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Sign of emancipation, the skirt is an integral part of the history of korean fashion and continues today to be part of all wardrobes of korean clothes. That said, depending on the air of time, the skirt sees its style evolve. Thus, the Korean mini skirt in leather spirit sixties can for a time seduce massively women, before giving way to models midi fifties which themselves will end up stealing the spotlight by mini skirts flowered with the nineties look.

It should also be noted that the dress code of the skirt has evolved considerably in recent years. If previously it was worn with pumps (or at least feminine shoes), today it is most often in sneakers that Korean skirts are worn. The idea is to break the codes and to energize a garment potentially too first degree. However, we note that thigh-high boots, seventies boots and ankle boots a bit massive are a good alternative to sneakers!

All types of korean skirts outfit

Korean Pleated Skirt Outfit

Used to school yards as school uniform skirt and kpop groups, the korean pleated skirt seduces by its original and well-defined character. A length for a different style, it is a bit the adage of this pleated skirt. From the most junior to the most mature women, each one will be able to find the skirt which is appropriate to her, for a precise and never messy look. With a magic wand, designers have transformed this garment that has marked its time in modern and inventive skirts.
Pleated skirts are now available in materials such as jersey for fluid and very fresh models. In imitation leather and in very short cuts, the pleated skirt goes wild to go out late at night and party. In polyester in metallic versions, in hyper bright colors, in silver, gold or bronze, it matches with the stands of the catwalk.

Korean Box Pleated Skirt

The box pleated skirt is characterized by a short cut, a high waist, often gathered for a pleated effect, and a flexible material that ensures fullness to the garment. With its shape of trapeze skirt, it lends itself to most morphologies. It marks advantageously the waist by hiding the hips, emphasizes the silhouette and sublimates the legs.

It can be worn in a thousand and one ways. In resolutely girly mode, the pleated skirt is associated with ballerinas and a blouse close to the body. To twist it and play on an offbeat trend, it can very well give it a rock look. A black leather miniskirt, flared and a bit stiffer, will be ideal. We can also adopt a box pleated skirt with a floral print that we agree with a leather jacket and studded boots. For a sportswear look, it can also be worn with a pair of sneakers, a loose t-shirt, a denim jacket, a sweatshirt ... A box pleated skirt in black, why not with lace and associated with a blouse or a bodysuit will also give a glamorous and chic style.

Korean Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a skirt that can be recognized at a glance. Its high waist and close fit are very elegant and easily found. Indeed, many fashion houses and ready-to-wear offer at least one pencil skirt per season. You can wear it from fall to spring. In summer, it will be more difficult to wear as the knee length will be difficult to wear on a hot day.

You can wear it to a day of classes, to an internship or job interview, or to a day of work. It is thanks to its elegant shape that you will be able to find a comfortable outfit while being very feminine.

Korean Bow Skirt

The bow skirt with a full form tightened at the bottom of the skirt. This form of skirt returns from time to time on the front of the scene without never settling for a long time because it is more difficult to wear than the other forms.

Korean Mermaid Skirt

The mermaid skirt follows the shape of the body before flaring from the knees, calves or ankles. Its shape, considered very feminine and glamorous, makes it a great classic of wedding dresses. How to recognize a korean mermaid skirt from a skirt which flares on the bottom: the mermaid skirt is tight on its high part. It still tightens (good luck walking!) before flaring.

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What skirt length should I choose ?

In addition to coming in different cuts and colors, skirts also come in different lengths. Let's discover them together:

The Korean Miniskirt, symbol of femininity

It celebrated its 50 years and has not taken a wrinkle. The korean miniskirt, once considered indecent, has become a basic in women's wardrobes. It is worn all year round in a variety of styles, from casual to sophisticated. This short skirt, even very short, reveals the legs in all freedom. For women who are intimidated by it, it goes perfectly with a pair of opaque tights. There are a thousand and one ways to wear a mini skirt and the models are just as numerous, always irresistible and timeless.

It is generally accepted that a skirt, to be qualified as "mini", must not be longer than 10 cm under the buttocks. Many models of korean miniskirts are available:

  • The trapeze miniskirt: with its flared shape, it suits many body types. Chosen high waist, it flattens the belly and hides the hips.
  • The box pleated skirt: this skirt is also flared. Fluid and belted, it forms pleats from the waist.
  • The straight miniskirt: it is more or less tight. It is the classic miniskirt par excellence.
  • The mini skirt ball: tightened at the waist and at the hem, it forms a ball around the hips. A cut that it is not always easy to assume according to its silhouette.
  • The micro-skirt: this model is shorter than the mini. It stops just below the buttocks.

Korean Short Skirt, a nice summer skirt

In order to show off your legs, nothing beats a cute korean short skirt. If these are determined by their length above the knee, short skirts come in different shapes and designed in various fabrics to fit almost any occasion if we put aside some schools and some very formal companies. If you like very short skirts then the mini skirt is for you. If on the contrary you want a skirt a little longer, between the mini skirt and the long skirt then the midi skirt is perfect for you!

The Korean Midi Skirt, for a retro look style

The Korean midi skirt has an unmistakable retro touch. It can be worn in all seasons and has various materials, light muslin in summer and twill or wool in winter, it adapts to all season. This skirt is elegant and a bit offbeat. We like to wear it with a pair of tennis shoes or heels depending on the style we want to give to our outfit. Casual or chic, there will be many variations of style with this garment. The mid-length skirt or korean midi skirt has become a trend that has declined every season since. If you stay on the idea of a skirt with a nice cut, in between, which cuts the height of the silhouette, you may quickly change your mind. Indeed, if this cut tends to decrease the height and the length of the legs, it is enough to compensate for this false appearance with a pair of heels and the trick is done. You will then have an ultra-feminine outfit without playing the card of provocation, all the seduction that you will deploy then will be all in elegance.

The Korean Long Skirt, the versatile skirt

Would the mini skirt be the only star of the summer? Not at all, since the korean long skirt is its perfect counterpart, an alternative that can be found in all wardrobes, as it is an essential basic. In the skirt department, the korean long skirt-style version, even ultra long, never leaves the catwalks, whether it is to parade the winter or summer collections. It must be said that in addition to adapting to all season, it follows any morphology. A woman tall or short, thin or round, with long or short legs, will always wear the long skirt perfectly. Sometimes comfortable, sometimes sexy, practical and elegant at the same time, it lends itself to all styles and all fashion desires.

For an evening outfit, the long slit skirt will make its effect. The slit allows a discreet glimpse of the leg, on the side or sides, or even in the middle. The korean long pleated skirt is very chic; it is also easy to twist it with a garment or an accessory whose style contrasts, like a black leather perfecto. A long full skirt, with a floral fabric for example, will be in the purest boho vein, especially if it is accompanied by spartan shoes and an oversized t shirt. In cotton, with stripes, the long straight skirt will give an ideal casual style, especially if it is associated with a pair of sneakers or flat shoes. And for an urban style, the long pencil skirt with sandals with wedge heels will be ideal for a day at the office.

The Korean Maxi Skirt, the twirling skirt

The korean maxi skirt is a very long skirt, so long that it comes to skim the ground. This can be a serious drawback, especially if you live in the city, a white petticoat can quickly turn gray. Models stop on the other hand at the level of the ankle. Opt for the maxi skirt if you appreciate the twirling side of this skirt, we love it! Even if less versatile than a long skirt or midi skirt, you should have one in your closet. It is an essential!

Korean printed skirts, for a touch of lightness

Korean Floral Skirt

All year round, korean floral skirts are available. Long or short, we like to wear their freshness and depending on the colors and dominant we will reserve them for the first frosts of autumn or for the hot summer days. Indispensable in a wardrobe, the floral skirt will brighten up your outfit and bring a touch of boldness that we all love.

You can opt for a korean floral skirt with large floral prints unless a discreet liberty looks more like you. A wide variety of floral fabrics is available. You will be able to find some in all the tones, hot and dark for the autumn and the winter and fresh and clear as of the arrival of the beautiful days.

Korean Plaid Skirt Outfit

Korean plaid skirts come in a multitude of shapes. As for the length, everything is possible, from the mini version to the long skirt up to the ankles. But it should be noted that the real korean plaid skirt is a short skirt. Pleated skirts have made a comeback, and there's nothing like sharp pleats to make you look good.

This classic skirt is all about comfort and a look that is both elegant and casual. If you're all about chic, a plaid box pleated skirt is a must-have in your wardrobe. A double-breasted plaid skirt can be embellished with a double row of buttons. Tight skirts are worn very short. They can be decorated with lacing. A side-slit pencil skirt will enhance your seductive power. Whatever the model chosen, the important thing is to feel comfortable in your skirt. If you feel cramped, you will lack confidence.

Regarding the colors, you have the choice: black and white plaid pattern, black and pink plaid pattern, beige, pink, green, blue, orange. The choice is almost infinite!

The korean polka dot and korean striped skirt are also very popular. Go have a look!

Which fabric for your korean skirt ?

The leather skirt

Leather clothes are no longer the prerogative of bikers or even men only. This material invites itself in refined and very feminine pieces, such as skirts. The latter are very trendy. The korean leather skirt adopts indeed more and more styles for always renewed looks. Mini, short, long ... it fits all legs. Trapeze or straight, pencil or box pleated, the leather skirt plays on all the tables of fashion and now invites itself in your dressing room.

The lace skirt

It is no longer reserved for lingerie. The lace now invites itself in all the clothes of the women's wardrobe. This fine fabric with charming patterns brings lightness and transparency as well as a nice dose of femininity. The korean lace skirt summarizes these different attractions. It is white and light for the summer, long and black for the evenings dressed, colored and twirling for the moments of relaxation. A multitude of possibilities are offered with lace, whether it serves as simple ornaments or as a piece of fabric in its own right.

The korean outfit denim skirt

It does not go out of fashion. The korean denim skirt indeed combines many assets: femininity of the cut, casualness of the material, fantasy of the details... It can be worn on many occasions and through a multitude of looks. Short or long, raw or colored, zipped or buttoned, trapeze or pencil... there is something for every taste and every desire. The denim skirt is well part of these basic pieces that we like to wear both summer and winter.

The korean style knit skirt

Feminine to the core, the korean knit skirt is a basic garment that finds its place in any wardrobe. The knitted fabric is made of elastane and mainly cotton or wool, and is very pleasant to wear. These noble and comfortable materials are appreciated for their impeccable fall. In a flared knit skirt, the female gait produces a cheerful dancing effect. Women who don't want to lose their overall chic look, don't hesitate to wear one of our knitted skirts close to the body, but not too short. The skin-colored tights for the day and black veil for the evening is the accessory that enhances the woman in the mesh skirt. And, in this case, the length has little importance, especially on long and thin legs.

What color to choose for your korean skirt ?

Blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, brown, beige, there are many dress colors out there, let’s see the most common ones :

The black skirt

It is Coco Chanel who first made black a symbol of femininity and elegance. Since then, the black skirt has made the rounds of the world and the catwalks, and black has become the color to have in your wardrobe. The black korean skirt is both chic and refined. It can also be matched with many other clothes, which will bring colors and contrasting materials. And as we find the black skirt in all lengths and all cuts, it adapts to the morphologies and the most diverse looks.

The white skirt

It shines on a thousand fires when we want to take it out of our closets. In soft and warm materials to warm up the legs, or in fluid fabrics to air in the middle of summer, the korean white skirt is declined in all ways to seduce us by its purity and its freshness. Midi or mini, long or very long, it accompanies us subtly in our styles and our looks.

The gray skirt

A little black dress, a white blouse... and a gray skirt; such could be the basics of any woman's dressing room. Because gray is this intermediate color that can be worn on any occasion and associated with many colors of the rainbow. Not as severe as black and more original than white, gray invites itself nicely in all wardrobes. The gray skirt is worn in a classic way: straight and long, with heels, shirt and blazer. But it also lends itself to a casual look: trapeze cut and short, with sneakers and a t shirt. And the gray skirt even knows how to go wild, when it is tight and slit. We accessorize as we see fit to always change its style. The korean gray skirt, feminine as you like, is ideal to change looks like a shirt.

The red skirt

With it, you will see red and your wardrobe will gain in energy. The korean red skirt lets you take advantage of its dynamic potential. Bright reds are seductive and sophisticated, light reds reveal your romantic temperament. In any case, the red skirt highlights your legs and your femininity. And it cheers you up even in the coldest winter. With an infinite palette of shades, every woman can dare the red skirt.

The green skirt

A little springtime air will soon blow over your wardrobe. Natural, authentic and refreshing, green brightens up your look. And with the wide range of shades that this color offers, you will inevitably find the one that suits you best. A korean green skirt is a must. Short or long, for summer or winter, light or dark, straight or flared, whatever the occasion, it accompanies you everywhere with simplicity and efficiency. The green skirt goes with many clothes and accessories, as this color is easy to associate.

The khaki skirt

Khaki is not only the color of military uniforms. On the contrary. It regularly invites itself on the front of the catwalk and not only to enhance the army look. The khaki skirt shows the ability of this color to be chic and feminine. Of course, the khaki skirt can very well be used to compose a casual, grunge and military style. But it is also sophisticated according to your desires.

Korean Crop Top and Skirt Set

Having a matching outfit is part of what is considered stylish in the Korean Fashion style, so we find many outfits of different styles with a top and a bottom of the same color. The skirt being very fashionable and the crop top too, we naturally find korean crop top and skirt set. There are all types: checkered, floral and in plain colors pastel or not: green, yellow, black, blue, etc..

How to wear a skirt in the winter ?

Although skirts are mainly worn in spring, summer and fall, it is not impossible to wear them during winter. Far from it! For winter our first choice is a long pleated skirt. Super classic if you wear it with a blouse and pumps. But just wear it with accessories to break the codes and show a modern and trendy Korean look!

If you want to wear a short skirt in winter then you'll need opaque tights and flat shoes or boots. Flat thigh-high boots are perfect because they protect your legs from the cold while bringing modernity to the look. In winter, tights are obviously appropriate when wearing skirts. But be careful, we do not wear tights anyhow!

  • The fleshy tights are not suitable for the legs and we avoid them if we wear a black skirt and black shoes!
  • Very short skirts should be worn with opaque or semi-opaque black tights
  • Patterned tights make the leg look bigger, let's face it!
  • Fishnet tights are coming back in force but I recommend you to wear them only with a long skirt and to opt for a more discreet tight fishnet.

How much for a korean skirt ?

Before speaking about the price of a skirt, it is advisable to distinguish the skirts made to measure from the skirts ready to wear. Here, we will speak only about the skirts of ready to wear by simplicity because the difference in price of clothing to measure is often very important.

Globally we can consider that a korean skirt will cost between $20 and $80 for good quality skirts, which will last you in time. The price is influenced by the complexity of the skirt and the fabric used. Very cheap skirts can sometimes be found on the internet but the quality of the finishings and the final result is almost never there. So it is better to go for mid-range skirts.

Where to buy korean skirts ?

On Korean Street Fashion of course ! If you have never ordered from our store, you may not know it but we are a store specialized in Korean fashion. We sell all kinds of items and especially a very large collection of skirts for summer and winter. You will find skirts for all budgets and all tastes, so don't hesitate!