well with pants, jeans, dresses or skirts. It invites itself in sophisticated outfits, especially when you choose a black blazer and wear it with a blouse, 7/8 pants and pumps. But the korean blazer can also be worn casually, with jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers.

It is also an ideal jacket to go to the office without being too formal. The blazer is therefore worn for a garden party, a summer evening, a wedding, an event ... To play down its serious side, just roll up its sleeves and associate the right accessories. And because it is thin, it can also be slipped under a winter coat and worn all year round, whatever the occasion.

There are an infinite number of korean blazers, the jacket being regularly revisited and modernized. Thus, in addition to the classic navy blue, black or beige jacket, there are blazers with stripes, polka dots, flowers... The collars, buttonholes, colors, materials ... always play more original. The lengths are also multiple. Thus, the blazer goes to all morphologies, whether you need a short and straight jacket or long and curved to highlight your silhouette. All-purpose, the korean blazer is the style asset of all outfits; it is the jacket always to choose to be sure to be at the forefront of fashion.

The Korean Long Jacket, or Korean Coat (we should say)

What is called korean long jacket is nothing but a korean coat. The long jacket, unlike other korean jackets, is long and stops below the knees and sometimes just above the ankles. There are all types: caban, duffle, parkas, trench coats and many others. If you are interested in long jackets then we invite you to look at our korean coats collection.

Korean Fashion : the Jacket and Skirt combo

What could be more chic and elegant than wearing a fully matching outfit ? During the summer don't hesitate to opt for a skirt and jacket set for a great look. There are all styles: denim, black, leather, plaid, etc...

The Couple Jacket, sharing your love with korean fashion

Are you in a relationship ? Passionate about korean fashion ? Then why not look at the korean couple jacket. No matter what fashion style you like, there will be a couple jackets for you. Different types of couple jackets exist, the identical jacket for both, or an aesthetically complementary jacket. For example, a black jacket with beige stripes for him and a beige jacket with black stripes for her.

Korean Jacket Mens : a stylish masculine essential

The blazer is THE piece that all men should have in his wardrobe (I know, we also said the same thing about choosing his jeans ...). Elegant, masculine, manly, flattering, the advantages of a good blazer are not lacking, as this piece is versatile.

Whether it is with a t-shirt a little worked or a beautiful shirt, every man should wear it regularly. A well-chosen jacket is a faithful basic, with an excellent lifespan. So it deserves a minimum investment. Yes, it's sad to say, but a jacket from Zara or H&M will not last more than a year. Because then it will take its toll: shoulder padding that will warp like an old man's, blisters from bad ironing, fabric that will wear out like an old carpet... Discover our wide selection of dress jackets, to wear on all occasions.

And now, which fabric to choose for your korean jacket ?

The Korean Denim Jacket, versatility and coolness

The korean denim jacket is the ideal mid-season jacket, light it is worn on the shoulder or straddled on a bag to ward off the coolness of the early evening. It goes with many outfits, but it is especially its cut that will determine the best alliances. A small fitted denim jacket on a summer dress in floral print or to wear under a large open vest for a role reversal in case of very marked coolness. But it will also be perfect with a plaid shirt, beige canvas pants and a pair of boots with buckles ... In short the denim jacket fits all your desires and all your clothes. Thanks to it you will be able to have on hand a jacket to carry easily, everywhere, and while remaining elegant.

Easily accessible, you no longer have an excuse not to have a denim jacket in your closet. Indeed, you will be spoiled for choice, even with small prices! A pleasure purchase that will not be superfluous insofar as it will quickly become an essential for all your outings, whether it is to go to the bakery or to the coffee shop to meet your friends.

Now the denim fabric is available in many colors. By turns white, light blue, dark blue, black or khaki, the denim jacket offers a whole panel of colors in which we can pleasantly pick to match it perfectly with our outfits. Do not hesitate to multiply the colors or to opt for embroidered or washed jackets, they can be worn in summer as well as in winter and can even be lined to continue, in the heart of the coldest days, to be your favorite jacket.

The Korean Leather Jacket for a chic outfit

The models of korean leather jackets are very varied. Alongside the perfectos and biker jackets are more classic and fewer connoted jackets. To be sure to be able to wear his leather jacket in everyday life, the ideal is to turn to a simple and sober model, that we can easily associate with pants, dresses or jeans. In terms of materials, the choice is there. The varieties of leather are multiple: cow, lamb, pork, horse ... Imitation leather is also a solution, often quality, which will prove to be economic, it also allows to satisfy all those whose ethics prohibit wearing leather. Suede offers a velvet look that feminizes the korean leather jacket, it is also called suede jacket or skin turned. Furs and faux furs are used in the lining, in the pockets, around the hood... And if the black leather jacket is still a must, other colors are available: brown, camel, red, brown, beige...

In terms of cuts, we can turn to a short leather jacket or a long jacket, depending on his morphology and style. Curved or straight, it will highlight all the silhouettes. The finishes allow some models to gain in originality: nails, rivets, metal chains, zips, sequins, shine, bangs, leather straps... It remains to find the model that satisfies you and will accompany you all mid-season.

The Korean Wool Jacket, warm and soft

The wool, comfortable and very warm material for winter. We all have a wool sweater in our closet, don't we? But do you have a korean wool jacket? Because yes, even if the wool sweater is back in trend, today it is the wool jacket that takes over. And here, we are not talking about a technical wool jacket for sports when it's cold but a nice fashion wool jacket that you can wear with jeans. Among the colors available, we recommend gray, beige, black, brown, light pink.

The Korean Teddy Jacket to feel like a bear cub

The korean teddy jacket, also called korean fur jacket is very fashionable in South Korea. Extremely warm and cozy, once adopted, it is difficult to separate from its korean teddy jacket. By the way, why "teddy" ? Because once on you, you will look like a cute little bear ! The fur of the korean teddy jackets is mainly beige, pink and brown.

The Korean Silk Jacket, a nice embroidered jacket

The korean silk jackets, sometimes called satin jackets come in a bomber shape. Silky, with beautiful embroidery on the back and sometimes on the front of the jacket, they are ideal for a half-casual and half streetwear outfit. In black, blue, red, we often find dragon embroideries and korean writings on the jackets.

The Korean Tweed Jacket for a retro look

Wearing a tweed jacket is no longer reserved only for British high society! It is a noble material that has acquired its letters of nobility and blends into all styles and now largely adopted in korean fashion. Tweed is very resistant to wind and water, ensuring a very good insulation. The range of colors is generally rather dark. There are several types of tweed. Donegal tweed, Cheviot tweed, Saxon tweed... Each tweed has a particularity: texture, colors, thickness.

The korean tweed jacket will be perfect in mid-season to replace your coat. Don't hesitate to break away from the classic codes and combine your tweed jacket with a colorful shirt, a sweater or a suit jacket for a retro and timeless look.

Less popular, you can also find some of these fabrics in korean jackets : mesh, reflective fabric and cotton.

What colors should you opt for ?

The choice of the color of your future Korean jacket will depend on many factors such as your skin tone, the colors of your current wardrobe and your desire of the moment! Whatever you choose, you will find black, grey, white, beige, red, blue, green, yellow, pink... In short, all colors! Even in camouflage style.

Choosing your jacket according the season

Korean Spring Jacket

As a spring jacket, there's nothing better than a denim jacket that's easy to integrate into an outfit. If the military style of the bomber appeals to you, then you should know that it is also a great choice to cover up during the first months of the year.

Korean Summer Jacket

In the summer, wearing an elegant and retro tweed jacket with a white blouse for example is a very good idea. If you feel like it, dare to wear a skirt and jacket outfit. It's perfect for when you go out to dinner, or to casual chic events.

Korean Fall Jacket

In fall, the weather becomes less and less mild. If you are cold, the wool jacket is a good option provided that you match it with an umbrella. Otherwise, the puffer jacket is an interesting alternative to protect yourself from the wind.

Korean Winter Jacket

The teddy jacket and the long jacket are the jackets of choice to spend the winter warm. The teddy jacket and its fur imitating that of the bear will keep you warm even with winter temperatures. The long jacket or coat will cover you from the head to the knees !

The most popular korean jacket brands

In terms of jackets, there is no real Korean brand that stands out. On the other hand, there are a very large number of Korean jackets that you can find directly on the Korean Street Fashion store.

What is the price for a korean jacket ?

As you can imagine, the price of a korean jacket can vary greatly depending on the cut, the materials used and the level of workmanship brought to the jacket. Here is a price range for a Korean jacket: $40 (for the most affordable) to $120 (for the most expensive).