Korean Necklaces

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      5 products

      Korean-Style Necklace

      Since ancient times, the necklace has acquired a prominent aesthetic role and has become an indispensable fashion accessory. Nowadays, the necklace is still an essential piece of jewelry, especially in the world of korean jewelry. It has evolved to meet the style of everyone and be harmonious with the Korean rings, bracelets and earrings. Choker necklace, gold necklace, pendant necklace, fancy heart-shaped necklace, necklaces for couples or natural stone necklace... With the infinite variety of necklace models, we can’t resist wearing a beautiful jewel around our neck!

      Korean Gold Necklace, Chic for Any Occasion

      Brighten up your outfit with a beautiful Korean gold necklace around your neck. Those who love exceptional jewelry will be seduced by our beautiful collection of yellow-gold necklace and white gold-plated necklace. To offer a jewel to a little girl or a young girl, you will find in our online store fancy gold necklaces or gold necklaces to personalize with delicate and very feminine lines. Women who love elegant gold ornaments will be conquered by the refinement and sensuality of a gold Korean necklace. Whatever your style, our collection of gold necklaces will make you radiant !

      Korean Name Necklace, Your Custom Jewel

      Looking for an original gift? What would be more beautiful than a Korean engraved jewelry ? Let yourself be tempted by a beautiful personalized Korean necklace. Offer one of the beautiful jewels of our range of necklaces first name with very feminine and refined lines. You will find in our online store charming fine necklaces composed of letters where the first name is written in fine Korean letters. With our reasonably priced first name necklaces, offering a splendid custom-made first name necklace becomes accessible to all !

      Show Your Love for Korea With the Korean Flag Necklace

      You are of Korean origin and want to proudly wear the "taegukgi", the flag of your country around your neck? Or you are simply a fan of Korea like the Korean Street Fashion team? Then our necklaces with the South Korean flag should please you! Instantly recognizable with its white background, the red and blue circle symbolizing the universe and its four black trigrams, the Korean flag is a real fashion asset.

      Express Your Feelings With the Korean Heart Necklace

      Necklaces are jewels that can communicate many messages, especially thanks to their shape. So what is the ideal model to declare your flame, to affirm your love or simply to prove your attachment? The heart necklace, of course! Korean Street Fashion offers a wide selection of heart-shaped pendant necklaces in silver, gold or even gold-plated. Small or large hearts, intertwined hearts, hearts set with precious stones: you are spoilt for choice when it comes to offering or giving yourself a Korean heart necklace.

      The Very Refined Korean Choker Necklace

      If this is your style, you will be faced with an embarrassment of choices when you check out the Korean choker necklaces we have available on the store. The models here are very numerous. If we have to mention the most impressive ones, we will, of course, start with the minimalist choker with small beads. You can have it in silver, gold, or pink gold. Next to it, we also have the choker necklace, decorated with a minimalist mother-of-pearl and sunburst freshwater pearl. Some of these Korean necklaces have at their end a hammered medal, a minimalist sun star.

      Others are outright multi-row, with natural stones. Aside from that, there are also Korean chokers that are simply made of different colored beads, including black, white and gold. Some of these necklaces have pendants representing various objects. It can be the world map, a shell, a pierced coin medal, a small jagged heart, a bohemian half moon, etc. The use of leather for choker necklaces is also very common, if you like this material then you should find your happiness too !

      What is better than the Korean Couple Necklace to show your love ?

      Any occasion can be a good time to give a Korean couple necklace, such as Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or just for the pleasure of giving. In our Korean Street Fashion online store, we offer the best matching couple necklaces. You will find a wide range of dozens of different products, with hearts for example for the most romantic or with your initials among others.

      There are a lot of necklaces for couples, the most famous being :

      • The padlock and the key
      • The heart in 2 halves
      • The puzzle
      • The yin yang
      • The "initials" necklace

      There is something for every budget, so treat yourself !

      For stone lovers : Korean Stone Necklace

      Luminous pearl necklace or sparkling garnet pendant necklace, with our vast collection of Korean stone necklaces, you are sure to find the woman’s necklace that will thrill you. For a woman’s jewelry to wear every day, we have selected gemstone necklaces set with rose quartz, tiger eye, peridot, amethyst, jade or labradorite. Women who prefer the brilliance of gold jewelry will also find in our online jewelry store a sumptuous collection of gold and stone necklaces set with amethysts, garnet, zirconium oxide or tanzanite. Whatever your desires let yourself be carried away by the whirlwind of colors of our range of gemstone necklaces.

      Korean Necklaces for Women

      A woman’s necklace is a piece of jewelry that tells a story and reflects a personality. From fancy necklaces to wedding necklaces and vermeil necklaces, we have created a vast collection of women’s gold necklaces and women’s silver necklaces that will please all Korean jewelry lovers. To accessorize your daily outfit, choose a woman’s jewelry to your image among our beautiful models of rhodium-plated silver necklace or fine stone necklace of all colors. A woman’s necklace is also the elegance of an exceptional piece of jewelry like a precious gold choker or a necklace set with precious stones. With a woman’s Korean necklace, you will feel beautiful on any occasion...

      Korean Necklaces for Men

      Classic or modern man, more and more of you like to wear jewelry for a special occasion or simply to accessorize your outfit. We have thought of all the men who like to wear a necklace and have therefore created for you a collection of Korean men’s necklaces with a very masculine style. The necklace for men is a return to the roots for this jewel that was previously worn by kings, tribal leaders or religious leaders. Nowadays, the Korean necklace for men has been democratized and has more and more followers in Korea and in the West. You will find in our online store men’s necklaces in the air of time and at moderate prices.

      A Must-have : The Korean Pendant

      The Korean pendant necklace is a must-have necklace for women. Made of yellow or white gold, it can be studded with precious stones. It can be worn as a set with a knot bracelet or a pearl bracelet. This type of Korean jewelry can have a modern look like a choker necklace or a vintage look with retro designs. It can complement an engagement ring for a memorable souvenir. This fine necklace can be worn as a long necklace, a choker or even as a personalized jewel !

      Necklace With Korean Writing

      If you love Korean culture, then chances are you are also passionate about its language, alphabet and writing. So what could be better than a necklace with your name written in Korean? Just tell us what you want to write in Korean and we will make your necklace in Korean.

      Other Korean necklaces types available :

      • gummy bear necklace korean
      • korean traditional necklace
      • Korean alphabet necklace
      • Korean bird necklace
      • Korean vintage necklace
      • Korean butterfly necklace
      • Korean coin necklace
      • Korean clover necklace
      • Korean finger heart necklace
      • Korean letter necklace

      What necklace length to choose ?

      Choosing the length of your necklace is essential because the difference between a completely messed up outfits and a successful one is choosing the perfect necklace. And length is one of the most important aspects. Here are some tips to help you figure out what length you should choose for your Korean necklace :

      For women

      We determine here that a choker is normally 40 cm. For a necklace that is to be worn above a neckline, a length of 42 or 45 cm is required, beyond 50 cm the necklace or chain will fall on the chest.

      The necklaces of 70, 80, 100 and 120 cm are long necklaces, they are to be worn doubled or in a single row to fall to the lowest as in the 1930s this has a very strong connotation of refinement and elegance.

      For the men

      The necklace or chain is to be worn in different lengths depending on the expected result. For example, instead a necklace should be worn relatively close to the base of the neck it is therefore preferable to wear a length of 45 cm and in this case favor relatively large links without pendants or charm. For the wearing of a pendant or a cross, it is advised to wear a chain of 50 cm minimum with the choice of a chain of 50, 55, 60, 65 cm or even 70 cm for men of strong build. If you want to wear a chain or a necklace of relatively important mesh or even bling-bling, it is necessary in this case also to choose a length of 55 to 70 cm for a beautiful fall on the chest.

      Korean Street Fashion, Your Korean Necklace Online Shop

      Finding a Korean necklace can sometimes be like an obstacle course. Between the small number of stores selling Korean jewelry and the limited choice of jewelry available on online stores, it is not always easy... Fortunately, Korean Street Fashion, specialized in Korean fashion, allows you today to access a huge catalog of Korean necklaces, constantly updated and available online, straight from your home. Isn’t it beautiful ? 

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