Korean Shorts

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      5 products

      The sun's rays are starting to show and you want to show off your legs. Skirts and dresses often take center stage in the summer in terms of korean clothing, but they are not always practical. And when you want a change, you might as well turn to other clothes.

      The korean shorts are then quite found! Comfortable and relaxed, it goes to all women. The trick is to choose the right cut, the right length and the accessories that will enhance it.

      If it is a perfect ally of weekends at the beach, walks in the forest and urban escapades, the shorts can also be elegant and sophisticated. Because yes, shorts for women are multiple, present a multitude of shapes, materials, colors ... and thus adapt to all styles.

      Korean Booty Shorts, comfortable and sexy

      Are you looking for shorts that are comfortable and very feminine? In that case you need booty shorts! These shorts were originally designed for sports and were first worn by women outside of sports. They quickly became a casual short in their own right.

      Made of a soft stretchy material with a high elastic waist, booty shorts fit perfectly to the body for shapely buttocks. Available in various colors: white, black, red, blue, gray, you have the choice! Whether you want to play sports or include it in your outfit for a casual style, we can only advise you to get booty shorts.

      High waisted shorts for a vintage look

      The korean high-waisted shorts, inspired by vintage, is back on the scene. Particularly trendy, it is appreciated for its comfort, but also for its slimming effect. It marks the waist and highlights the body. Its cut tends to lengthen the legs while offering great freedom of movement.

      The shorts are a must-have fashion piece of the women's wardrobe and an essential for the beautiful days. It can be worn today for the beach, in the city or at work in a casual environment. More chic than fleece shorts, your high-waisted shorts ensure a feminine and neat look. You can pair them with a crop top or bra and nude shoes for a lightweight outfit that's perfect for the beach, unless you prefer to wear your shorts directly with your swimsuit.

      For a casual look, pair your high-waisted denim shorts with a tee and a pair of sneakers, like you would do with a denim skirt. This way, you'll be able to walk around all day and still be comfortable. Your flowing high-waisted shorts, plain or printed, look sophisticated with a flowing blouse or tank top and sandals.

      Korean Denim Shorts, a wardrobe essential

      If there's one item of clothing, we love to pull out of our wardrobe when the weather is nice, it's the denim shorts. What is more pleasant than to feel the sun warming our skin or a light breeze touching our legs? Nothing, we do not get tired of it. During the day, in the evening, in the city or at the beach, let's go, get out your legs and reappropriate the flagship piece of the summer period.

      Wondering how to wear korean blue denim shorts ? It's simple, like all clothes, you must choose it according to your morphology. If you have shapes, opt for the high-waisted denim shorts. It will sublimate your buttocks and will mark nicely your size. Be careful not to take it too tight at the thighs. If you are thin, the korean low waist jean shorts will bring the volume which you miss.

      Korean Cotton Shorts, light and breathable

      Cotton is one of those very light and breathable materials, particularly suitable for the warm seasons. It absorbs heat and perspiration and is very soft to the touch. Korean cotton shorts are available in all cuts.

      In addition, casual shorts made of cotton fibers are highly resistant to repeated machine washing, both in terms of wear and colorfastness. This means you can keep them for years if you want! Unlike some synthetics like polyester, cotton shorts never stick to your skin or cause irritation when you sweat.

      Korean Long Shorts, a must have

      Once again, the korean long shorts remain THE star product. Whether it's for a night out with friends, a day at the office or a summer day, these korean shorts will be your best ally. Straight or slim, you can choose from a multitude of colors: from the classic plain navy or beige, to the more eccentric khaki, red or green. You're bound to find the color that will make you look cool and casual !

      The most important thing is to match it with the rest of your outfit like with a pair of sneakers and a floral-print top for example for a refined-casual look. It can be worn during the summer, but is also a great short for cooler weather like spring or fall.

      Korean Dance Shorts, from the kpop fashion

      As the name suggests, korean dance shorts are shorts designed for dancing. Made popular by Kpop stars performing on stage like Lisa from Blackpink, korean dance shorts were quickly adopted within the fashion world. Yes, because even though they are made primarily to be stretchy and comfortable, you can't help but notice the cute style that comes out when you wear them. Dance shorts are available almost exclusively in black, so it is quite normal if you do not find these shorts available in a wide range of colors.

      Korean shorts with lace, feminine and glamorous

      Korean women love refined and delicate clothes, with bows, small details and... lace. It is thus quite natural that we find lace shorts, which could be described as typically Korean. If you want a glamorous and feminine outfit, then opting for lace shorts and a beautiful blouse is an excellent choice! There are different types, some entirely in lace to pair with a more classic top and others with only a thin lace border on the legs.

      Korean white shorts, basic but elegant

      For any type of clothing there are the basics, for the summer shorts is: the white shorts. Sober and elegant, we associate it with a Korean top, a t-shirt or a shirt a little oversized depending on the style sought. For an elegant look, choosing a top in neutral colors like black, white, gray or beige is a good idea. If, on the other hand, you want to look great then opt for a colorful printed top.

      For accessories, think of pairing it with: heeled mules, sandals, retro sunglasses, a big belt to mark the waist, necklaces ... The devil is in the details, then we do not deprive ourselves!

      Korean black shorts, chic or rock ?

      Black shorts are, like white shorts, an essential part of the summer wardrobe. Widely used in luxury, black has this ability to make any outfit elegant in a snap. And this is also true for the korean black shorts which, paired with a plain blouse or a floral top will give you a chic look.

      On the other hand, the material of the shorts has a great importance. black cotton shorts will always look chic, while black denim shorts will look more rock ’n’ roll (especially if it is matched with an oversized t-shirt). Black leather shorts should also be used with care in a summer outfit because even if it is beautiful and very sexy, associated badly, it can become "vulgar".

      Where to buy korean shorts ?

      You can buy your Korean shorts directly on Korean Street Fashion, your Korean fashion specialist! No matter what your style, body type, or taste in terms of colors and patterns(stripes, polka dots, plaid, etc), you're sure to find something you like among our selection of summer shorts.