Korean Tops and Blouses

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      5 products

      More sophisticated and feminine than the classic t shirt, the women's top is the essential korean clothing for any woman's wardrobe. Thanks to its fluid and light materials, it guarantees unparalleled comfort and accompanies you to the office as well as to the evening. Whatever your style and your morphology, there is inevitably a top which will know how to answer all your desires. Indeed, it comes in a multitude of colors, patterns and cuts and adapts to all styles. Whether you're a casual girl or you like a more formal look, you'll always find the right piece to add to your wardrobe.

      Korean Style Tops : Tops and Blouses

      First of all, let's make a lexicon point ! Stop confusing the tops and the blouse... After this little fashion point, you won't be mistaken anymore!

      A blouse is, initially, a man's garment called shirt that became a woman's garment. It is an often classic top, with a rigid collar and buttoned sleeve cuffs. The top, on the other hand, is more original. Balloon sleeves, no collar, various cuts (like peplum tops, for example)... There are no real rules! Finally, unlike the shirt and blouse, the top usually has no buttons.

      These tops look good in basic mode for work, with a pattern to go out or in linen for summer...

      Wearing casual korean tops all year round

      On a daily basis, women's tops can be worn with everything from skinny jeans to skirts to shorts. When it comes to cuts, you're spoiled for choice: strapless, halter, thin straps or sleeves... you'll never run out of ideas. In summer, try a halter top, which can be worn with a skirt or shorts. Keep it simple with a plain top, or add a bit of fantasy to your outfit with a more elaborate top, with ruffles, for example. Delicate and romantic, the ruffled top is at the heart of the trend and brings sophistication to your simplest outfits. It will be the centerpiece of your outfit, so wear it over skinny jeans or a very simple skirt, so as not to overload your look.

      To be on the cutting edge of elegance, opt for the boat neck top, which will make you look like a beauty icon. Subtle and refined, it delicately lets your shoulders show, so no question of hiding it under a jacket or a sweater, wear it in summer!

      In winter, prefer the more classic women's tops, which you will wear very easily under a knitted sweater, or the tops with embroidery that you can wear under an open shirt in a mix and match spirit.

      Let's see together now the other different korean tops types:

      Korean Crop Top : A Trending Top

      And because it is impossible to talk about women's tops without mentioning the crop top, know that it is not reserved only for slender figures. The korean crop top is a top (blouse, shirt, t shirt, tank top ...) cut. So, we let you imagine the wide choice of styles that this category of tops offers: black, white or colored tops, with patterns, with inscriptions, transparent tops, various and varied materials... We don't know which way to turn!

      Feminine and daring, the crop top is an essential piece of your closet and guarantees you a style at the cutting edge of fashion. Worn over a skirt or high-waisted pants, it reveals only what is needed and allows you to remain elegant and refined. Note that we particularly appreciate these tops with a high waist: jeans, pants, skirts ... They are cut perfectly for these pants !

      Korean Lace Top : an Ultra-feminine Piece

      You prefer ultra-feminine pieces? Then a white lace top is for you ! Only a little piece of lace is needed to transform a "banal" top into a totally elegant and chic one. For more fantasy, you can also choose a colored korean lace top: red, light blue or yellow, for example. If you choose a black lace top, make sure to add some colors with a skirt or a pair of pants to avoid a “funeral” look.

      Korean Long Sleeve Top for Chilly Days

      A long sleeve top is the best alternative to wear this piece on chilly days. This is a top that goes equally well with a skirt or pants. For a bohemian look, wear it with a little floral denim skirt. For a more casual look, opt for a long sleeve knit top over jeans. It can also be paired with high-waisted patterned palazzo pants. If the weather is warmer, pair your long sleeve top with mesh shorts with pockets or white denim shorts!

      Korean Summer Tops for when the Sun is Hitting

      What are the essential summer tops ? There are a lot of tops that can fit in this category of summer tops, but here are the ones we have selected. The crop top, with the bottom of the stomach in the air, what better to feel cool. We all know that the sun's rays are attracted to black and reflected by white. So any white top will be your friend all summer long. And finally, the sleeveless top, but did we need to specify it ?

      Korean blouse fashion style : a bit of inspiration

      Korean Off Shoulder Blouse : A Nice Blouse Cut

      The korean off shoulder blouse, also called korean off shoulder tops, has long been part of some folk costumes. Here it is on the attack of korean casual fashion. Not only does it flatter the figure, but it has the gift of advantageously underlining one of the prettiest parts of the body: the shoulders. Overlays, dynamic patterns, uncluttered belly: to each style a suitable blouse.

      Here, the golden rule applies: a loose top, a fitted bottom. For the off shoulder blouse to capture all the attention, opt for undulating materials, silk and chiffon for example, and choose for the bottom cigarette jeans or a skirt close to the body.

      Korean Chiffon Blouse : Light and Feminine

      For a feminine and romantic look or a rock and roll chic look with leather pieces: chiffon blouses will make you look good. These chic blouses are perfectly suited for summer barbecues or the most formal evenings.

      These tops have indeed become real assets of seduction for women with their fluidity, their lightness and sometimes even their transparency. Many brands offer a wide range of chiffon blouses in different cuts and a multitude of colors, so it's up to you to choose what you need.

      An open korean chiffon blouse over a little dress is undeniably the ultimate in femininity. For a less conformist working girl outfit, you can wear a round-neck blouse over one of the flowing, sleeveless dresses. For shoes, a bootie will be the most appropriate.

      Korean Style Long Sleeve Blouse : Professional or Winter Style

      Long-sleeved blouses undeniably give a professional look, don't you think? So wearing a long sleeve blouse gives you the confidence you need for your day! It feels like you know what you're doing when you're wearing a korean long sleeve blouse, that's half the job done!

      How do you balance fashion and protection in winter? It's not always easy but long sleeve blouses offer us a solution. Long sleeve blouses allow us to be trendy without dying of cold! Long sleeves protect us effectively while looking trendy. Nothing could be easier, there are plenty of long-sleeved shirts to choose from! You'll understand, in winter, don't hesitate for a second: choose korean long sleeve blouses!

      Korean Ribbon Blouse : So Chic !

      The korean ribbon blouses, so chic! After falling into disuse, the korean ribbon blouse is back on the scene incorporated directly into blouses. There is no need to say, ribbon blouses are the new trendy item in our wardrobe.

      The ribbon blouses, we tell you, we tell you: it's in! Ultra trendy and trendy, ribbon blouses are simply chic. Forget the hesitations of the past, like what will I be able to associate my pumps with ? The answer is obvious: ribbon blouses will give you an unparalleled touch of elegance!

      Korean Ruffle Blouse : Business Woman Look

      Ruffle blouses no longer have to be a tribute to men's shirts buttoned up to the neck (yes, you read that right: korean ruffle blouse used to be the sign of elegance in men's clothing). Today, they're airy and light and float in the wind. Ideal for slender women who want to show off their body, creating volume in all the right places as if by magic, these blouses can be worn by all women as long as they follow the rules of style.

      Ruffles love freedom! And they don't like to be confined. For models intended for cleavage, a boxy blazer is often worn and perfectly matches the rest. Jackets or open denim shirts offer a nice contrast. If ruffles adorn the arms, a cape is in good taste.

      Korean Lace Blouse : Stylish and Classy

      Laces have long connoted sensuality due to the fact that they let you see through its famous transparency. But in blouses, this type of fabric has also taken a very classy look, hence the success of lace blouses. A lace blouse can be worn for any occasion.

      Whatever your style, discover now the korean lace blouses that will complete your dressing. Many women opt for lace blouses for their social events, so elegant and very feminine.

      Korean Patterns Blouse : a bit of Originality

      Tired of wearing plain colored tops ? Then korean patterns blouses will please you! Ideal for summer, the pattern blouses feature all types of patterns: flowers, camouflage, stripes, polka dots, leopard print, geometric shapes, etc. These tops bring exoticism and originality to an outfit. When you wear a patterned top, choose a sober, solid-colored pants or skirt to avoid having a visually overloaded outfit.

      Korean Floral Blouse : for a Flowery Touch

      Tiny, small, medium and large flowers... Whatever your taste you will find a floral blouse that will suit you perfectly. The colors are not lacking either: orange, khaki, red, blue, pink, yellow and even multicolored. There are short-sleeved as well as long-sleeved: to wear in summer as well as in winter. Indulge yourself !

      Korean Denim Blouse : Basic but Timeless

      You've mastered jeans since you were about ten years old, when you insisted your parents for choosing your first apparel. All your friends have them, so... Today, you still love jeans, but you prefer to stand out from the crowd, and not look like all your colleagues. Korean Street Fashion suggests you a solution with its range of Korean denim blouses, they are cracking you will see !

      With such comfortable cuts and cotton and viscose fabrics, you might not want to leave your denim blouse once you put it on. However, you'll have to, if only to avoid tasteful mistakes. The main thing to keep in mind is that jeans go with everything, except tone on tone!

      Korean White Blouse

      The white blouse is probably the easiest to wear. Luminous and airy, it is sophisticated in a turn-of-hand jeans or a trapeze skirt. When it is adorned with lace, it is romantic as desired. For a hippie chic look, the floral blouse with frills or ruffles is also always a must. For a dressy and original outfit, the blue and white striped blouse is ideal.

      Where to buy korean blouses and tops ?

      The best way to get Korean tops and blouses is to go to a specialized store. Or shop online at a website like Korean Street Fashion, which has a wide selection of tops for summer and winter and in all possible and unimaginable styles.