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      Long sleeves and wool, the sweater is warm. It is the korean clothing to have to face the winter. But it can also be light and accompanies the cool evenings of the beautiful season. In closets, sweaters occupy a large place and are ideal for everyday life by protecting from cold and wind while adapting to all styles. This garment accompanies indifferently pants and jeans, skirts and dresses, shorts and leggings...

      The sweater is a garment that covers the upper body and that we put on by the head, unlike the vest that we pass as a jacket. This is why it is called a "pullover", which literally means "to pull over". It is usually made of wool, but can also be cotton or synthetic knit. However, in this case, it is more like a sweater. Still, thanks to the variety of fabrics, the korean sweater can be very warm or very light. Sweaters also evolve with fashion. The shapes, materials, colors... vary from one season to another. So you can enjoy yourself and keep warm every year.

      To choose a sweater, you must first focus on its neckline. Depending on the neckline, the sweater will highlight a neckline or will keep the necks of the chilliest ones warm. Here are some of the most common collars in the sweater department:

      • Round neck
      • V-neck
      • Turtleneck
      • Funnel neck
      • Truckneck
      • Boat neck
      • Claudine collar
      • Crew neck
      • Scoop neck
      • Turn-down collar
      • Hooded collar
      • Zipped collar

      Here too, diversity is the order of the day. The sweaters adopt a thousand and one shapes. Short or long, close to the body or wide, trapeze or straight ..., this garment plays on the cuts and sublimates all morphologies. Therefore, it lends itself to all styles: chic or casual, rock or preppy, trendy or classic ... The shoulders or part of the back can be left bare. The sleeves can be flared, rolled up ... There is bound to be a shape of sweater that will fit perfectly with your figure and your other clothes.

      We will see all this in more detail:

      Turtleneck Sweater Korean Style

      You can wear a turtleneck sweater, also called high neck sweater under a suit for a stylish look or incorporate it into a casual outfit with chino pants, a skirt or jeans. The high neck can also be tucked under a leather jacket for a rock look or under a flannel shirt for a rugged look. The possibilities with the turtleneck sweater are endless.

      Unlike the classic collars and especially the round neck, it is important to choose the type of turtleneck sweater. If your neck is long and thin, choose a turtleneck sweater that goes up more to break this effect of length. On the other hand, if your neck is small and thick, opt for a very short turtleneck not to give the impression of having a "non-existent" neck.

      In terms of colors, the advice of korean Street Fashion is to stay on the basics: navy blue, gray, gray mottled, beige, brown, and potentially colors simple enough to combine as burgundy or khaki for example. This type of sweater is already a pretty strong piece of the wardrobe, choosing to wear a korean high neck colored or equipped with a pattern or stripes is equivalent to taking an unnecessary risk.

      Korean V Neck Sweater

      The V-neck t-shirt under a korean V neck sweater is ideal in case you want a clean look, or to be warm while keeping your neckline clear. However, its neckline should be deeper and wider than your sweater. And yes, even if you're a fan of V neck tees, know that it will have to be hidden under your sweater to become totally invisible. Superimposing two V-necklines, out of sync with each other, is never very aesthetic... Whereas if you wear a sweater that seems to be right next to the skin, you will be particularly attractive! By following these tips, the marriage of V sweater and t-shirt offers the perfect balance between modernity and classicism. It's a great way to ensure that you look contemporary and polished while remaining casual !

      In spring and for cool summer evenings, the light colors and light materials make the korean V sweater a particularly wearable piece. Available in silky mercerized cotton or cotton and acrylic, it is soft enough to be worn next to the skin! In winter, the V neck sweater adopts darker and more neutral colors; such as black, charcoal gray, brown or navy blue. In merino wool, cashmere or yak wool, it allows you to combine mini thickness and maximum warmth.

      Korean Cardigan Sweater

      The korean cardigan is a specific type of cardigan. It differs from other forms of cardigans in that it is dressier and often has a more fitted cut, elegantly emphasizing the figure. It is also usually shorter and has a button closure that goes up to the collar. Whether knitted or basic, plain or colored, this knitwear perfectly matches our favorite pieces and takes a place of choice in our wardrobe.

      For a more feminine look, we associate the cardigan with dresses close to the body and short cut and shoes with heels. Prefer to be comfortable when meeting a friend in town? Throw on a pair of skinny jeans, a slim-fitting tee, sneakers and a korean cardigan with sporty detailing that will enhance your streetwear outfit. To go to the office with a casual and trendy look, opt for a plain round-neck top, plaid pants, a loose-knit cardigan with the last button open and a pair of derby. Another alternative is a combo of mom jeans, a wool cardigan with a matching hat and a pair of oxfords. In the evening, nothing prevents you from playing on a cocooning and sexy mix, with a korean cardigan in openwork knit worn right next to the skin, associated with straight-cut pants.

      Korean Woolen Sweater

      Choosing your korean wool sweater means, first of all, choosing the right material for the purpose you want to use it. In this field, we offer you the best of the beautiful natural fibers: mohair down, extra fine merino wool, baby alpaca wool or yak down.

      A wool sweater also means adopting a particular style. From the classic and timeless shapes of V-necks and round collars, to the fantasy of shawl and ball collars, there is something for everyone and for every taste! And how to talk about korean woolen sweaters without addressing the issue of colors? Some swear by bright and cheerful colors, others prefer to stay in the so-called "natural" shades (ecru, beige, brown), while others are still unconditional fans of black! Concerning the knits, we find: the ribbed wool sweater, jersey wool sweater, fancy wool sweater and twisted wool (also known as korean knit sweater pattern).

      Korean Oversized Sweater

      A sweater that's three times too big for you is not ideal for flattering your figure. However, worn in certain ways, it can be the key element of a very stylish look. Rolling up the sleeves of an oversized sweatshirt, tucking it partially into jeans and playing with overlays are some of the tricks to adopt. For a look that is both worked and casual, you can roll up the sleeves of your sweater and nonchalantly reveal one shoulder. Partially tucking the sweater into jeans or pants will produce the same effect and may be easier to adopt.

      The pieces that accompany your korean oversized sweater are also very important. In winter, it is often advisable to wear it as a dress or tunic. In this case, a simple pair of pants or shorts with tights can do the trick. Preferably choose a tight-fitting model to contrast with the oversized sweater. For a sexy effect, adopt the mini skirt. There are many ways to adopt the oversized sweater, from the sexiest to the most casual. It's up to you to find the one that suits you best.

      Korean Long Sweater

      The long sweater is worn a lot for the winter. Made of wool, cashmere, with large knits and long sleeves, you bundle up in this garment to keep warm. And as soon as you enter a place with high temperature, you just have to remove it. It is thus very practical.

      It remains to choose it well. The key is to have a korean long sweater that is held, that is to say, that does not look like a shapeless garment that hangs loosely along the legs. You can also structure a long and oversized vest with a belt. In any case, there are different lengths of vests, most of them fall to the knee, but there are also some that go down to the feet.

      Finally, the long sweater is interesting because you can wear it with everything: slim pants or jeans, a short skirt or a dress, a blouse, a t-shirt or a camisole... You just have to match the colors between them, as the vest shows what you are wearing underneath. You can match the color of your vest only to your accessories. To avoid any faux pas, you can choose a vest of a neutral color: beige, blue, black, white ... There is a good chance that it goes with everything, or almost.

      Here are also other styles of Korean sweaters: korean sweater vest, cute korean sweater, korean striped sweater.

      Korean Sweater for Mens

      The different models of sweaters do not fit all gentlemen. Everyone has their own physical characteristics and cuts that suit them. Certain shapes of collars will suit certain types of necks and physiques.

      For example, chunky round-neck sweaters are more suited to tall, slim men as they add bulk and masculinity. While this same sweater has a counterproductive effect on broad-shouldered men and will only accentuate their already imposing stature. Regarding the sweaters that will suit men, there are the round-neck sweater, v-neck sweater, cardigan, shawl collar sweater, zip neck sweater, turtleneck sweater and finally the vest.

      In short, timeless basics that have proven themselves and deserve a place of choice in your closet.

      Korean Sweater for Women

      Choosing a korean wool sweater means, first of all, choosing the right material for the use you want to make of it. In this field, we offer you the best of the beautiful natural fibers: extra-fine merino wool, baby alpaca wool or yak down. A wool sweater also means adopting a particular style. From the classic and timeless shapes of V-necks and round collars, to the fantasy of shawl and ball collars, there is something for everyone and for every taste!

      And how to talk about women sweaters without mentioning the question of colors? Some swear by bright and cheerful colors, others prefer to stay in the so-called "natural" shades (beige, brown), while others are unconditional fans of black! And you, what do you prefer? As for men's sweaters, we find the traditional ones: turtleneck women sweater, round neck sweater and cardigan. As for the tops, we also have crop tops.

      What korean sweater brand ?

      For Korean sweaters the brand is not very important as you will see. What counts above all is the style of the sweater, its color and its quality. Of course, each Korean sweater is of a specific brand. However they are often totally unknown brands in the West as in South Korea.

      What color for your korean sweater ?

      Like any type of korean clothing, white and black remain the basics. That's why you will find many korean white sweaters and black sweaters on our online store. Of course, all the colors usually available in textile are also available for sweaters: beige, brown, blue, pink, yellow, etc.