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      Korean Jewelry

      Jewelry and accessories have always been very important in Asian countries. In the past, in Korea, the bride was given a chest containing three to five pieces of jewelry. Rings, earrings and necklaces were adorned with sapphire, ruby or gold, depending on the financial means of the family of the future husband. Korean women, now emancipated, prefer to buy diamond or pearl jewelry and other more affordable Korean jewelry. Indeed, in South Korea as elsewhere in the world, casual korean fashion has taken precedence over more traditional fashion. Today, women enjoy dressing in a trendy, casual and elegant way without having to spend a fortune. If you share this mindset and passion for simple but effective fashion, then you will enjoy discovering Korean jewelry. Because, yes, there is nothing better than a bracelet, necklace or a pair of Korean earrings to complete your outfit.

      Well, enough talk now let's see together the must-have Korean jewelry :

      Korean Bracelets

      The bracelet is one of the most common Korean jewelry, which we sometimes tend to forget. Something that we for sure will not do! Indeed, despite its airs of jewelry passe-partout even sometimes corny, the korean bracelet offers a multitude of choices to women. There are beaded bracelets, very refined, which can be worn with a skirt and a simple top as with an evening dress and many other bracelets styles like retro bracelets or ankle bracelets.

      Very fashionable at the moment, there are also Korean charms bracelets with beads and cute objects to add according to your desires. If you want to have a more assertive and bold Korean style, then it is possible to opt for beautiful Korean bangles with a secure clasp system.

      Now that you have an overview of the different styles of bracelets, all you have to do is go to measure your wrist with a tape and you are ready to shop. If you want to offer a bracelet as a gift for a birthday, Valentine's Day or just for fun and you don't know the size of the person's wrist: no problem! Opt for a Korean knot bracelet with a sliding clasp system, allowing a perfect fit whatever the size of the wrist.

      Also very popular in South Korea are friendship bracelets and couple bracelets. Human relationships are at the center of Korean culture and showing your friendship or love to everyone with a bracelet is a wonderful proof of commitment! In leather, woven fabric or chain, you can choose the bracelet you want to wear with the person of your choice. For even more symbolism, don't hesitate to choose a bracelet where you can engrave a date, a first name or even a private joke If you are a funny person.

      Korean Necklaces

      After the bracelet, the necklace is without a doubt the most popular and widely worn piece of jewelry. Just like bracelets, there is a wide variety of Korean necklaces for all styles and occasions. Gold has an important place in Korea and Korean gold necklaces are obviously among the most worn, sometimes in solid gold, sometimes in gold plated or sometimes simply in gold color. Very cute (it's our favorite): the korean necklace in the shape of a heart, to add to a casual fashion style.

      You want a very feminine, refined and discreet necklace ? Then this is the Korean choker necklace that you need! Close to the neck and with small jewels: pearls, pendants, rhinestones and natural stones, it is a must have.

      Also very popular are the personalized Korean necklaces, engraved either on a medal pendant or as a "traditional" name necklace where the necklace has the shape of the letters in Korean script. A great necklace to offer.

      Discover also other styles of Korean necklaces: vintage, traditional and casual.

      Korean Earrings

      At Korean Street Fashion we make it a point to provide the widest choice of Korean jewelry and this is verified by the almost infinite number of korean earrings you can find.

      The dangle earrings are always very elegant because they fall down to the nape of the neck and have total freedom of movement. To privilege the detached hair with an evening dress, or a casual chic outfit.

      Stud earrings are the perfect everyday earrings. They are ideal if you want to wear a Korean jewel without overdoing it. Small, medium, large, extra large: all sizes are available.

      Huggies and hoops earrings are a completely different style, more original but just as elegant. Pair them with a nice gold necklace or beautiful accumulation rings.

      Whether you have pierced ears or not, you can wear beautiful earrings with our earrings with classic clasp system or clip on earrings with a clip-on clasp.

      Little advice: Do not hesitate to put a certain price to have earrings which last in time.

      Korean Rings

      Rings are a jewel that is not always unanimous, some women wear them on all fingers, while others wear none (or only their wedding ring). In our opinion, the main reason is that choosing a ring is complicated, if only to find the right size.

      If you know your finger size, then that's fine! But you still have to choose which ring you want. In our korean ring collection, you can find rings in different materials, colors, with or without stones and in different styles.

      You only wear rings made of precious materials like gold or silver ? No problem, we have a selection of gold and silver-plated rings available.

      Do you want a korean ring with semi-precious stones like amethyst or jade because you value minerals and their properties? We have what you need too!

      We also have rings inspired by the kawaii universe, also called cute rings because they are adorable. You have for example rings in the shape of fruits like strawberries, cherries or with the beautiful sunflower flower to name a few of our models.

      Korean Jewelry Boxes

      If you are a woman who likes to change her jewelry regularly for a style that is always "fresh" then you probably have a lot of jewelry in your possession. The problem with having a lot of jewelry is that you often don't know where to put it, so it ends up loose in drawers. And it often happens that we lose an earring or don't know where our favorite bracelet is when we most need it. And that's without counting the risk of seeing your jewelry wear out and getting scratched because it is not well protected.

      Why not think about getting a nice korean jewelry box ? At Korean Street Fashion, we know what counts in a jewelry box: practicality of storage, velvet lining to protect the jewelry and a beautiful box that will not have to be hidden. In fact, if you didn't know, korean jewelry boxes are known for their elegance because they are made of wood and handcrafted. Some of them are even real works of art, made of lacquered wood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

      What kind of jewelry do Korean women like ?

      Korean women are very coquette and love to wear jewelry to add a touch of finesse to their casual fashion look. Therefore, they don't refrain from wearing any jewelry as long as it adds something to their outfit and doesn't become an accessory that makes it too overloaded. They wear bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings!

      What is Korean jade jewelry ?

      Semi-precious stones have always had an important place in Korea, among them amethyst, topaz and jade. For thousands of years, jade has been a symbol of love and virtue as well as an outward sign of social status. Jade is the stone of choice for Koreans, they always wear one when negotiating, as it promotes honesty and justice.

      Today, only South Korea still works jade with the talent it is known for and that is why when we talk about jade jewelry, we always mention Korean jade jewelry. Naturally, Koreans have always used jade to make traditional jewelry: jade bracelets, jade necklaces, as well as rings and earrings. Although the green color is not considered the sexiest in fashion, jade is unique and all the jewelry made of this stone is sublime. Get yourself a Korean jewel with jade, you will not regret it!

      Top Korean Jewelry Brands

      Contrary to what one might think, in terms of Korean jewelry, it is more the style and beauty of the jewelry that takes precedence over the brand. Thus, many Korean women often wear jewelry from unknown brands and designers.

      If you are, however, someone who values the brand and appreciates wearing designer jewelry for example, then you have some Korean jewelry brands. Here they are: 1064studio, Beauton, COLDFRAME, HRJewelry, Momentel, Portrait Report or Souhait.

      Cheap Korean Jewelry : what you need to know

      We understand that many people do not necessarily have the means to buy new designer or high quality jewelry on a regular basis to vary styles and follow fashion trends. However, we recommend you to think before buying a poor quality Korean jewelry because 9 times out of 10 you will be disappointed and will have lost your money... Because as for fast fashion clothes, it is jewelry that will be good to throw away after having worn it only a few times. So go for Korean mid-range jewelry that is more durable, of better quality and without the risk of irritation and allergies for your skin.

      Where to buy Korean jewelry online ?

      Now that we have seen all the Korean jewelry options available to you, you are probably asking yourself these questions: Where to buy Korean jewelry boxes? Where to buy Korean earrings, necklaces, rings ? Where to buy traditional Korean jewelry ? Where to buy cute Korean jewelry ? We will give you two solutions currently existing to get Korean jewelry and enhance your casual Korean fashion style.

      1st option : Going to a Korean Jewelry Store

      The most obvious option is to go to a Korean jewelry store. Unfortunately, except in South Korea and in some big western cities it is difficult to find stores with a large choice and quality Korean jewelry. But, of course, if you do find one then treat yourself!

      2nd option : Browsing on a Korean Jewelry Online Shop

      The second option, if you are not lucky enough to have a Korean jewelry store near you is the online store. Indeed, it is now possible to access a huge catalog of Korean jewelry and order online with Korean Street Fashion, your Korean jewelry online shop !

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