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      There are many different types of rings for women and choosing one from all the available ones can be a headache. Especially if you are not used to buying them. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect Korean ring. The size, shape, style, price... are all factors that come into play when choosing this korean jewel that you can combine with a bracelet or a necklace, for example.

      Let’s take a look at the factors to consider when buying a Korean ring :

      Choosing the right size for your Korean Ring

      Before you decide on a ring model it is important to determine the size of the ring. Particularly, if you purchase your jewelry on the internet or in an shop that sells jewelry without the lady who will be wearing it. There are several ways to do this. For example, you can download and print a ring gauge to compare a ring you usually wear to find out the diameter. If the ring is for you, measure your finger size with a tape measure.

      Once you have figured out your measurement, you'll be able choose the ring that is perfect for you, that won’t turn or, worse, slip off your finger. A common question commonly asked is : what about the Korean sizing ? How different is it from the US sizing ? That is a great question and honestly, most of the time manufacturers use the same sizing standard. However, always have a look at the sizing guide to every ring before purchasing it because there might be some exceptions and you will never have any issue !

      The Ring’s Style : material, stones and your overall feeling ?

      This is clearly a factor to be considered. It is largely based on your preferences or those of the woman you are planning to gift this precious gem. In order to make your choice take note of the following :
      • The different metals options includes : white gold, yellow gold golden, pink gold steel, platinum, silver... It is the primary factor that determines its color and the appearance of the jewelry however, it also determines in large part, the price.
      • The stones: fine or precious stones, the stones used to embellish the Korean rings also determine the cost of the ring in addition to their numbers in quality, size... Be aware that the so-called precious stones are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Your choice of stone also depends on your taste in color. Semi-precious stones like jade or amethyst are most affordable and as nice as diamonds, browse around the collection !
      • Its style: classical or modern Baroque, original, or simple... It's difficult to define the style of a Korean ring and to find one that will definitely please.

      Now let’s see the different Korean ring types :

      Express your commitment to your loved one with a beautiful Korean Engagement Ring !

      This ring needs to be considered carefully picked. If you are looking to impress your partner, plan your purchase as far as you can so that you don't to be caught out and then slap yourself because of a bad choice. If you are looking to purchase the best Korean diamond engagement ring there are several factors you have to consider.

      • The size: we'll return to this later, however, it's a must in the case of an item of jewelry. The carat count and its quality stones, diamonds and metals are crucial. Furthermore, some women are more discreet about their jewelry while others opt for attractive models.
      • Your partner's preferred choices might include white or yellow gold one diamond or a number of precious stones A single or double band or an Korean jewelry piece with a design that is influenced by a popular model or a unique creation by an artist...
      • Your budget

      If you're afraid of making mistakes, you could make an "fake" engagement ring, or a piece of costume jewelry to be used to create your proposal. You can then go and choose the ring together. You can also ask the jeweler if it is possible to exchange the ring in case it is not the right size or the right style.

      Korean Couple Rings are perfect for Showing your Love

      The Korean couple’s ring is the most beautiful testimony of fidelity and devotion that a person can make to their partner. Although the material is not as important as an engagement ring, the couple ring helps you feel a palpable closeness to the love of your life. It’s as simple as that. Through a heart, an infinity sign or a diamond that completes the design, your couple’s ring can become that legendary piece of jewelry that will give another meaning to your relationship.

      Here are some of the most popular couple ring designs:

      • King Queen: often sought after by lovers, meaning you are the king or queen.
      • Heart: either with a heart on each Korean ring, or with half a heart per ring which when put together form a heart.
      • Message: there is something written on the ring such as I Love You.
      • Infinite Love: this is a pattern, often a line, that never ends or simply the infinite logo.
      • Crown: either with the motif directly engraved on the ring or the crown which forms the ring itself.

      Cute Korean Rings : A Must-have in your jewelry box

      Fortunately, rings are not only worn to show your love, as we saw earlier with engagement and couple rings! In fact, wearing a beautiful Korean ring is above all a pleasure that we do for ourselves in order to feel beautiful and to perfect a nice Korean fashion outfit. Among what we call cute Korean rings, there is a very large choice. For example, there are very fine ring models with miniature objects: flowers, fruits, butterflies, kittens, etc. Sometimes, cute rings are only little waves or geometrical forms that look nice and cute. The ideal is to wear these rings in accumulation for an absolutely magnificent Korean bohemian style !

      Here are some other Korean ring types you may find here on Korean Street Fashion :

      • Korean wedding rings
      • Traditional Korean rings
      • Korean archery thumb ring
      • Korean beaded ring
      • Korean coin ring
      • Korean flower ring
      • Korean flag ring
      • Korean crying heart ring
      • Korean knuckle ring
      • Korean pinky ring
      • Eetro Korean ring

      Do Korean women wear rings ?

      Yes, most Korean women wear rings. But men do too ! Indeed, given the omnipresent and very strong culture of the couple in South Korea, the Koreans like to show to the society that they are a couple. And for that nothing better than a Korean jewel such as rings for couples! Many Korean women wear rings. But the number of women wearing rings as a fashion accessory should not be overlooked either. Moreover, the finger on which you place your ring has a particular meaning. A ring on the thumb, for example, is a symbol of freedom and is worn by currently single Koreans. Wearing a ring that you received as a gift on your index finger means that you have a friendship with that person that you value.

      Do single Korean guys wear rings on their fourth finger ?

      No, this is wrong ! When a man wears a ring on his ring finger, also called the 4th finger, it means that he is in a committed relationship. Because as in Western countries, the ring finger is a symbol of love and commitment! However, wearing a ring on the ring finger is more flexible in South Korea. Indeed, you don’t have to be married to wear a ring on this finger! There is also no obligation to wear it on the left hand rather than the right. Now, when you will see a Korean man with a ring on his 4th finger you will know that he is already taken 😔

      Korean ring placement meaning : what you need to know

      We have already briefly seen some of the meanings depending on which finger the ring is worn on, but here is the full list:

      If you wear your ring on your thumb, it means freedom. You are free as a bird and open to meeting new people.

      The index finger represents friendship. Couples aren’t the only ones who wear couple rings. You can also do it with your best friends, so it is called friendship rings. Also, if someone of the opposite sex offers you a ring, wearing it on your index finger is a subtle message that you are not interested and that he or she is in the friend zone.

      Those who are looking for success and have professional ambition choose the middle finger. The ring on the middle finger is seen as a good luck charm.

      The ring finger is obviously a sign of love and commitment. It marks and attests that you are valued in the eyes of others, whether you are married or not.

      Finally, the little finger shows change and new opportunities. It symbolizes a new beginning with the fulfillment of your wishes and dreams.

      Where can I buy Korean Rings ?

      As always, the best thing to do is to go for a walk in the streets of Seoul and do your shopping according to the stops you can make in the small shops. But if you are here, it is probably because you want to buy one or a few Korean rings online and be delivered at home. If this is the case, then you are at the right place on Korean Street Fashion because we gather the largest choice of Korean rings online, always at affordable prices. So don’t hesitate and treat yourself !

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