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      The swimsuit has evolved over time. Initially very covering, it has been much less so from year to year. The first versions of swimsuits appeared during Antiquity with the use of public baths. Then it was in the 18th century when the benefits of swimming in the sea were rediscovered that people entered the water wearing a shirt. Women then evolved this garment by bathing in a corset with wide and baggy pants. Close to everyday clothing, this bathing suit covers the whole body, essentially to respect the moral order of the time.

      Since then, swimwear has gone through many different styles and there is a very wide range of korean swimwear ranging from swimsuits with puffed sleeves, to one-piece swimsuits to bikinis with very little coverage. But if you're here, it's not to read about the history of korean swimwear, but probably because you're asking yourself some questions:

      What are the different types of korean swimwear ? What are the trendy korean swimsuits this year ? Which korean swimwear should I choose, taking into account my body type and highlighting my assets on the beach ?

      Some Tips for Choosing a Korean Swimsuit

      First, choose a korean swimsuit you like! If the selected model meets your expectations, you will feel more comfortable. Also focus on comfort. It should hold you well so you can swim or sunbathe without worrying.

      Like a bra, don't neglect the proper support of the chest. Whether it is generous or small, the choice of a good swimsuit top has an impact on your look.

      And now, choosing the right styles and sizes is even easier with mismatched swimsuits. You can select a top and a bottom with two different sizes without any qualms.

      What is the Korean fashion swimwear ? What is the korean style swimwear ?

      As for the Korean clothes, the Korean fashion swimwear is very rich: bikini, one piece swimwear, trikini, tankini, long sleeves swimwear and high waist swimwear are all styles you can find. But globally the great particularity of the Korean fashion swimwear is the very covering side of swimwear. Contrary to the US where the fashion is for swimsuits with as little fabric as possible, Korean swimsuits put much more emphasis on the swimwear with swimsuits with shoulder pads, one-piece swimsuits with embroidery, bows, etc. Overall, there is much more creativity and work involved in the Korean swimwear designing and manufacturing.
      It's hard to say if the kpop culture had an influence on swimwear too, but it's clear that there are many swimsuits with pastel colors: pink, blue, yellow and green. There are also many swimsuits with floral prints, polka dots or with cute little patterns.

      Today, there are different types of Korean swimsuits:

      Korean One Piece Swimwear

      The korean one piece swimsuit: it has made a comeback in recent years. The advantage for those who are less comfortable in swimwear is its larger coverage area. The shapes are very different, from sporty swimsuits to strapless swimsuits, which emphasize your femininity. Many models are marketed: more or less low-cut, low-cut at the hips, open in the back... You can hide your shape or your little imperfections.

      The korean one piece swimwear, also called bathing suit does not forget its femininity with its little bows, pretty prints, embroideries, its black and white aspect, or its pretty colors... The one piece swimsuit fits all body types, but also all tastes and all skin tones. And with a better fit, this swimsuit is very practical to indulge in multiple activities, sports or games.

      Korean bikini

      The Korean bikini is the most commonly worn swimsuit. The attitudes are changing and bikinis are getting thinner and shorter. From monokinis to minikinis, the designs are getting smaller and less revealing. The typical Korean bikini is made of triangles and panties, or Brazilian briefs, which are attached to each side.

      Bikinis Korean style is quite diverse. On top, you could opt for triangular shapes that move or don't and necklines, underwires ... The bottom is lowered in accordance with your morphology as well as your needs for high briefs, to Brazilian briefs, and without overlooking the thong or the shorter...

      There are models that have an optional skirt that can be worn on the bottom. Most often, it is sewn on with the top of the swimsuit the skirt is removed to allow you to remove it then put it in the way you like. An additional feature that helps you relax and play playing volleyball or just stroll along the beach following a swim in your bikini. The short skirt is extremely comfortable, and it hides the hips while coordinating along with the entire ensemble. It's also designed for swimming and is not like a basic pareo.

      Sexy korean bikini

      Among the korean bikinis, there are many bikinis with a sexy look. So even on the beach you can fully express your femininity if you want! There are bikinis with lace, bikinis with generous necklines and some swimsuits with asymmetrical straps highlighting the curves of the chest.

      Korean string bikini

      Unlike Western swimwear collections, there are very few if any thong bikinis in Korean bikinis. Some swimsuit bottoms are less covering than others, but none are as thin as a thong.

      Korean Trikini

      The trikini: this swimsuit model shows a two-piece back, but the two parts of the swimsuit are joined by a thinner piece of fabric at the stomach.

      Korean Tankini

      The tankini: it is a two-piece composed of a swimsuit and a tank top or a top with short or long sleeves. This top covers the whole belly. Easy to put on and wear, it is more practical than the one-piece swimsuit and keeps the covering character of the latter.

      Korean Swimwear with Long Sleeves

      In the West, except for children, korean long sleeves swimwear is not very popular. In Korea, the long sleeves swimsuit is an integral part of the korean swimwear fashion. Do you know why ? In South Korea, people are still relatively modest and showing their arms completely uncovered in public is not as common as in the western world. So much for the anecdote about this swimsuit !

      Korean High Waist Swimwear

      Korean high waist swimwear is also an integral part of korean swimwear. Often associated with a low-cut top it is a must-have among korean swimwear. White, blue, black, beige, red, choose the color of your choice and order yours now!

      Where to buy a korean swimsuit ?

      Apart from going to a swimsuit store in South Korea, there is no real way to get a Korean swimsuit. In these local stores, the choice is certainly interesting and all the latest trends are present. But if you don't live there, you are not so lucky... And although you can enjoy a trip to South Korea to shop if you don't plan to go there soon, you are stuck. Fortunately, there is a solution.

      Korean Street Fashion, your Korean Swimwear Online Shop

      Yes, as a specialist in korean fashion, Korean Street Fashion also offers a wide range of korean swimwear, from current trends in Korea. To shop, nothing could be easier! You browse the online store and when you find a model you like you can add it to your cart and place your order. Isn't that option great to still be able to wear the nicest swimsuit ?

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