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      If boots have become a must-have among streetwear shoes, it is not by chance. This shoe combines a modern look that enhances the look in all circumstances with durability and comfort incomparable. Originally a purely utilitarian shoe, the boot has gradually become a wardrobe essential: whether they are chelsea boots or combat boots, most people who are into the street look have a pair. The big difference between classic boots and streetwear boots is their imposing look mainly due to the large sole of these shoes. We will discover together the two most common types of boots: chunky and combat boots. Leather boots are available in black or brown, for streetwear black will always be preferred.

      Korean Chunky Boots : The Most Popular Streetwear Boots

      These big boots, far from being discreet, are very easy to spot thanks to their thick sole that is also called platform sole. If you are a child of the 90s, remember the boy bands in the Hit Machine. All the famous singers and bands of the moment were surfing on this fashion trend with big black boots on their feet.

      Why is the chunky boot making its revival in korean streetwear? What is the reason of this success? The boot that everyone is clamoring for has everything right. Not only does it surf on the retro trend of the moment, but it breaks the codes with a couture spirit that becomes affordable to all, and that we love!

      The notched aspect of the shoe with the Ranger spirit, gives it a rebel spirit and a look of character, that we have fun twisting with trendy and feminine pieces, like a little leather skirt, for example. Second good points for the trendy shoe of the winter: it is comfortable and solid! These are the shoes that we want to wear to dress when it rains. We can even say that it is an all-terrain shoe.

      You will see that there are now all kinds of models of Chunky boots, from the chunky boots with heels to the flat shoe with laces spirit Chelsea boots. This wide choice of models allows you to integrate the sublime little Chunky in many clothing styles, whether you like sportswear, streetwear or preppy girl style!

      Military Boots, also called Combat Boots or Tactical Streetwear Boots

      Combat boots were initially reserved for exclusive military use, focusing on comfort and durability for the soldier in often harsh environments and weather conditions. The first "real" boots, as we understand it today - laces and leather - were created during World War II for specialized units (mine clearance, trench warfare and sappers) from standard service shoes, to which a leather upper and buckles were simply added to prevent mud from penetrating the interior.

      It is a type of shoe that is characterized by its high shaft, its toe cap (leather or steel reinforcement at the toe), a sole usually made of rubber and lacing with eyelets and buckles. On some models, such as the rangers, there are real buckles or zippers over the lacing guards.

      The combat boot has been democratized enormously in recent seasons. Previously reserved for the goth or metal scene, the military boot has also made a place of queen in the world of streetwear shoes.

      How do you recognize a quality pair of streetwear boots ?

      We can't repeat it enough: a good pair of shoes, with a nice line and careful manufacture, has to be paid for. So what should we look for ?

      Leather or faux-leather, you need quality

      For all skins, the rule remains the same: leather is free of nerves and scars, it is soft and evenly grained. Beware also of "bookbinded" leathers. This is a primer that gives a satin effect to the shoe, but may crack if not well done. Basically, it is a kind of plastic film that becomes very visible on the fold areas during use.

      The assembly, a function of the longevity of the boots

      Each mounting has its advantages.

      The Blake allows obtaining fine and elegant lines, the Goodyear is known to be easily resealed, the Norwegian is known to be the most robust... In any case, avoid simply glued assemblies. They will not last over time and your shoes will lose their shape.

      As for the seams, check that they are close together and regular. Be careful, sometimes the stitching around the sole is only ornamental: don't hesitate to ask the brand or the sellers for confirmation.

      How to wear boots in streetwear ?

      Streetwear boots are as versatile as sneakers, it is possible to wear them with any outfit. But let's see some outfit ideas including boots.

      1st Streetwear Outfit : Black Lace-up Boots and Jeans

      If you're a fan of black, why not go for a monochrome outfit with boots ? For the top, put on a black printed t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it. For the bottom, opt for black jeans that will go all the way down to the bottom of your lace-up boots or all the way up if you decide to roll up the bottom of the jeans.

      2nd Streetwear Outfit : Chunky Chelsea Boots and Cargo Pants

      For our second outfit, opt for a white oversized t-shirt, khaki colored cargo pants. And as shoes, put on chunky chelsea boots for a military streetwear style. As an accessory, you can wear a shoulder bag and some bracelets.

      3rd Streetwear Outfit : Sweatpants, Hoodie and Chunky Boots

      To finish, we had to offer you a streetwear outfit including both boots and sweatpants. Here it is! For this outfit, go for a 100% streetwear and comfortable look with sweatpants and a jersey hoodie matched with a pair of black combat boots. As an accessory, you can add a black bucket hat to match the boots.