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      The scarf has always been an ideal accessory to warm up and to bring a touch of color to our outfits. To warm up at the end of the evening, throughout the year or to protect yourself from a cold as soon as the temperature gets milder, the Korean scarf is your ally in softness and warmth ! Once adopted, you will not be able to do without this korean fashion accessory.

      A wide range of scarves exist. They can be made of wool, woven, knitted, woven cotton, plain with a pattern or even openwork. The scarves are only limited by the imagination of the person who designs them or the desire of the person who wears them.

      Korean Scarf or Headscarf ?

      In this dilemma that opposes scarves and headscarves, everything is a question of material. Scarves are generally made of thick wool or cotton fabrics to keep warm. Headscarves, on the other hand, are made of lighter and more fluid fabrics whose objective is to bring a touch of color, a material or a volume to an outfit, without the primary objective being warmth. The headscarf is accessory.

      The choice between these two fashion Korean accessories often lies in the season. Indeed, in the middle of summer, it is not pleasant to wear a big scarf, unless you are in the mountains, for example. The headscarf can be the chic accessory par excellence, tied around the neck or worn more casually to bring a bohemian or country touch to your outfit. Matching a headscarf with your jewelry and shoes will create the perfect ensemble to make your outfit unique and remarkable.

      A Scarf for Every Season of the Year

      The scarf can be worn at any time of the year. It will simply depend on the season. So you can easily change the material, the color or the length to stay in the trend.

      Spring: opt for a mid-season scarf. Starting in March, the weather gets milder and we (finally) get out of the winter cold. Choose fresh colors (green, blue, mauve) for a soft touch. Mid-season spring scarves can be made of cotton or very fine woven wool.

      Summer: even if in summer, the scarf may seem strange to wear, you can keep one on hand for the evenings a little cool or in places using too much air-conditioning. It would be a shame to get sick because you missed your Korean scarf! In the summer, lightweight synthetic or muslin scarves are perfect. Choose warm colors like orange, yellow, pink or red.

      Fall: Fall is an in-between season that calls for coquetry. The weather is mixed, without being cold. In this case, light scarves, in shades of ocher, orange, brown, are perfectly suited to your autumn outfits.

      Winter: winter is the time of year when Korean scarves find their place on our necks. In wool, velvet or fur, the warm scarves are well adapted. You can take them in very colorful tones (red, blue, green) or very light (white, beige, sand). The black color can also be appropriate.

      Choosing Your Korean Scarf According to Your Outfits

      Some colors work very well together, while others form unfortunate duos. The same goes for materials. To avoid mistakes in taste, whether in the choice of your clothes or your accessories, keep in mind one word: harmony! Here are some examples of colors that go together very well:

      • Gray, blue and brown
      • Burgundy and green
      • Pink, light blue and taupe
      • Light blue, sand and taupe
      • Pink, metal and sand
      • Sparkling red, intense orange and electric blue
      • Sparkling yellow, green and purple...

      As for the materials, they will depend on your tastes. Some people can't wear acrylic, while others prefer cotton in all circumstances. Whatever the color of your outfit choose a scarf that you like:

      • A light dress: muslin
      • A tight suit: cotton or silk (for a colorful and elegant touch)
      • A suit: fine wool or woven (you can pull it inside)
      • A cotton blouse: linen (for lightness)

      The outfit-scarf combinations are endless and will mostly depend on the colors and your wardrobe.

      Choosing a Korean scarf for a special occasion

      Special occasions are also an excellent time to wear a Korean scarf that suits you. The choice of your scarf will depend on several parameters: the season, your outfit, the colors and the occasion itself. Here are some examples to help you choose your accessory:

      • A cocktail dress: choose a colorful scarf (pink, fuchsia, bright red). No black or white.
      • A light cotton dress: choose a light silk or linen scarf that matches the color of the dress. You can refer to the small chart below to choose the right color.
      • A wool sweater and jeans: choose a Korean scarf woven in a harmonious tone.
      • A man's shirt: if you wear a tie, make sure to match the colors. Otherwise, wool or woven scarf is fine.

      The sorean scarf, in the end, is a very interesting accessory, because it can combine elegance and protection. You can spice up an outfit for a special occasion, or simply cover your neck to keep the cold at bay. Whatever the purpose of your outfit, the scarf provides an extra edge.

      Where to buy a Korean scarf ?

      You have decided to buy a Korean scarf ? But you don't know where to buy it ? If that's the case, then we suggest you look at our rich collection of Korean scarves, available at attractive prices. You will find many colors, as well as scarves with patterns: stripes, checks, etc.