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      It is the essential korean accessory of any wardrobe: the socks and stockings. To keep your feet warm, socks can be worn with all shoes, whether they are sporty, every day or very feminine. And yes, we have seen on the catwalks models associate socks with pumps and other shoes.

      Moreover, korean socks have this interesting thing that they are declined to infinity, and especially in terms of their size. There are invisible ones, which stop at the base of the ankle, and very high ones, which go up to mid-thigh. High socks are a great in-between. This size of sock is designed to go up to the base of the knee. At the top of the calf, they have the advantage of not rolling down the leg, so you don't have to pull them up every five minutes. They are also called knee-highs. But don't worry, we will discover all the types of socks and stockings available.

      The different sizes of korean socks

      The Standard Korean Socks

      The standard socks are the most common sock model. Korean standard socks are, by nature, versatile and more suitable for all seasons. It is the most classic type of socks. Because of this quality, they can be used in a multitude of cases. It is the ideal type of socks for everyday life.

      The thickness of the classic socks is more or less average. Regarding their size, they can reach the top of the ankle. This allows them to offer a more comfortable fit, suitable for a wide variety of foot events. Classic socks are thus suitable for going to work, going out in the city, etc.

      The Korean High Socks (or knee socks)

      Long socks come in an infinite variety of designs. In wool or cotton, ribbed or twisted, sheer or opaque, all in a wide range of colors and patterns: women's long socks dress up any foot. They are available at all prices and many brands offer quality socks made in South Korea. They are ideal in several cases. First, in winter, when it is very cold, high socks are worn under pants and keep your legs warm. Still not cold weather, when you wear skirt and boots, you can put on socks to protect your stockings and keep your calves warm. The long sock can even extend beyond the boot and wrap under the knee. High socks and stockings can be tone-on-tone or in contrasting colors.

      Finally, many women and girls opt for looks based on this piece of lingerie that is the sock. In heels or sandals, with low shoes or boots, we associate long socks that go up the leg with a skater skirt, a pleated skirt, shorts, cropped pants ... for an original look.

      Korean Sockets, the Smallest Ones

      The sockets are models of shorter socks. They are best worn during the summer months. In terms of aesthetics, the edge of the sockets is more classic for men. On the other hand, for the sockets of the women, they can have laces or picots. Korean sockets models are very favorable in terms of aesthetics and comfort. They can be combined with outfits that are more or less light such as skirts or shorts. The sockets remain a little "invisible" because of their relatively smaller sizes. It is the perfect sock model for shorter pants. However, because of its smallness, wearing socks is not very recommended when you are doing sports exercises.

      If you want to be totally discreet, the invisible socks are the model of invisible socks that you need. Indeed, the height of these socks stops just below the ankles. They are ideally suited to people who do not want to have bare feet in shoes. In this context, they also offer protection against heat generated by the friction of shoes with the feet. This is the ideal type of sock if you want to feel like you're not wearing socks. While you have them on your feet.

      Korean Socks, Quirky Socks

      Fancy socks love to be seen. Turn your socks into a fashion statement. Over tights, striped high socks in any color can be a hit. Korean sock brands have a field day with patterns and other fantasies. With lace, rhinestones, bows, stitching, tassels, bangs, hearts, embroidery, pearls, feathers: we cannot list all the possibilities of fancy high socks available. There are also cute korean socks with animal prints: cat, dog, etc.. And if you like these original socks but you don't dare to wear them in the daytime, opt for a cocooning day in your pretty socks. However, for chilling at home the korean house socks also called slipper socks will be more appropriate as they are thicker with a non-slippery sole.

      Now let's look at another accessory more appropriate than socks in certain situations: korean tights.

      Korean Stockings : Elegant and Warm

      Covering the legs from the waist to the feet, korean stockings keep the legs warm while highlighting them. Even in winter, you can continue to wear skirts, dresses and shorts comfortably, remaining sexy while being fashionable. With the invention of nylon and Lycra, stockings have invaded our wardrobes, gradually replacing stockings. Resistant and elastic, they are practical and perfect to accompany shortening skirts. Today, styles, materials and colors are multiple. In wool, colored, satin, feathered, transparent, fancy... Stockings accompany all outfits and are in turn sexy, practical and trendy.

      The different styles of korean stockings

      Korean Opaque Stockings

      Timeless accessory, opaque stockings have a place of choice in every woman's drawers. They shape the leg, elongate the figure and elegantly accompany short skirts: they are the best friend of the woman who wants to dress in style all winter long. Particularly resistant, korean opaque stockings will not be damaged by wearing a pair of boots. This way, you can avoid mesh and other spun stocking that can ruin a day. If the black opaque tights are an essential accessory, you can also choose a colored version. It will bring originality and freshness.

      Korean Wool Stockings

      It's freezing cold outside, but you don't want to put away your skirts and dresses. Never mind, wool stockings help us to face winter with style. Black or colored, they accompany all our outfits and keep our legs warm. Korean wool stockings come in different thicknesses. Very thick, they can weigh down the figure. So, they must be chosen correctly, according to your morphology.

      Colorful Korean Stockings

      In winter, the dressings get darker at the same time as the weather. To avoid a dull look, we dare to wear colored tights. Because if black tights are timeless, a little touch of red, purple or green will brighten up an outfit... and make it original. So, we dress her legs in color. The fancy korean stockings are not lacking, so much they are in fashion these last few years. Opaque and dark-colored, they will be easy to wear. Flashy color or stripes, they require more confidence. But you are assured of a look as bold as it is joyful.

      Korean Polka Dot Stockings

      Dressing your legs in korean polka dot stockings gives them lightness, originality and delicacy. Dressed in small raised dots, the legs offer a nice touch of impertinence and femininity. If the peas are the stars of the stockings with polka dots, we also find other embroidered patterns, such as stripes, bows, hearts... Depending on his age and his mood, we can change tights very easily and multiply the accessories of his favorite outfits.

      Korean Street Fashion : Your Online Shop for Koreans Socks

      At Korean Street Fashion we make it a point to offer as many socks and tights as possible, so you can find what you need. From high black socks, to fancy socks and polka dots tights, you have a huge selection of korean products. Moreover, our prices are voluntarily attractive to allow the greatest number to get a pair of socks or korean stockings.