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      Both men and women like to wear jewelry and for the connoisseur : korean jewelry. They have necklaces, bracelets, earrings and bracelets. Precious or not, they must be properly stored to avoid misplacing them around the house. This is where a costume jewelry box comes in handy. On the other hand, when it comes to jewelry boxes, those made by Korean craftsmen stand out for their elegance and finesse.

      Crafting a beautiful Korean Jewelry Box, an art...

      In this part of the world, art has a whole new dimension. By using quality material such as a mother-of-pearl and by the choice of patterns, one can obtain luxury jewelry boxes. As a result, Korean jewelry boxes enjoy a notable status around the world. With their elegant shape and exceptional decoration, they are considered the most elegantly decorated costume jewelry boxes. You won't find a more beautifully decorated jewelry box on the market. Here is a quality item for an original gift.

      Exceptional Jewelry Boxes

      If you are looking for something unique in the world, choose the fancy jewelry box. What makes the Korean luxury jewelry box so special is that they are all handmade. As a base material, the craftsmen use mulbery wood and mother-of-pearl. The play on the shine and the colors of the mother-of-pearl allow to have original and quality patterns. As far as security is concerned, made with hard wood, the jewelry boxes reveal themselves as secure storage for your valuable jewelry. With a luxury Korean style jewelry box, you will find a gift that is both unique and unusual.

      To find a successful gift, a Korean style jewelry box is perfect for any occasion and can be given to a woman or a man.

      The different types of Korean Jewelry Boxes

      Korean jewelry boxes are real jewels, inherited from hundreds, even thousands of years in Korean history. Particularly appreciated for their glossy lacquered wood look and sublime mother-of-pearl patterns, we tend to forget that there are different types of Korean jewelry boxes. (And not only the traditional Korean jewelry box) In fact, there are jewelry boxes of all sizes, looks and available at all prices. Let's go through the different possibilities if you want to buy a South Korean jewelry box.

      The High Quality “Cheap” Korean Jewelry Box

      What we call the cheap Korean jewelry box is the type of jewelry box that is more classic and without as much fuss as the traditional Korean jewelry box, i.e. handcrafted lacquered mulberry wood, pearl covering the box, etc. We probably should not call it “cheap” jewelry box because the quality is always great, the only difference is the price which is much lower. The classic Korean jewelry box is still elegant because it is often made of wood and is very functional. Unlike authentic Korean jewelry boxes, this type of jewelry box is much more affordable.

      The Korean Mother-of-Pearl Jewelry Box : the cream of the crop

      The Korean Mother-of-Pearl Jewelry Box, also called Korean mother-of-pearl inlay jewelry box is a fabulous piece of art and a fantastic functional object. Available in different shades of wood: from bright red, to purple, to dark brown and even black, the Korean jewelry box impresses with its mother-of-pearl patterns and frescoes. Most often the inlaid mother-of-pearl patterns illustrate butterflies, flowers, birds such as the heron or beautiful Asian landscapes. Some jewelry boxes show a mirror when you open them. There are, of course, different sizes of jewelry boxes to store exactly what you want. Small jewelry boxes for storing rings only are available, as well as very large boxes with 5 drawers and multiple storage spaces. If you have a lot of jewelry to store: rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings you can decide to store all your jewelry in one box. Great, isn't it ?

      Korean Music Jewelry Box

      The Korean music jewelry box is not strictly speaking another type of Korean jewelry box but we had to talk about it. Indeed, rarer and more difficult to find, there is the musical Korean jewelry box, a jewelry box made of lacquered wood, traditional that when opened starts a soft melody. It is then possible to take and store your Korean jewelry while being rocked by beautiful music!

      What is the price of a Korean Jewelry Box ?

      As we have seen there are different types of Korean jewelry boxes, so here is a price range for each of them:

      The price of standard Korean jewelry boxes are mostly below $60.

      The price of korean mother-of-pearl jewelry boxes range between $40 and $200 depending on the size jewelry box.

      The price of Korean music jewelry box is quite similar to the Korean mother-of-pearl jewelry box one.

      How much is a small Korean jewelry box worth ?

      The price of a small Korean jewelry box range from $40 to $80.

      Some basic advices for choosing a jewelry box

      Consider the size of the jewelry box

      The size of the jewelry box should hardly be overlooked in your choice. If your collection consists of a multitude of jewelry of various sizes, it is crucial that you have a large or medium-sized box. However, if you already have a table with a jewelry drawer, it would be ideal to opt for a small jewelry box to keep the sets you use frequently. This type of box should be a nomadic one since it is small, it will allow you to move around with the essentials of your little treasures.

      Think about the Long-term Durability

      Aesthetics are not the only point to consider. The quality of the object must also be identified. The first factor to analyze is obviously the main material of our Jewelry Box.

      Some boxes will appear to be of poor quality, despite the possible mirror decorations or patterns, however elegant they may be. Thus, wood should be prioritized because it has many qualities, such as a very strong resistance to shocks. Moreover, the wear and tear due to time, does not affect the deterioration of the box unlike fabric. But that's not all, carefully analyze the material chosen for the hinges. It is an excellent indicator of the quality of the object. Stainless steel and zinc hinges are of good quality, take note.

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