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      What is Korean Street Fashion ?

      In recent years, Korean fashion has become increasingly important in the fashion world, becoming just as famous as Italian fashion or even French fashion. Having always been an integral part of Korean culture, Korean fashion has never been as influential as it is today, nor has it been as embedded in people's daily lives. And it is with the revival of streetwear fashion, including outside the US, that the korean street fashion style, typically Korean, has emerged.

      By definition, street fashion is close to the street, drawing its multiple influences from different cultures and subcultures. We find original streetwear, oversized and assembled to obtain a unique street fashion outfit.

      But what differentiates Korean street fashion from American street fashion ?

      First, it is the multiple influences of Korean street fashion: hip hop, skate culture, kpop or Japanese fashion that creates a unique style. Then, it is the omnipresent place of the oversized fit in the Korean street fashion clothes, whether it is t shirts or sweatshirts. What also differentiates the Korean street fashion from the Western street fashion is its boldness, either by the bright colors used, patterns used, the materials of clothing and asymmetrical in some outfits. Layering is also big in the korean street fashion using contrasting colors like white and black, ivory and burgundy for example.

      The Kpop culture: at the origin of the Korean Street Fashion

      In fact, Korean street fashion is a unique phenomenon for many reasons. These include its "young age," as it is relatively new, and the factors that influenced its formation.

      First of all, it should be understood that korean street fashion was greatly influenced by the K-pop culture, which rapidly gained momentum and "seized" first the East, and then the whole world.

      K-pop is a musical genre that originated in South Korea. Initially emerging as a musical genre, K-pop has grown into a subculture popular among young people around the world, driven by an interest in contemporary South Korean fashion and styles.

      It was K-pop culture that gave rise to korean street fashion In fact, there is a kind of cult of K-pop artists in Korea. The whole country follows their life, which is turned into a bright show. The best fashion houses work on their images and local fashionistas look up to them. In Korea, as nowhere else, the principle works: what a star wears, everyone wears.

      Thus, Korean street fashion absorbed all possible echoes of world cultures and splashed out on the streets as a bright cocktail.

      Key Differentiating Points of Korean Street Fashion

      Korea, whose street fashion keeps up with modern European fashion trends, cannot help but fascinate the tourist. Travelers visiting Seoul are not so much enthralled by the beauty and originality of architecture, historical monuments, and technological innovations as they are by Koreans. This is especially true of the peninsula's younger generation.

      The street style of South Korea is a mix of the fashion collections presented at Milan shows and stylish finds of the iconic K-pop artists.

      Let's explore the distinctive tastes and preferences of Koreans in clothing:

      • The emphasis on long and slender legs. Many people pay attention to the beautiful long legs of Korean women. They also know very well how attractive this part of the body is, so they try to emphasize it in every way, to accentuate it. They wear short skirts and shorts. If the weather is cool, the Koreans put on tight pants that resemble a "second skin", tights or leggings.
      • Thin Waist. Korean women are the epitome of femininity. They adore clothes that accentuate their thin waists. When choosing a dress or combining a blouse with a skirt, girls are sure to choose an accessory (belt, bow) that accentuates the waist.
      • Taboo on necklines. Fashion and style in Korea does not imply the presence of frank attire. Korean women manage to look seductive without descending to provocative candor. Tourists in South Korea will not see clothes with deep necklines. Everything is covered and hidden as much as possible, although accents on the bust may be made with lace inserts, flounces, etc.
      • Oversize. The Koreans honor spacious clothes. It looks as if it was taken off someone else's shoulder, and sometimes it is clearly one size larger than necessary. Thanks to the baggy look, the delicacy and fragility of the image is emphasized. Girls often combine loose-fitting clothes with narrow elements - pants and shorts. Koreans like free cut coats (raglan sleeves, trapezoidal shape and a detachable hood) and blazer cardigans. They create comfort and coziness, which is lacking in noisy cities.
      • The image of innocence. This is created, including with the help of clothing. For example, Korean women adore a variety of hooded hoodies, which are decorated with the ears of a bunny, chanterelle or kitten. Girls on the Korean peninsula boast lace dresses and outfits with prints (floral, star-spangled, polka dots, bows, stars). And the preference is given to pastel colors. Korean women adore outfits in the pink range, and wear T-shirts with cartoon characters. These outfits create a delicate, feminine image.
      • Hip-hop style. These tastes in clothing are instilled by the music community in Korea, in which the leading positions are taken by members of K-pop culture. Therefore, Koreans gladly wear elongated shirts, vests with fur hoods, sportswear, combine jeans with business jackets.
      • Cult of sneakers. In South Korea, sneakers are worn with any outfit: dresses, tracksuits, business suits, skirts and lace blouses.
      • Glasses are a stylish accessory. The most fashionable accessory of Koreans is glasses. They are worn by almost everyone, regardless of whether they have good vision or not. And they choose not stylish and trendy models, but something like horny frames, worn by grandmothers. Korean women build careless buns or make braids, wear original hats, berets, tie scarves, wear glasses and look very cute in it all.

      These are the basic elements of any Korean's closet. Of course, there are differences based on age and seasonal offerings, but for the most part, Korean fashion presents this contradictory mix of brutality and femininity.

      Korean Street Fashion or Korean Street Style indicates the same thing: Korean streetwear. Let's see together, the ingredients of a Korean streetwear outfit:

      Korean Streetwear

      Korean streetwear, that is to say all the "street" clothes are essential to build a korean street style. Among the main clothes we find for the top: the oversized t-shirt, long sleeve t shirt, sleeveless t shirt, loose fit tank-top, the patterned shirts, the crew-neck hooded sweatshirt, also called hoodie, the pullover, the jacket, vest and the more classic sweater. For the bottom, we find baggy pants, cargo pants, jeans, joggers or sweatpants and sweat shorts, especially for the summer.

      Streetwear Shoes

      In streetwear, the base are the sneakers no doubt about it. Among the different brands of sneakers, we find: Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Balenciaga, Vans, Air Jordan and many others. The sneakers of these different brands are found on the feet of Koreans displaying a korean street style, but many are also wearing shoes of small designers, totally unknown in the US. Recently, sneakers have no longer the monopoly of streetwear shoes and we have seen the appearance of streetwear boots and streetwear slides on Korean feet.

      Streetwear Accessories

      Clothes and shoes are important but without accessories, a streetwear style is incomplete. But what to add to a korean street style outfit? There are many accessories, here are some ideas: hats, caps, bobs, straps, harnesses, backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, etc. Here, the only limit is your imagination and creativity to compose your look and sublimate your clothing style.

      Male and Female Korean street fashion: the specificities

      The Korean Street Fashion is one of the fashion styles erasing the most the usual fashion standards with on one side the fashion for man and on the other the fashion for woman. Indeed, as you can see a lot of clothes and accessories of the korean street fashion are unisex.

      There are however some specificities between the korean street fashion for men and the korean street fashion for women. Let's see it now !

      Korean street fashion for men: which outfit ? 

      A typical korean street fashion men outfit is for example : an oversized tie-dye sweatshirt worn over a t-shirt, in association with camouflage cargo pants, a black cap and a big sporty watch.

      Korean street fashion for women : what to wear ?

      In addition to men, women can wear clothes such as streetwear skirts, or crop tops. So, a korean street fashion women outfit could be: a crop top tshirt, associated with a jean skirt and a pair of sneakers in a bright color, pink or red for example.

      What styles among the Korean Street Fashion ?

      Aesthetic korean street fashion

      Aesthetic korean street fashion is all the streetwear apparel in light colors such as: beige, light pink, light blue, white, etc. Aesthetic streetwear is often also more comfortable and soft than other korean street fashion. So don't be surprised to see a lot of big thick sweatshirts, mini skirts, pastel colored patterned t-shirts and high waisted denim jeans, as worn by Kpop idols. Checks and bright colors can also fit into the aesthetic korean street fashion style. When the temperature gets down, you can still be wearing a streetwear styling with some fur sweater, parka, trench-coat and vests.

      Edgy korean street fashion

      Unlike other korean street fashion styles, the edgy style is impossible to define. Indeed, it is based, as its name suggests, on the current trends and novelties. The edgy korean street fashion style is influenced by Kpop and other Korean influencers, art, music and the evolution of streetwear on the international scene. You want to adopt the edgy style? Then follow us on social networks where we share all the trends of the moment.

      Casual korean street fashion

      The casual style is very famous and popular, but what is the casual street fashion style? As we have seen previously, the Korean street fashion is often original and very daring but this style that does not go unnoticed is not for everyone. That's why the casual streetwear style was born, taking the codes of Korean streetwear but with a contained extravagance for a more casual outfit. Typically, it is a style with pants, a classic tshirt and a blue denim jacket, nothing more ordinary !

      South korean street fashion

      North Korea being a relatively closed country, the way North Koreans dress and the North Korean streetwear, if it exists, are not accessible to streetwear purists like us. Of course, when we talk about korean street fashion, we talk about south korean street fashion. It is the same style of clothing !

      Korean ulzzang street fashion

      In Korean, the term "uzzlang" characterizes beauty, which in Korean culture is represented by light skin and a slim figure. The korean uzzlang style is more for women, here is an example of uzzlang outfit: oversized t-shirt, high waist jean skirt and a pair of sneakers.

      90s korean street fashion

      The 90's street fashion style, also called vintage street fashion, is inspired by vintage patterns and bright colors of that time like green, purple and yellow. The fits are wide and bolds, in short, you can only recognize this style of korean street fashion. This year the vintage style is very trendy and mixes with the codes of streetweat: loose clothing, bright colors and blazer of all types.

      Korean Street Fashion Brands

      In streetwear, brands are omnipresent and logos are proudly displayed. Among the most famous brands, we can mention Supreme, Palace, BAPE, Carhartt, etc. But are there any Korean street fashion brands ? What are they ?

      Even if Koreans wear American streetwear, there are purely Korean streetwear brands, such as ADER, thisisneverthat, 87MM Seoul, COVERNAT, Charm's, pushBUTTON to only name a few.

      However, what you have to remember is that there are many brands of small designers, little known (and sometimes not wishing to be) but allowing Koreans to build a unique look. And that's why you will find on Korean Street Fashion, a lot of products from brands and designers for the most part totally unknown.

      Where to buy korean street fashion ?

      Going to Seoul, capital of Korean Street Fashion

      After discovering the Korean Street Fashion and its so particular style, you certainly want to buy some pieces to add to your wardrobe. The question is: where to buy korean street fashion ?

      Of course and as you can imagine, the best place to go is Seoul, capital of street style where many shopping malls and designer stores are present. The Gangnam district, made popular by PSY, is worth a shopping visit because it has many stores of famous brands. Other areas like Itaewon or Hongdae with local markets and thrift shops are ideal if you want to get streetwear at unbeatable prices.

      Shopping online at Korean Street Fashion

      You don't have the chance to go to South Korea to do your shopping? Don't worry! Today, you can order all the trendy items of Korean street fashion directly from your home via our online store. At Korean Street Fashion, we select for you a large choice of clothes, shoes and streetwear accessories at the top of the Korean trend.