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      If we tell you "fashion essentials", "comfortable and stylish", "outfit revival", you tell us ? SNEAKERS, yeeees ! But how to choose your sneakers and find the nugget of nuggets? Korean Street Fashion has put on its sneakers and is ready to give you some advice.

      The ones that appeared at the end of the 19th century with the release of rubber are now everywhere in the streets and in all forms! Every day, new models, always more different are born! They have even replaced the traditional Korean shoes, once worn with the Hanbok.

      The popularity of sneakers is incomparable

      Sneakers are like love, they touch everyone, young and old, from 7 to 77 years old or really from 3 months to 95 years old. They are everywhere and even invite themselves to the feet of the bride and groom for a chic, stylish and casual effect ! 

      Thanks to this two-in-one, the sneakers make their way and also shake up the habits of workers on their way. At the time, office wear was classic and sober to be accepted, we typically think of a suit matched with dress shoes. Today, sneakers are more and more present in the workplace. It is clear that this change concerns all Korean workers, whether they are executives, managers, employees, or alternates, this trend is adopted by all and that's what we like! The brands take advantage of this craze to propose regularly new models and we love it! The only problem is that we don't know how to choose our sneakers...

      The fashion of sneakers in South Korea

      The sneakers illuminate, perfect the clothes and especially inspire. True sneaker lovers are on the lookout for the most original and rare pairs, which is why limited editions are created. The big brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Balenciaga do not hesitate to collaborate with Asian designers including Korean to bring out more and more complex and unique designs for models always more crazy.

      But you don't necessarily need to buy a pair of limited edition Balenciaga sneakers to feel the pleasure of owning a beautiful pair of sneakers. Indeed, many less popular creations are just as unique and much more accessible. Unlike luxury sneakers or Nike sneakers, we have focused on a range that is accessible to all. Our sneakers are shoes of small designers, which allows us to obtain attractive prices. Our models are therefore wearable by all and it will be easy to initiate you to the streetwear look or simply start to make a casual style or a 100% streetwear style with our Korean sneakers.

      The charm of Korean sneakers is obvious, the limit does not exist. The more the sneakers are out of the ordinary, the more the fashion fiber is felt. The only limit is the comfort and the pleasure felt while wearing them. The important thing is to please yourself and not the others, do not forget that streetwear addict, it is the most important! Of all colors: white, black, red, purple. And all shapes, some rounded, others much more angular and with a more futuristic look, almost techwear.

      Our advice to choose your korean sneakers

      The advantage of sneakers is that there is something for everyone! It is almost impossible to get bored; wide, thin, with platform, with graphic sole, as many models as citizens. Two categories of sneakers exist:

      • The "casual sneaker", rather casual, which can in some cases be used for running
      • The "fashion sneaker", which are more impressive as well on their shape as their sole.

      The sneaker cut : low cut or medium cut

      Sneakers can be low, medium or high. Many brands release several cuts for the same model (Vans, Nike, Adidas and many more!). The idea? A maximum of consumers must find a shoe to his foot (it was easy).

      Choosing the cut of your sneakers is a choice almost cornelian but we advise you to try the different shapes, because beyond the aesthetic aspect, the feeling is very different according to the cut.

      • The low cut is ideal for those who want lightness. Low top sneakers have the advantage of styling a number of outfits. Your ankles will breathe fresh air!
      • If your ankles tend to twist despite themselves, opt for the high cut, the support will be better and your miles on foot more serene. Let's not talk about the style it brings!
      • The in-between or medium cut is the perfect cut for the undecided. This type of sneaker that rises above the malleolus is a safe bet for both comfort and aesthetics. Jeans love to go out with them!

      The material : leather, velvet, cotton...

      • Leather: elegance and robustness for a long life
      • Cotton : lightness and softness, enough to cover your feet in summer
      • Wool: the material that keeps your feet warm
      • Velvet : the current trend in winter with two possible variations : ribbed or smooth, to make a vintage jump !

      The sneaker color : dark or colored ?

      The choice of color will depend on your streetwear style, everything can be done according to taste!

      A dark outfit accompanied by brightly colored sneakers will emphasize them for an impactful effect! For a softer effect, opt for nude, white or beige sneakers, which can be worn with light or dark colors. And if you want a daring streetwear outfit then let go and opt for an extravagant model! Why not a neon color or a bright color ?

      The sneaker size : not too loose, not too tight

      Choosing the right size of shoes or the dread of many! A pair of sneakers too small can be the result of blisters or scoliosis. Conversely, sneakers that are too big can also cause blisters and unpleasant friction. To know your size, your heel should be at the base of the shoe, your toes at 2 cm from the tip of the shoe.

      You can try to put your index finger behind the heel, if it fits then everything is fine! If you have difficulty finding your way in, try a half size up and if you put your whole hand in, ask for a size down. We invite you to look carefully at the table with size equivalence to be sure to choose the right size.

      In short, choosing your sneakers is not easy but keep in mind that the main thing is that you feel good in your sneakers !