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      5 products

      If the korean sandals can be of multiple forms, these korean shoes have all a point in common: to maintain the foot via one or more straps. Among the flat sandals, the most famous are undoubtedly the spartan sandals that hold the foot via multiple leather straps. Flat sandals are more ergonomic, which does not prevent them from being very popular with fashionistas. Heeled sandals can range from the most refined to the most sophisticated. Heeled sandals with very thin straps often accompany gala outfits, while a pair of sandals with square heels and thick straps is perfect to accompany a pair of jeans.

      The Different Korean Style Sandals

      Korean Flat Sandals : The Most Comfortable Ones

      For the summer, sandals are always the favorite shoes of women. Leather sandals or rubber flip-flops, lace-up nude shoes or high spartan shoes, high heel pumps or open toe booties... all styles are allowed.

      But to be perfectly comfortable throughout the summer, nothing beats a pair of korean flat sandals. It is the pair of shoes to have, whatever the fashion, as they are practical and timeless. Especially since they adopt more and more different looks, sporting jewels and bangs, rhinestones and sequins, leather straps or colored ribbons... Flat sandals for women, we cannot get enough of them!

      Korean Heels Sandals : 100% Feminine

      To be feminine all summer long, we adopt the korean heeled sandals. These open shoes are ideal for the summer heat and, in addition, they refine the legs, gambits that we tend to show more in good weather. All women can choose sandals with heels as there are all kinds.

      The heights and shapes of heels allow most women and girls to walk around perched several inches off the ground. What's more, the range of models is such that heeled sandals can be combined with a multitude of looks and styles.

      Wedge Sandals: Allure and Gait Assured

      It is the perfect alternative to the flat shoes that we wear in the summer, whether they are ballerinas, nude feet, espadrilles or spartan. Korean wedge sandals offer multiple possibilities of looks and outfits to all women who adopt them. They have all the advantages of heels: femininity, elegance, allure, gait...

      And they limit the disadvantages: pain, arching, stability... The wedge sandals are therefore the perfect allies of all those who want to remain feminine while focusing on their comfort of walking. And with the multitude of existing models, all styles will find their heel sandals, summer and winter.

      Korean Muffin Sandals : Feminine and Comfortable

      How to wear stilettos when you are not used to them ? It is true that stilettos are very elegant, feminine and trendy, but it is not always easy to walk with them. To remedy this, the korean muffin sandals, also called korean muffin sandals are an excellent compromise, these shoes are compensated in the front by a platform that reduces the curvature of the foot.

      There are also different kinds of muffin sandals that give a different look than the classic heels. Muffin sandals are also very fashionable, with their thick sole that follows the entire length of the shoe and gives height to any sandal.

      Korean Strap Sandals : The Essential Summer Shoes

      They are the essential korean shoes of the summer, those that women wear both to go to the office and for a vacation at the beach. Korean strap sandals are many and varied. Flat or heeled, barefoot or spartan, wedges or stilettos, they lend themselves to all desires and adapt to any style. And with their leather construction, you can bet that, even if they're light, you'll be able to wear them the following summer.

      Korean Black Sandals : Elegant for All Styles

      They are elegant, practical and suitable for all style desires. Black sandals are the shoes to have for the beautiful days. It is the pair that we are sure to wear with any of our outfits. What's more, black sandals come in a multitude of models, whether with a heel, wedge, flat, barefoot or mules... What to be perfectly shod even in the hottest of summer.

      Should I buy the cheapest korean sandals ? Or should I go for the korean branded sandals?

      This is a very good question. The advantage of the internet is that you can access an infinite number of products and compare prices. But is it wise to buy the cheapest Korean sandals you can find? Our opinion: no, unless you want to throw them away after 2-3 outdoor outings.

      Quality has a price and unfortunately very cheap sandals are often of poor quality, so it's better to stay away from them. But should you buy branded Korean sandals? (Probably overpriced.) No, you don't need to get a certain brand of sandals, besides you will notice that few Korean sandals are from a popular brand. In short, when choosing your sandals, look at the aesthetics and the quality of the materials used.

      Where to buy korean sandals ?

      Where to buy cute korean sandals? This is a legitimate question because when you walk around your local store, there are very few chances that you will find Korean sandals. So the best choice for you is to get a pair by ordering on an online store specialized in korean fashion like us: Korean Street Fashion! Huge choice, high quality shoes, don't hesitate and order now !