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      Since the 70's and the female emancipation, underwear has become a fashion item in its own right. Now, lingerie is an integral part of fashion and one chooses her lingerie with as much care as other korean clothes. Women no longer have to limit themselves to cotton panties and white bras. Korean lingerie plays on materials, colors, patterns and shapes. The underwear plays on both comfort and style. So much so that according to the trends, it happens that underwear is worn visibly, either over clothes, or by letting itself be discovered at the bend of a tank top or low-waisted pants.

      The Korean Style Lingerie

      Women's underwear serve a variety of functions. First of all, as they are in direct contact with the skin, they must be comfortable, especially for pieces worn daily. To be pleasant to wear, the choice of their material is therefore important: cotton, lace, silk, satin... They must also be adapted to the morphology. It is therefore essential to select panties and bras that fit waist size, chest size, cups... The cut will also be more appropriate to a particular body type. Large breasts prefer interlocking bras, with comfortable straps and underwiring. Smaller breasts can be satisfied with a triangle or bandeau bra, or opt for a push-up model. The same goes for panties. For these lingerie, discretion is often sought: the too tight elastic and the marked seams are thus to be avoided.

      The choice of korean lingerie is also dictated by the outfit itself. Under a white and transparent dress, black or colored underwear is generally avoided and white or flesh-colored items are preferred. With a bustier, it will be necessary to opt for a strapless and adhesive bra. Under very tight pants, invisible panties are also recommended.

      There are also certain occasions for which one chooses its lingerie differently. A wedding, a date, a visit to the doctor, a sports session : choose adapted korean underwear. Romantic, sexy, classic, functional : the models, materials, colors and styles are so varied that you will easily find the most adequate underwear.

      Fashion designers and ready-to-wear brands are multiplying their innovations in terms of women's lingerie. Thus, we now find :

      • Push up bras, which enhance even the smallest breasts
      • Minimizing bras, which visually reduce the most generous breasts
      • Remodeling panties and underwear: to reshape a tummy and bountiful buttocks, there is no longer any need to wear unattractive girdles. Numerous "body-shaping" undergarments allow you to play with your shape with style and comfort underwear adapted to sports activities.
      • Beauty underwear: moisturizing tights, slimming panties, firming bras...

      Here are some of the most common korean lingerie types :

      Sexy korean lingerie

      Korean Babydoll and Nighty : Glamour and Cute

      The korean nightie and the babydoll deserve the same category, because both are similar, looking cute and glamour. But if they have a different name, it is because they have their particularities. In terms of cut, the babydoll is more fitted, even tight, depending on the model. It is also often a little shorter than the korean babydoll. On the other hand, the babydoll looks more like a skirt or a dress in the legs. But the real difference between babydoll and nightie is really about the style you want to give yourself. The babydoll is naughty, suggestive. It lets you see your body without hiding the intentions that go with it. With a babydoll, you seduce your partner, you make the promise to please him, to share a hot moment.

      The babydoll always looks more innocent, more ingenuous. It is something that, depending on your partner, can be very exciting. One immediately fantasizes about convincing his partner to share a moment of pleasure, one fantasizes about the supposed or real difficulty of undressing his partner because of his more innocent air. But with this sexy outfit, he will do everything to succeed.

      Korean Merrywidow : Very Feminine Lingerie

      The merrywidow was this feminine lingerie that brought out the breasts, supported the chest while tightening the waist to obtain a more or less pronounced slimming effect. Today, we are naturally less purists with the term merrywidow and the relative or even real discomfort of a too tight waist is forgotten. Nevertheless, the korean merrywidow still looks good with a slimmed-down waist and well-enhanced breasts. Modern fabrics allow for a sheathing effect at the waist and underwires support the bust without ever having to sacrifice comfort. Here again, a modern style manages to give today a very sexy aspect, a touch of glamour and especially of modernity to a very exciting lingerie. In addition, you will play the card of originality and you have everything to gain.

      Korean See Through Lingerie : Sensuality and Seduction

      In the world of lingerie, transparency is a generic term that defines certain pieces of fine lingerie. Anchored in the concept of seduction and sensuality, these lingerie pieces allow a subtle glimpse of the skin or parts of the body. In nightwear, the play of transparency is very present in the design of a sexy babydoll or a babydoll. A romantic lingerie set will play on the light - dark, with for example the subtle mixture of a lace embroidery and an opaque satin braid. In terms of sexy lingerie, choosing panties, a waistband or a triangle bra in transparency will always have an effect.

      The range of korean see through lingerie is endless. The night underwear in particular plays on the charm and sensuality. The essential babydoll plays on suggestion, with a model in white lace on the top to let guess the chest, and opaque towards the bottom, or a see through dress overhung with delicate floral patterns that suggests a little black panties or a mini slip. The babydoll, the shortest of the night gowns, is often naturally cut in the front, and simply tied at the crotch. Some models are designed with light see throughness veils for more glamour.

      Korean Bra and Thong : The Classics

      Bra and thong, this is the typical lingerie set, the one that is most easily found in the catalogs of specialized stores, and that we find in number in all dressers. It is obviously the basis to have a bra coordinated with its string. It is a mark of elegance and attention when things get serious. What you can also appreciate with a set of this style is that there is something for everyone.

      The shy ones will be able to hide behind a well-covered korean bra, and even replace the thong with panties. The more adventurous or sure of their physique will choose on the contrary a bra that uncovers more breasts, lace rather than cotton. To be even more naughty, we think of the bra which is a bra that carries the chest only under the breast. It is therefore fully uncovered for the pleasure of your partner. The same is true for the thong where you can make a wide variety of choices.

      Lingerie is a very vast field. Whether it is wise for everyday life, naughty to please, exciting to please or even erotic for love, there is a wide choice. The most important thing is to select a piece of lingerie in which you will feel good. There is the aesthetic aspect, there is the idea of feeling able to wear an outfit more or less naked. You also have to consider the comfort, especially if you intend to wear this outfit during the day. It is by thinking of all that, and the pleasure, even the fantasies, which you will cause in your partner, that you must select your lingerie.

      Korean Lace Bodysuit : Delicacy and Passion

      The korean lingerie bodysuit, to separate it from other pieces of lingerie, we can compare it to a one-piece swimsuit, but much sexier. Indeed, the bodysuit is a lingerie that we could believe paradoxical at first glance. At first glance, it covers the whole body, from the breasts to the pelvis. But if you look closely, you will appreciate the plunging neckline, the transparent mesh of the fabric on the belly, the delicacy of the bust line, the inlay of a jewel between the breasts or other details. In the end, the lace bodysuit is a sexy outfit. It still sometimes drags the image of a lingerie a little outdated, as would the corset or bustier. But the bodysuit comes back in fashion thanks to its evolution and its new look. With a modern graphic style, comfortable fabrics and an obsession with sensuality, the bodysuit is truly sexy and can be the trigger for intense moments of love and passion.

      Korean Lingerie Brands

      Some of the most common brands are: Shin Young Wacoal, Nam Yeung Vivien, BYC, Good Peoples, Ssangbangwool, M Corset and Andre Kim Innerwear. There are also a lot of lingerie pieces from unknown but equally qualitative brands that you can find on Korean Street Fashion.

      Where to buy korean lingerie ?

      If you have a lingerie store near you, go see if they have Korean lingerie, even if it's unlikely you might be surprised. If not, the easiest way is to order online from a store specialized in Korean fashion like Korean Street Fashion. We have a collection dedicated to Korean women's lingerie in which you will find your happiness.