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      5 products

      If at once, the women had hardly the right to wear the pants, they made up well since. The pants are indeed more (than skirts or dresses) part of their favorite clothes. Cigarette pants, pants with pleats, wide or narrow, flare or 7/8 ... the shape and style of pants vary to fit all body types, all styles, but also all occasions. In practice, the korean pants will be worn as well at the office with a jacket, heels and a strict shirt, as with a fancy tee-shirt during the weekend. The korean pants have a great place within korean clothing.

      Depending on the material of the pants, it will be more suitable for this or that season. We will note, moreover, that worn with white sneakers, a 7/8 suit pants will gain in casualness that the wide and long pants will have to be worn with shoes which will allow them to skim the ground (no to the wide pants stopping at 5 cm of the ground) and that it will be easy to twist a rather chic or classic pants in contact with a big knit sweater, a sweatshirt or a sailor suit.

      Korean Chino Pants

      An essential element of the male wardrobe, the chinos have invested the wardrobes of women very quickly. It must be said that these pants have multiple advantages. Made of canvas, they are light, flexible and comfortable and are absolutely suitable for all occasions. The korean chino pants are part of these timeless pieces that we like to wear in multiple combinations of styles. Not to mention the fact that men's clothing tends to make women look stylish and original.

      Korean chino pants are a great alternative to denim jeans and slim fit, both of which are still timeless and timeless. But unlike jeans, the chinos will be lighter, although there are some in thick canvas. Made of cotton or even linen, and flexible, it is less rigid than its US cousin. In addition, with its wide cut, it is much easier to wear than a slim fit and suits more body type.

      The chinos also offers a variety of cuts and colors that will satisfy all tastes. Generally, it is cut straight, is wide on the leg and does not have darts. But it can also adopt a "carrot" shape, with a wide crotch and a cut that tightens on the calf. In terms of color, beige and khaki are the traditional colors of the korean chinos. But it comes in many colors, always plain: mustard yellow, plum, red, white...

      Korean Flowy Pants

      It is light and sensual, the korean flowy pants! Softly, it accompanies you during the beautiful days of spring and summer, in materials as soft as a caress. These light and airy flowy pants hug the curves of those who wear them, for an ultra-feminine style, letting you guess the shapes without revealing anything. Comfort is no longer synonymous with sloppiness, the cuts of the wide or baggy pants sign without complex an elegant and ultra feminine look! Vary the pleasures between high-waisted and low-waisted flowy pants, to gain height or lose a little...

      If you want to dip your legs in fresh and light fabrics, know that there are many prints that will meet your tastes. If you're in a geometric mood, go for graphic patterns, if you're in a nature mood, go for floral patterns. The arty look (or graphic art) is always sought after, with flowing pants being the main support for this sweet explosion of lines and colors. Exotic, ethnic, leopard... everything is allowed, the comfort of the materials is linked to the liberation of patterns. The rule to follow will undoubtedly reside in the good juxtaposition of prints and cuts. The balance will be the guideline: that what will be on the bottom is not on top, and vice versa. In other words, prints yes, but on the pants or on the top, not both.

      Korean Wide Leg Pants

      In general, the korean wide leg pants are loose with a high waist. However, it can adopt other cuts and is thus suitable for all morphologies, provided that you choose your wide pants well. The wide pants for women is the one that currently wins all the votes. With a high waist, it lengthens the legs, especially if you wear it with heels. In the department of wide pants, we find the palazzo pants, cut very loose below the waist and cut in a fluid material that floats around the leg. When you are tall and with heels, it refines nicely the silhouette. Always in fluid materials, the culotte skirt also signs lately its great return in the dressings. Below the knee and pleated, it is also flattering for the look of women, even if they are not a 1.80m.

      In the korean wide leg pants, we can also mention the carrot pants, which tightens as it reaches the ankle. It is also the case of the baggy sarouel or the ball pants. Conversely, the bootcut, the flare pants and the elephant leg flare from the knee. According to its morphology, one will choose the wide pants which will emphasize its forms. Even if it tends to hide the curves, it is indeed particularly suitable and gives a sexy look, especially if it is worn with heels and a blouse.

      Korean High Waist Pants

      They were thought to have disappeared from dressings, replaced by their low-waisted counterparts. But for a few seasons, the korean high waist pants are making a serious comeback. We can see them on all the catwalks, in the street, in magazines... The revival of these pants straight from the 50s is explained by multiple reasons, starting with the fact that it enhances all morphologies.

      The high-waisted pants have for major characteristic to go up to the navel. It can even cover it completely and stop just below the chest. This type of cut has many advantages for the silhouette. Indeed, it marks the waist and draws the hips, which is very feminine and has the effect of flattening the belly and slimming the legs. A sculpting effect that will delight many women. So much so that we don't know why we preferred the low-rise version for so long, which lets you see your love handles and even your underwear. Second advantage, the high-waisted pants inspire many fashion designers. Therefore, there is a multitude of trendy models, which allow you to adopt the high waist pants in all looks. Finally, the korean high waist pants allow having style very easily, as it is naturally chic.

      Korean Leggings

      Ultra comfortable, the leggings are without doubt the easiest and most practical garment to wear. Especially when it is black and plain. It is worn casually with sneakers and a loose sweater that hides the buttocks. Because the korean leggings are still tight, certainly opaque, but which does not forgive anything. To limit the fashion faux pas and avoid that we guess panties and underwear, it is generally advisable to associate it with long and loose tops. The black leggings are easily worn with a tunic, a blouse, a large sweater, a long t-shirt, a man's shirt, a short dress...

      To bring a little originality, you can trade your plain korean leggings for a colorful or printed model. There are now multiple models that will satisfy all desires and tastes. These leggings can then be worn at any time of the year, even in summer. However, as this garment is slightly translucent and very tight, white, beige, light colors in general, are not those that highlight the most advantageous silhouettes. Similarly, some patterns and prints are easier than others to assume.

      Korean Fisherman Pants

      The korean fisherman pants is a unisex and one size fits all pant very popular in the wellness and martial arts community for its great comfort and can be used for yoga, meditation, shiatsu, massage, sports practice... It is suitable for men, women and children. The korean fisherman pants will seduce you by its sobriety, its simplicity and its practicality! It will accompany you in all the situations where you will want to be at ease: for example on vacation or to stay at home.

      Korean Cropped Pants

      It reveals the ankles and displays a certain timeless class. The korean cropped pants also lets you see shoes, pumps, sneakers ... and even socks, accessories that it subtly highlights. With a length just above the ankle, these pants shorter than average are ideal for beautiful days. But they can also be worn in cooler weather. You just have to choose your shoes carefully.

      Most cropped pants are "cigarette" type, that is to say close to the body and straight. Carrot pants are also often cropped length because they are very feminine and elegant. Those who prefer slims and other skinny pants will also find them in a cropped cut. The most classic and elegant version is undoubtedly the darts pants, with a fold on the front of the leg. It is then worn with a pair of heels, boots, loafers, derbies ... It goes very well with a blouse and a blazer or any other jacket. Side colors, the choice is there. To remain sober, black, navy blue, brown, gray ... are the colors to favor. On sunny days, a korean cropped pants white, ivory, pale pink, pastel ... will also be of the most beautiful effect.

      Korean Dress Pants

      Today's women's dress pants are usually made of thinner and softer fabrics, stretch, cotton... It is often dark in color such as black, charcoal, brown ... like a suit for men. The pants are straight cut, with one or two darts at the waist and sometimes, a cuff at the bottom of the pants. This garment brings a masculine and classic touch to any outfit. With a jacket and a blouse, it is perfect for a day at the office.

      Like many basic garments, the korean dress pants stir the imagination and can be declined through a multiplicity of models. Thus, we are no longer obliged to reserve it for work meetings or family meals. The dress pants also lends itself to casual Sunday outfits and weeks of vacation at the seaside. By choosing it in color and with details or original patterns, it can accommodate all situations, especially if accompanied by accessories of all kinds: shoes, leather jackets, scarf, hat... It fits perfectly with all the ideas of look.

      Korean pants for men

      Pants are an essential part of men's wardrobes. This garment can be worn on a daily basis as well as for a special occasion and accompanies you with style throughout the seasons. You can wear them to work or to an important event.

      Basic men's pants include blue or black jeans, chinos, straight pants and jogging pants, which are back in the spotlight. These models come in a variety of colors and are sometimes decorated with beautiful patterns. Dare to assert your personality by wearing plaid pants, which you will associate with a simple t-shirt or a plain shirt.

      Korean pants for women

      The pants, we all wear it, often daily. However it is a little the unloved of our closets. We reproach him to lack femininity, to be a little varied, to enlarge the buttocks or the thighs. However, it makes life easier and has many advantages. Moreover, the choice is almost infinite: denim pants, cigarette pants, chino pants, leggings, cropped pants, etc.. As for the colors: khaki pants, black pants, red pants, beige pants.

      Korean Pants Size to US

      It is true that it is not always easy to choose a garment in Korean size, here is a table with the equivalence of Korean sizes to US sizes:

      Female Clothing Size Conversion Chart
      International XS S M L XL
      Korean 44 55 66 77 88
      Japan 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21
      US 0-2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
      UK / Australia / New Zealand 4-6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22
      Europe (EU/FR) 32-34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
      Italy 36-38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54
      Germany 30-32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
      China 160-165 165-170 167-172 168-173 170-176
      84-86 88-90 92-96 98-102 106-110
      Measurement References
      Bust (cm) 78-80 81-84 84-89 90-94 95-99 100-105 106-112 113-118 119-125
      Bust (inch) 30-33 34-37 38-44 45-49
      Waist (cm) 61-63 64-68 68-71 72-76 77-81 82-88 89-96 97-100 101-108
      Waist (inch) 24 25-30 31-34 35-37 38-42
      Hip (cm) 83-86 87-90 91-95 96-100 101-104 105-110 111-117 118-125 126-131
      Hip (inch) 33-35 36-39 40-46 47-52

      What is the price of korean pants ?

      The price of korean pants can vary greatly depending on the cut, the material, the quality. To give a global figure, it is necessary to count $30 and $80.

      Where to buy korean pants ?

      If you are lucky enough to have a Korean clothing store near you then take advantage of it. If not, our Korean Street Fashion store will certainly satisfy you with its large choice, the quality of its clothes and its attractive prices. Enjoy your shopping!