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      Many Koreans these days don't want to wear the hanbok because it's expensive and uncomfortable. The skirt is long and the sleeves are too wide. Because it is made mostly of silk, it is difficult to wash. But the hanbok still has many surprises for us with a revisited version, let's discover it together!

      The modern hanbok

      The hanbok is not a thing of the past for Korean women. The traditional hanbok is still worn for special festivals and ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, chuseok festivals, and so on. But Korean designers also found an interesting solution to transform the national costume for the modern world. Indeed, the hanbok, a traditional Korean garment, has largely evolved with the arrival of Western fashion in Korea.

      Today, the hanbok has been totally revisited and even the younger generations of Koreans are starting to wear this clothing so attached to Korean culture. This revisited hanbok, which is commonly called modern hanbok, is in a casual style, which is made to be worn with other casual clothes such as jeans, sweaters, or even streetwear pieces like a pair of sneakers. Besides having original colorful patterns, the modern hanbok is extremely comfortable. The sleeves are narrower and the skirt is shorter, which is much more practical for a modern, city lifestyle. The other advantage of the modern hanbok is also its ease to be washed, like any cotton garment you just have to put it in the machine and it's done!

      Modern Hanbok Fashion

      K-Fashion directly influenced by K-pop and their idols has seen more and more modern hanboks appear. It becomes very popular in Korean fashion! Regarding the style of modern hanbok, it has mostly been adapted to the active life of most Koreans. Where the traditional hanbok was made of extremely loose silk fabric, the modern hanbok is the opposite: very short skirts and shorts. As said before, the modern hanbok is worn in everyday life like any other korean fashion garment. However, there are also chic modern hanboks used for weddings, to be in the spirit of the times even during the magical ceremony that is the wedding.

      Some Modern Hanbok Brands

      Now that you know more about the modern hanbok, you probably want to learn more about these designers who revisit the hanbok? Here are some designers who have revisited the hanbok pants and dress for our pleasure: Chimajeogori, Leesle, Korean In Me or Coreano. Most of these modern hanbok are available online. But it is also possible to get them in Seoul directly, in the Insadong district where there are countless merchants selling modern hanbok. You can find modern hanbok in many other cities and towns such as: Bukchon, Silla, Gyeongju or Jeonju.

      Leesle, the Leading Brand of Modern Hanbok

      It is safe to say that Leesle is one of the brands that have strongly contributed to the rise of the modern hanbok in Korea and internationally. In fact, it is the brand that democratized the concept of modern hanbok, which has later been adopted by many other Korean designers and brands. Leesle has its workshops in Jeonju and ships its creations all over the world. Among its collections, there are models that completely break the codes of the traditional hanbok and others that are more conservative and are simply updated versions of the traditional hanbok. As for the "classic" fashion, the hanbok is also different according to the seasons, and there are obviously distinctive collections for men and women. The materials used and the design of these new hanboks, if we can speak this way, allow the hanboks not to distort the original spirit of the garment, while providing greater comfort to the people wearing it.

      K-pop Groups and the Modern Hanbok

      The modern hanbok and the Blackpink

      Also, many Korean celebrities are picking up the idea and using modern hanboks for performances, their music videos, and everyday wear. For example, not too long ago, the band BLACKPINK appeared in their music video for the song "How you like that" wearing modern hanboks, which the audience really liked.

      BLACKPINK hanbok designer Danha has been designing modern hanboks for a long time and really hopes that it will become a new global trend.

      Jungkkok and the modern hanbok of Zijangsa

      As soon as BTS's Jungkook showed up at the airport wearing a Zijangsa hanbok converted into a casual look, the brand took off and was in the spotlight. Not surprisingly, thousands of people wanted the exact same item, making the product sell out in a matter of minutes!

      Wearing a Modern Hanbok for your Wedding

      Even though Korean society has become very westernized, its culture and traditions have remained totally intact. And marriage is one of them! For the Koreans, the traditional wedding is an important moment in life and to be dressed with the traditional clothing: the hanbok is obvious.

      The choice to wear a modern hanbok for your wedding is a way to stand out from the older generation or from other young Korean couples, who tend to be more conformist. The choice of color for modern hanbok for weddings is more diverse, as well as the patterns and cuts. Each wedding couple can choose the symbolism and style that suits them best!

      However, finding a modern wedding hanbok outside of South Korea can be very complicated. It is even impossible! Except, since we have contacted different designers to offer our modern wedding hanbok on our online store: Korean Street Fashion. You will find a very large choice, with some matching hanbok between the bride and the groom.

      The simplicity of the  Modern Hanbok for Men 

      We tend to forget this because fashion is more of an interest to women than men, but yes: modern hanboks are also very popular with men. The big difference between modern women's and men's hanboks is simplicity.

      In men's hanboks, there are more solid colors and very few patterns. Regarding the different pieces that make up the men's hanbok, it does not change: the baji, which is the pants and the jeogori, the jacket.