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      5 products

      There are those who underestimate korean pajamas and consider that it is valid to wear any clothing to go to sleep. But, the truth about the comforts of these outfits is another matter. We will see together what are the most popular types of pajamas for women and how they have important within korean clothing.

      It is also important to look good even when we go to sleep. It lets us wear comfortable clothing that is made to provide us with the rest we require. There is plenty of choice in the styles of women's pajamas often referred to as sleepwear, so you can choose the style you like best.

      The types of women's pajamas have been evolving over time, but there are some classic models that never seem to go unnoticed.

      What is the korean fashion for pajamas ?

      Korean Pajama Shirt

      With long sleeves, short sleeves, sometimes sleeveless, the korean pajama shirt covers the upper body. The pajama top is essential to keep the chest warm when it is colder. Sometimes in cotton, sometimes in polyester or in silk, the pajama shirt accompanies you from the beginning to the end of the year and no matter the temperature.

      Korean Pajama Pants

      As essential as the pajama top, the pajama pants allow dressing the lower body. Dressed from the waist to the ankles, you are free to choose it to match your pyjama top or to opt for a casual mismatched look just as nice. For the summer, it is frequent to leave aside the long pajama pants for pajama shorts, holding less heat.

      Korean Pajama Set

      When we wear pajamas, we usually wear the top and the bottom. That's why you will find most of the time on sale pajamas set with the top and the bottom matched. This is also the case on Korean Street Fashion where you will find a large choice of matching pajamas, sometimes plain, sometimes with a printed pattern like plaid, small animals and more.

      The different fabrics used for the korean pajamas

      Korean Silk Pajamas : Luxurious but Delicate

      Often much more expensive than its competitors, silk is the most luxurious material for nightwear. Extra-soft and particularly pleasant on the skin, it has the ability to be a thermoregulating fabric. Clearly, in the summer, silk pajamas will keep you cool, and conversely, in the winter, they will keep you warm. However, silk has the horrible disadvantage of being much more fragile than other materials, and a silk sleepwear will therefore wear out much faster with each wash. For this reason, silk can be natural or synthetic to overcome its resistance problem while keeping its satin aspect.

      Korean Polyester Pajamas : Long-lasting and Popular

      It is one of the most widespread materials in the world to dress women: polyester. But it will not always be the best choice! It has the advantage of being inexpensive and it is often this material that will be chosen to give a satin effect to the pajamas when silk is not used. However this very resistant material will not be very breathable and it is not rare to sweat easily in it, especially in the pajama pants. Choosing this material for a breathable summer pyjashort can therefore be a very good compromise. In its defense, polyester is very resistant and will therefore be able to undergo more frequent washings. It is therefore the ideal choice if you aim for durability.

      Korean Fleece Pajamas : Warm and Soft

      Fleece, often made of a woolen fabric, gives a rather luxurious look to clothing. Soft, supple and sober, korean fleece pajamas are warm and will be the ideal material to spend the winter under the comforter and in your home. Depending on the yarns and fabric, fleece may even feel soft and is actually quite breathable compared to other materials, reducing the risk of waking up in a sweat at night.

      Wool is sometimes associated with fleece but we will dissociate them here. Very warm, it will unfortunately not leave you as free of your movements as cotton or polyester. It can also quickly make the body sweat when the temperature inside is high.

      Korean Cotton Pajamas : the Most Versatile One

      Cotton is generally the most popular material for pajamas. Let's just say that it offers the best compromise and will adapt to many situations. Very respectful of the skin, cotton is a soft and comfortable material which makes it very pleasant to wear. Choosing 100% cotton pajamas will rarely be a bad choice, but its price can sometimes surprise. It will be less expensive when combined with a less expensive material in its composition, but you will then lose a little comfort !

      Pajamas for the whole family !

      Korean pajamas for men

      Whatever the season, men's pajamas are a must for a good night's sleep. More and more appreciated by you gentlemen, more and more brands offer trendy and masculine men's pajamas, which can suit every situation and every season. There are several types of pyjamas for men: short pajamas, long pajamas, polar pajamas, satin pajamas, etc.

      Korean pajamas for women

      There are many types of women's pajamas for all tastes and preferences. They are subject to the rapidly changing trends and fashions, and every year the designers improve the known models and offer new ones. Short or long pajamas, seductive or simple - the choice is wide and it's yours. Being stylish means always looking good, even when you're sleeping.

      Korean matching pajamas

      Want to chill with your boyfriend or girlfriend all weekend ? Then why not opt for a korean matching pajamas, these pajamas are awesome to share a great moment with your loved one. Light, soft and pleasant to wear, it surpasses by far the basic pajamas that we are used to have. And it's great for watching a netflix series as a couple, or just having a good time together.

      Korean pajamas for toddler

      Children's skin is very delicate and will always need extra care. As for the composition of their clothes, it is recommended to prefer cotton pajamas. Indeed, it protects them and gives them the comfort they need. Also, it is preferable that pajamas are elastic, that they do not stick too much to the body and that they allow a great freedom of movement. Keep in mind that they'll be wearing them all night, so it's important that they feel as comfortable as possible to get a good night's sleep.

      Choose your pajamas according to the outside temperature

      Korean summer pajamas

      There are many types of women's pajamas, some of which are sold at certain times of the year. For the summer months, it's hard to find better than quality pajamas that will help us beat the hot weather. They are usually made of fabric such as polyester and cotton, and have a design that allows to escape the hot temperatures.
      It is usually a two-piece pajama that includes mini shorts and a loose shirt that is usually made of cotton. It is important to note that there are many choices in the styles of pajamas of this type.

      Korean winter pajamas

      Korean winter pajamas are made from denser materials to best cover and protect against the cold. They usually consist of two pieces, a long jumpsuit and an oversized t-shirt. But, if you're looking to add a little style to the bed, you can add a women's winter dress.

      It is important to note that winter pajamas are usually constructed from extremely sturdy and comfortable materials. Most often, it is made of cotton, which provides a pleasant feeling. There is no doubt that this is one of the most requested pajamas by women.

      Where can I buy korean pajamas ?

      Are you looking to stock your closet with the most beautiful styles of women's pajamas? If so, we encourage you to browse our online catalog. We are constantly adding new authentic pieces to our catalog. We have styles that really fit in terms of quality and comfort. One of the absolute advantages of using our services is that we offer a wide range of choices.