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If you are a street fashion enthusiast, then you must have already heard about Korean streetwear. Indeed, after years of silence and national costumes, South Korea has become a trend-setter throughout Asia, and is confidently cultivating the fruits of its prestige in Europe. Today, the influence of Korean street fashion is asserted and its influence even extends more and more to the western world.

A reminder of what the Streetwear Style is

Fashion defines streetwear as a unisex street style that is both modern and casual. It managed to conquer the hearts of many Korean "fashions victims", both men and women. This style became part of Korean culture and quickly became so timeless and essential that it influenced the West.

What is the Story behind Korean Streetwear ?

Streetwear is a style of clothing originating from the United States that has been very present in urban areas since the 1980s. More than a fashion, this subculture gives birth to a rebellious movement that reflects a young, free and non-conformist identity. It is inspired by the musical culture of hip-hop as well as by skateboarding and surfing lovers.

The streetwear style spread around the world, reaching and influencing even Korea and its culture. At that time, the hanbok, a traditional Korean outfit, represented the whole Korean fashion. There were some differences in patterns and colors present on the jeogori, but these were social markers and not choices for the sake of style.

With globalization and the opening of South Korea, traditional fashion has been gradually replaced by casual and streetwear fashion. This trend accelerated strongly in the late 1990s, to give today's Korean streetwear as we know it.

The young Koreans of Gangnam district see in this new trend, an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their elders and to break the codes. These young people have therefore created their own fashions, in order to send a message: to be able to dress as they want.

The difference between Korean streetwear and Western Streetwear

It is very easy to distinguish the clothes and accessories of Korean streetwear, with those of the classic streetwear. For example, the hoodie or the t-shirt is illustrated by ancestral or modern patterns of the Korean culture. However, the cuts of clothing retain the same basics as those of classic streetwear, including a light and free look.

In classic streetwear, oversized sweatshirts are adopted while Korean style offers ultra oversized sweatshirts. These ultra large sweatshirts worn by Koreans, have an XXL size and much longer sleeves. It is a style that suits men but also, women. Western fashion fanatics are fond of the Korean look, claiming the comfort and originality of it.

There are also different styles within Korean streetwear that will each bring their own vision of streetwear. We can mention the aesthetic streetwear, directly inspired by kpop and in which we find pastel colors, mini skirts and jeans. There is also casual streetwear which is a mix between casual and streetwear. Otherwise, we also find the retro street fashion style with clothes drawn straight from the 80s and 90s.

The elements to take into account for the Korean Street Style

The korean streetwear style is a casual look that has become extremely widespread in the world. Seoul has become an important part of this fashion, with its own event: Seoul Fashion Week. But there is no need for a catwalk to parade, because Koreans take care of "parading" every day in the street on their way to work, to go shopping, etc.

Indeed, Koreans are very careful about their appearance and they are always at the top of their game regarding their dress. If you have the opportunity to go to Seoul one day, go and observe the Koreans and their streetwear in the districts of Gangnam and Hongdae.

Here are the clothes and accessories that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe, if you want to have an authentic look...

Streetwear Beanies and Caps

It is a category of trendy accessories that we use to cover the top of the head. Although there are several types, there are two that are essential: caps and beanies. These casual accessories are inspired by sports, such as the beanie that is worn by skateboarding fans.

There are two cuts for the streetwear beanie. The lapel beanie is a rather long beanie while its counterpart, the docker beanie, is short. The beanie is sometimes used as an anti-cold accessory, but is still a style accessory.

The streetwear cap can be worn normally or upside down to give the wearer a hip-hop look.

Korean T Shirts

Korean culture illustrations are printed on korean t shirts. For pure korean style, we recommend wearing an oversized white t-shirt with a loose jacket or a bomber jacket. Printed graphics can also be featured on this simplistic looking garment.

Depending on your taste, you can choose a loose fit or a piece that fits your figure. Korean designers manage to combine in a fun way, the western style and the traditional Asian style. It is therefore possible to have an original combination of European style and traditional Korean clothing...

Korean Sweatshirts and Hoodies

The second essential is the korean hoodie. The crewneck, hoodie or sweatshirt are American sportswear. They made their appearance in the 30s. It is an important piece for the streetwear and sportswear style.

A korean hoodie is a loose fitting model on which are printed graphic or flashy patterns. There are usually writings in korean, cute patterns, or without any pattern.

Streetwear Pants

The inevitable and timeless jeans pants have also been integrated into this urban style. A panel of choice is offered to you, because it adapts to all tastes. You can also choose your own cut, for example the slim, skinny jeans, straight cut, etc.

You can also choose either cargo pants or jogging pants. They are both nice to wear throughout the day...

Korean Sneakers

To finish our tour of the streetwear wardrobe, let's now talk about streetwear shoes including sneakers, boots or slippers. Initially considered as sports shoes, korean sneakers are now considered as a fashion movement. Since the appearance of the streetwear style, they become very important to finalize the look of its fashion addicts.

For them, this shoe becomes a way of life. The biggest american brands have conquered this market. You can choose between shoes with thick or thin soles, high or low top sneakers. It's a piece in itself, which can't be neglected when you want to adopt this urban style.

How to have a Streetwear Style ?

Korean style is a major influence on the fashion industry worldwide. If they can't make it to South Korea, young Westerners are looking for Korean online stores that specialize in the field. Korean streetwear keeps the same stylistic basis as American streetwear.

The secret of Korean Streetwear look

However, the growing popularity of Korean style comes from the artistic touch of Korean designers who make their works unique. Thus, there is a real cultural effervescence where Korean designers combine the modern look with their traditional look. It is possible to wear a classic pair of jeans with a loose t-shirt printed with Korean scriptures.

Whatever the season, adapt your style perfectly by adding hoodies or sweatshirts in your wardrobe. Don't forget the sneakers or the pants, which have become essential for this street fashion. Finally, the Korean style is unisex, whether it is for men's or women's fashion.

Where to buy Korean Streetwear ?

To buy streetwear in a store, the best advice we can give you is to go directly to Korea. Here are our recommendations so that you can find your happiness...

First of all, we recommend you to visit the district where the streetwear culture was born: Gangnam. You will find hundreds of stores offering various styles and price ranges to suit all budgets. You can also go to the Itaewon and Hongdae districts where you can shop on a budget.

If you don't have the opportunity to go to South Korea, don't worry. You can find the streetwear style clothes directly on our Korean online store: Korean Street Fashion. We have traveled to South Korea and all over Asia to gather the best trends and streetwear...

You will find all kinds of streetwear, from oversized sweatshirts to printed t-shirts and cargo pants. You can also mix the korean style with the western style, like the jackets and the t-shirt.