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      When it comes to streetwear, having good clothes is not enough, it is important to take into account all the little details that can make the difference. These details are often found in the accessories we wear to make an outfit more original, more stylish and to affirm our personality.

      There are accessories that we wear every day (or that we should wear every day) and those more occasional that are adapted to certain outfits or events. So we have made a list of the best streetwear accessories with some tips on how to wear them best to choose them.

      Belts : Flat, Toothed or Clip Buckle

      The belt is the accessory that allows you to perfectly adjust the size of your pants. Originally made of leather, today there are also many belts made of fabric. The streetwear belt comes in different colors such as black, brown but also brighter colors such as red, purple, orange. It is therefore possible to rely on his belt to boost his streetwear outfit. The streetwear belt is also available in prints such as the checkered pattern, with flames, camouflage or even Japanese or Korean writing. The most common belt buckles in the streetwear world are the flat buckle, the toothed buckle and the clip buckle. They offer a very clean look with no visible holes, they are like an ornament on the pants. The buckle belt, the most popular belt in the world, is also found among streetwear belts with some of the more polished styles.

      Caps : Black always looks Great

      Essential accessory of streetwear style, the cap allows you to highlight your outfit. When it comes to streetwear caps, you have three different categories: the 5-panel, the snapback and the classic cap with a flat peak. The classic flat peak cap was the first to emerge. The snapback later changed the game and became widespread, especially in hip hop. It replaces the classic cap with a plus. Indeed, the snapback is adjustable at the back. No need to look for the model that fits the size of the head. In addition, this model of cap fits perfectly with the streetwear look. Finally, the 5-panel comes in last position for a final streetwear look. This one is just like the snapback with the only difference being that it consists of five panels sewn together. The 5-panel cap is the most successful of the three caps in the streetwear world. And it is now the most widely worn cap. Streetwear caps are often black with an embroidery on top, but they can also be any other color with or without patterns. The choice is almost infinite!

      Beanies : Classic Beanie or Fisherman Beanie

      If the beanie has had its moments of glory and oblivion, it has always been present in the world of streetwear. To indulge in this style, simply add a hoodie or a t-shirt and sneakers. In terms of colors, you can try more things for the hat. The key to a successful street look lies more in the brands and graphic patterns. The streetwear culture is largely marked by the brands that are displayed. It should be noted that not all hats make good streetwear hats. To be avoided are: hats with tassels and hats with visors. We recommend that you opt for a classic beanie with a hem, or a shorter beanie: the fisherman beanie. The baggy hat can also be a good choice if the rest of your outfit is not too baggy and loose.

      Glasses : Round or Squared Glasses 

      Glasses are a must as streetwear accessories. Just put a pair on your nose and you'll immediately look more serious and stylish. There are glasses of all styles: round, oval, rectangular, plastic, metal. Same thing for the colors, the black even if it is always class does not have the monopoly. We have glasses with patterns, glasses of red, blue, pink, in short of all the colors. According to your shape of the face it will be necessary to take care to choose well your pair of glasses so that it does not accentuate the "defects" of your face. Whether you have vision problems or not, you can wear glasses! Indeed, there are a lot of streetwear sunglasses or even classic glasses without corrective lenses.

      Watches : Minimalist or Military Style

      Nowadays, it seems that watches have always been part of streetwear, but this is not the case! It was only in the early 90's that Casio popularized watches among skateboarders, the main streetwear movement at the time. Since then, the choice of streetwear watches has only evolved. However, there are a few particular styles of watches for streetwear: minimalist watches and massive military-style watches. Used either to tone down an outfit or to add a more masculine edge, they are a real asset. Many luxury watch brands are part of the streetwear universe like Rolex, Audemars Piguet or Breitling. But that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to get a nice streetwear watch. Far from it!

      Jewelry : Sterling Silver or Steel

      Necklaces, bracelets, rings, jewels are very appreciated in streetwear. More than just accessories, they can give a very different style when worn. If gold and bling bling were very popular within the hip-hop culture, it is rather the silver colored jewels which are nowadays trendy. Whether they are made of steel or silver. Generally, streetwear jewelry is distinguished by its coarse and very masculine side. A streetwear jewel is therefore a jewel that is seen! But without necessarily falling into the cliché of the rapper with 10 kg of chains around his neck. You can for example associate a nice chain with some rough rings and it's done!

      Wallet : Leather or Printed Fabric Wallets

      The wallet is the only accessory that won't always show up on your look but it's the streetwear accessory not to be neglected to go all the way with your street style. Here, the choice is going to be towards leather or fabric wallets, with patterns like camouflage, checks or plain colors. What also counts for the wallet you choose is its practicality because the style aside, a good streetwear wallet is a wallet that you can use easily every day.