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      The jeans. Although its invention dates back to the second half of the 19th century by the duo Levi Strauss/Jacob Davis, it has now become an essential piece of our wardrobe and especially of Korean streetwear. Everyone owns a pair of jeans and some people swear by them! Although originally these pants were just to be resistant for the workers, we now find them for all tastes with a multitude of cuts. The market is such that it is easy to get lost when it comes to choosing a pair of Korean jeans that will fit you like a glove.

      Jeans in South Korea

      Unlike North Korea, which has banned skinny jeans from the country, South Korea honors them. Indeed, just walk in the streets of Seoul to observe the impressive number of Koreans wearing jeans. From regular jeans to skinny jeans, through high waist jeans, low waist jeans, we see absolutely everything. Jeans are also worn in all colors: from classic blue to black and in all styles. Koreans very fond of streetwear wear it with style, but it is also worn by Koreans rather casual style. Let's see the different types of jeans and how to choose them.

      What korean jeans cut to choose ?

      From the widest to the narrowest, let's review the seven existing main cuts, which, note, do not necessarily have the same meaning or name depending on the brand.

      Regular / Straight Jeans

      This is the classic cut, the basic Korean jeans. As its name suggests, the cut is straight from the waist to the ankles. With some brands it will be called straight and with others regular, know that it is the same thing, the cut is identical only the name changes. It goes to practically everyone, however, be careful to choose your size, i.e., it should not tighten you, the straight cut must be close to your leg without marrying.

      Bootcut Jeans

      The Korean boot-cut jeans are pants with a straight cut at the thighs and which flares from the knee to the ankle. This type of cut was designed with a wider ankle opening to be able to wear boots without tucking the jeans inside. The bootcut jeans, also called flare jeans are not recommended if you are short and/or thin as it will make you look even thinner than you are. It is suitable for men who are taller and stronger, it will balance the silhouette. There are bootcut slim with a narrower leg opening.

      Semi-slim cut

      The Korean semi-slim jeans, you will have understood, is a mix between the straight cut and the slim cut. The jeans are rather straight at the thighs and then slightly tightened at the ankle like a slim. It is a modern version of the classic straight cut. It is suitable for almost all body types, but be careful not to take it too tightly at the thighs.

      Slim Fit Jeans

      The slim fit jeans was born in the 2000s and it still seduces many men today. The Korean slim jeans, unlike a straight cut, come to hug your buttocks and legs with a narrow ankle opening. This cut is reserved for slim men only. If you have large thighs or calves of cyclist, the slim is to be avoided! However, for the smallest among us, it can lengthen the leg and therefore our overall look.

      Skinny Fit Jeans

      The skinny jean is somehow an extremely slim cut and the super skinny an extremely skinny cut. With this model of Korean jeans, we are on a tight cut, even ultra tight as a tights, but in jeans. As for the slim, you must be thin to be able to afford this kind of excess. If you are thin and tall, it is to be proscribed because it will lengthen your silhouette and accentuate your thinness. It is rather advised for people having a well defined style with a fashion eye at the risk of looking ridiculous.

      Finally, there are also new jeans such as boyfriend jeans which are named after the fact that they have a loose and straight cut, usually worn by men. Otherwise there are also the stretch jeans which are jeans designed in a stretch fabric offering more elasticity and therefore comfort.

      A Point on the High Rise, Medium Rise and Low Rise Jeans

      It's all very well to talk about jeans cuts, but beyond this element, we must not lose sight of the fact that a pair of jeans can have three different sizes: a high waist, a medium waist or a low waist. The first mentioned is really back in fashion, especially among women, it allows to highlight their hips. Arriving just below the navel, we can advise it for men wishing to hide a small emerging belly, or on the contrary those who wish to expose their long legs! The medium size is the so-called standard size, the one we find most often, which will suit the majority of us. We can basically afford everything with it. As for the low size, it is preferred in a rather casual setting. This last one will probably suit better to thin people, and has the advantage to balance the silhouette. Be careful not to lower your jeans too low, though...! The waist, which means the part above the crotch, is a key element of the cut and will logically influence our silhouette.

      What type of jeans to choose?

      The Raw Jean, a Classic of the Genre

      To categorize the different names of Korean jeans colors, we must first focus on identifying tones. Raw denim is the most classic and common of these tones. The result of minimal processing of the fabric, denim takes on a smooth and fairly rigid appearance, making it a particularly stable garment over time and suitable for all sorts of uses. Its elegant fall allows it to be associated with a shirt or a polo, to be worn at home or at work.

      Its color is clearly indigo and will be perfect to enhance a complexion or highlight the legs of the wearer. It is most often worn in straight or slim fit and it goes very well with all kinds of shoes. Some pair it with sneakers for a casual attitude, but it will look great with a pair of pumps and a quality shirt for a professional look.

      Washed Jeans and the Light Trend

      Among the different names for denim colors, there are a lot of light variations that are usually the result of technical operations to wash the jeans. The "acid wash" method, for example, produces an almost polar blue, but we also include in this category the colors of jeans that result from a simple washing. The shades are then infinite and allow everyone to find their happiness in blue!

      This type of jeans can also have undergone a special treatment to give it a "used" effect, much sought after by our contemporaries. Fake wear marks on the knees, on the buttocks or at the seams are often associated with holes here and there, which give a certain cachet to the garment. More relaxed than the raw jeans, the faded jeans are worn during an evening with friends or during a walk in town.

      Black Jeans, a Must-Have for Streetwear

      The black Korean jeans are a style accessory that does not look like much, but is in fact a formidable weapon for an effective look. It can be casual or street; in any case, it will be worn all seasons.

      And as a bonus, it's almost impossible to mismatch it. Yes, it goes with any t-shirt or hoodie, in short it is a must-have! We can for example associate it with a white printed t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. For a monochrome look, you can also wear it with a black sweater and a pair of black chunky boots.

      Ripped Jeans, for a raw street style

      Ripped jeans. Some people think it's ridiculous to buy jeans that are already worn out, while others think they are super trendy. We at Korean Street Fashion love them for the way they feel. From simply worn jeans to jeans with holes on the thighs, buttocks or knees, you will find a large collection of destroyed jeans on the site.