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      10 products

      “Finding the right shoe is not an innocent expression! Whether you're active or a cocooning fan, we all want to find our own pair of korean shoes. This season, the korean fashion plays with the flat, as evidenced by the return in force of loafers. However, nothing prevents you from taking the height by succumbing to the thigh-high boots, must-have of the winter! Court shoes, ankle boots, ballerinas or moccasins; shoes enhance and complete our outfits. On a daily basis, shoes remain the must-have accessories for any self-respecting fashionista and are the only ones able to put fashion on our feet! Check out Korean Street Fashion's shoe selection !

      Korean Ballerinas : Pure Elegance

      Long intended exclusively for classical dancers, also called "ballerina". Ballerinas have made a clever reconversion by becoming one of the most popular shoes for women. Their format allows an easy walk but also and especially adapts easily to trends. Depending on the mood of the moment, the korean ballerinas adopt different colors, textures and tricks...

      Korean Sneakers for a Streetwear Vibe

      Sneakers have become a must-have for teenagers and 60-somethings alike. There's nothing like a pair of korean sneakers to liven up the slim fit/jeans shirt/khaki military jacket look or the mix of wide-leg pants and cashmere V-neck sweater.

      And if white sneakers are currently a must, you should not hesitate to opt for navy blue, gray or even pale pink sneakers. In terms of sneakers, everything is indeed (almost) allowed. If you are a fan of korean street fashion, then go see our dedicated collection, you will find many models of sneakers.

      Korean Boots : A Pair for Every Fashion Style

      Once considered only utilitarian, boots have become in a few decades a real fashion accessory that women can no longer do without. From the korean high boot to the chelsea boots, through the black suede, camel, nubuck, the tanker and other riding boots, boots are undoubtedly part of the essential wardrobe of fashionable women. And that's without forgetting : the classic black and brown boots! Spring, summer, fall, winter, there is bound to be a pair of boots that can finalize your korean fashion outfit.

      Ankle Boots, the Easy Choice

      We already talked about boots above, but the ankle boots have a style so particular that we had to give them a paragraph. There's nothing like a pair of ankle boots to dress up jeans rolled up on the ankle, a midi skirt or a cropped dress. With laces or without laces, thin or massive, black, brown or even beige, the ankle boots are as much the ally of feminine looks as of more androgynous outfits. More feminine than a pair of boots and less casual than a pair of tennis shoes, the ankle boots go with everything…

      Korean Flat Shoes : Very Comfortable

      Flat shoes come in many models and allow each one to find those that suit their style. Materials, colors, lace-up or slip-on, it is possible to find korean shoes for all tastes and desires. Stuffed in winter and open in summer, they comfortably accommodate one foot and allow you to walk the streets without having to worry about high heels !

      Korean High Boots : Sublime especially in Fall

      High boots have gone from the dark side of the force - illustrated by Julia Roberts look in the movie "Pretty Woman" - to the more federative side of fashion boots. High boots indeed inspire the korean designers who, each season, deliver different versions that the fashionistas hasten to acquire. It must be said that the designer high boots are often the most sublime...

      Korean Derbies for a Masculine Look

      Originally intended exclusively for men, derby has become shoes highly prized by women who appreciate their boyish dimension. It must be said that the male DNA of this type of shoe has the chic to bring a touch of chic to casual looks. A pair of black korean derbies will be perfect with a blue washed slim fit rolled up on the ankle/black angora pullover/black jeans...

      Korean Pumps : The Most Feminine Shoes

      The korean pumps are almost magical shoes that allow those who slip into them to gain not only inches, but also allure. Black pumps with a deep neckline and a perfect arch will allow any jean or dress to stand out from the crowd, while satin, gold or glittering pumps will be able to give a twist to any dress that is a little too wise or classic. You will also find leather pumps, sometimes in a classical style and sometimes as platform pumps. And of course the stiletto one !

      Korean Loafers : Casualness and Elegance

      American Indians used to wear them to ride horses, hunt and move around discreetly. Since then, loafers have changed a lot, even if some brands still play on traditional codes to deliver skin shoes decorated with beads and bangs. While men have long reserved the wearing of korean leather loafers, women have for several years adopted this low and flat shoe, easy to associate with everyday outfits. Resolutely trendy thanks to revisits that modernize the leather shoe, the loafers is now worn through a multitude of looks, always with style, casualness and elegance.

      Korean Sandals : the Summer Shoes

      Ancestral and always extremely fashionable, sandals make every summer the happiness of those who like to air their toes. Ultra delicate for some, more robust for others, korean sandals are real chameleons. They adopt many styles depending on the trends and designers. Heeled sandals are often transformed into real fantasy objects, just as flat sandals like to make infidelity to their sober nature by displaying metallic colors and folk embellishments. Here are some other styles of sandals you can find: wedge sandals, muffin sandals, strappy sandals(with ankle-strap) and black leather sandals.

      Korean Slippers, the Shoes for the Indoor

      Slippers are shoes that are usually worn at home and are made of a soft and light material with flexible soles. There are also slippers that are used in wet places like bathrooms or swimming pools. In this case the slippers are made of plastic or rubber. This is to prevent slipping on the wet floor.

      The shape of the Korean slippers can be similar to the typical shoes, i.e. the foot enters the slipper from above. But they can also have no sole and no heel at all. In this case the foot enters the liner from behind. 

      How to style korean shoes ?

      On a daily basis, do you find it difficult to match your shoes to your korean fashion outfits? Are you afraid of a fashion faux pas every time you take a pair of shoes out of your closet? If so, here are 5 tips to help you match your shoes with your outfit. This way, you'll be on top of the style and trend, whatever look you want to adopt!

      Tip #1: Choose the right shoes for your outfit

      First of all, it is absolutely essential to be consistent, by choosing shoes in the same style as your outfit. For example, if you have opted for a vintage look, it is better to turn to a pair of derbies for example. For a more sportswear outfit, we choose of course a pair of sneakers, very trendy currently. On the other hand, we prefer shoes with heels, and more particularly pumps, for a chic and elegant outfit.

      Tip #2: Dare to use color... or not!

      It's important to be consistent in your choice of korean shoes. But another point must imperatively be analyzed, it is the color. If you have no idea what associations work, then opt for a shoe in the same color as the dominant shade of your outfit. However, if your look is rather sober, do not hesitate to associate a pair of shoes of bright color!

      Tip #3: Indulge in patterns whenever possible

      We just saw that with a sober look, it was possible to turn to a pair of colorful shoes. Well, the same goes for patterns. Indeed, treat yourself with a pair of korean original shoes, which will bring freshness and fantasy to your outfit. However, if your look already includes patterns (polka dots for example, or stripes), then avoid this type of shoes. It's true, it's difficult to combine two patterns so you risk the fashion faux-pas.

      Tip #4: Should you match your shoes with your accessories ?

      As long as the accessory is well chosen, it is possible to match your shoes. For example, you can choose a red handbag and a pair of pumps or sneakers in the same color. In any case, you have to remember a simple rule when it comes to fashion: never more than 3 colors in an outfit !

      Tip #5: How to match shoes with a dress

      The dress is one of the main pieces of the casual korean fashion look. Let's see together how to match your shoes with a dress. While most korean shoes can be worn with pants (with the exception of spartan shoes, among others), it's more difficult to choose shoes that work with a dress. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit.

      • The dress or pencil skirt: this garment being particularly chic, it is preferable to wear it with a pair of sophisticated shoes, such as closed pumps, or stilettos. Pointed shoes, or even ballerinas can also be considered.
      • The wrap dress: we match it with a pair of flat shoes, or with small heels. Sandals are simply ideal with a wrap dress, although it is quite possible to associate it with a pair of sneakers, for a more casual look.
      • The shirt dress: a pair of ballerinas or spartan shoes, here are the perfect shoe models with such an outfit.
      • The mini-skirt or mini-dress: with high heels or flats, choose shoes that highlight you.

      Where to buy korean shoes ?

      Korean shoes are not found in just any shoe store, or even in shopping malls. If you want to get a nice pair of korean shoes you have to go to a store specialized in Korean fashion. It just so happens that Korean Street Fashion, the website where you are currently reading these lines, is an online store specializing in korean fashion. Discover now our different products and their extremely attractive prices!