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      At home, we need to be comfortable. There's nothing better than arriving at our sweet home and finally taking off our korean shoes (or not) and putting on our beloved korean slippers. They may not be the sexiest in the world, but they are comfortable! Slippers are the best possible reward for feet that are tired from the day's travel. Stripes, polka dots or checks, there's a whole world of slippers out there in terms of design !

      Are slippers only used for being at home ?

      Initially, slippers are a type of footwear designed only to be worn at home. Therefore, the only of these items are usually soft and light. However, there are also models with a rubber sole or another durable material. This means that they don't deteriorate so easily if you take them out of the house.

      This is why some people go out into the garden or litter the street in slippers, for example. If you want to have this option, it is best to consider a model with a thicker, non-slip and, very importantly, non-absorbent sole. This way, you can walk on the grass even when it is wet without fear of getting your feet wet.

      Here are some of the korean style slippers :

      Korean House Slippers

      The Korean indoor slippers, also called house slippers are the most popular Korean slippers. They are indeed slippers like we are used to wear indoors, except that they are typically Korean slippers. Apart from the different look, the main advantage of Korean slippers is their great comfort. These slippers are slippers for men and women.

      Korean Quilted Slippers

      The Korean quilted slippers are the perfect slippers for lounging around the house. In fact, with their quilted fabric, these slippers are as stylish as they are comfortable. Whether you like to watch Netflix or read in your chair, these comfortable slippers are a joy to wear. Available in many colors, you can choose your favorite color: blue, black, gray, brown, beige, green, etc.

      Korean Slippers for Guests

      Do you have a strong sense of hygiene ? Or you just want to be hospitable to guests, friends coming to your house? Then getting a few pairs of Korean slippers is probably a good idea. With many colors, you can easily assign a color to each guest, so everyone will easily find their pair of slippers once in the house.

      Korean Shower Slippers

      The bathroom is a place where hygiene must be maximum because it is where you wash. Of course, it seems logical not to wear shoes in the bathroom, but going barefoot is not always very practical. When you get out of the shower you are faced with two dilemmas, either put on socks and risk walking in water or walk barefoot and get your feet dirty.

      Fortunately, there is a solution: Korean shower slippers, slippers specially designed for the bathroom. Made of silicone, with a non-slip sole, they are an essential accessory. Once adopted, it's hard to go back. The other advantage is that you will not "dirty" the bathroom floor with the slippers used in the rest of the house.

      Korean Acupressure Slippers

      Another type of slippers: Korean acupressure slippers. Here, they are more like slippers worn for their virtues rather than to keep your feet warm in winter. What is a pair of acupressure slippers made of ? They are quite classic slippers but with an insole with some bumps and hollows to put pressure on key acupuncture points and thus relieve some body pains.

      Are Korean slippers only suitable for the winter months ?

      If you think of slippers, the usual thing is to imagine a very warm shoe that covers the whole foot. But there are also house slippers suitable for summer. It is the materials and design that will decide which season they are suitable for. What should slippers look like for each season ?

      • Korean Winter Slippers. If you are looking for winter slippers that keep your feet warm, the key is to choose materials that provide warmth. In this case, plush or hair are great options. Also consider putting some sort of insulating fabric over your slippers so that the heat doesn't escape.
      • Korean Summer Slippers. Summer slippers, by definition, are the complete opposite. In this case, we are interested in light and natural fabrics that promote ventilation and cool feet. A good idea is to choose a model that does not cover the entire foot and, for example, leaves the toes exposed.

      Criteria for Choosing your Korean Slippers

      It's time to decide on slippers, but what aspects should you consider ? Here are some of the key considerations. Use these criteria as a guide to see if the model you have in front of you is the most appropriate. Here are the five essentials for choosing your pair of Korean slippers.

      • Design. It is clear that design is the first thing that comes to mind. Slippers are a type of footwear that we will use every day, so their appearance should match our tastes. Nowadays, large models are very popular, but there are many more options on the market. For example, you may prefer a more classic or minimalist design in a neutral or not too bright color. There are plain colored Korean slippers, plaid slippers or slippers that imitate an animal, such as a dinosaur, bear or unicorn.
      • Size. Size is one of the factors we cannot ignore. Remember that comfort is closely related to this criterion. Some people recommend that you always go one size bigger than usual, so that the slippers are not too tight but a little too wide. Also consider whether you will wear them with or without socks, for example.
      • Material. It is essential that the materials of the slippers convince you and, above all, that they are suitable for the time of year when you intend to use them. There is no point in opting for a pair of sheepskin slippers in the middle of summer, right ? Review the different manufacturing materials available to choose the best Korean slippers for your home. Slippers can be made of wool, cotton, velvet or even leather. For the interior, depending on whether you want them for summer or winter, you can opt for a light or flannel covering, respectively. Especially when it comes to the interior, make sure it has a soft and pleasant texture so that your feet feel maximum comfort.

      Where to buy korean slippers ?

      Slippers can be bought on any street corner, in hypermarkets, stores, grocery stores, and even on the internet. On the other hand, it is more difficult to find Korean slippers unless you know a Korean store and can get there. If you want to buy your first pair of Korean slippers or replace your current pair, the easiest way is to order directly online on a website like ours: Korean Street Fashion.