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      It seems like a long time ago that wearing glasses was very frowned upon. You know, back when everyone wanted to wear contacts to avoid being seen with glasses because it was tacky. Well, it must also be said that a few years ago, the frames of glasses were not as pretty and the choice was as diverse as now. And today, where fashion and streetwear are also played on the field of accessories, the time when eyeglasses were a necessary evil has largely evolved.

      From now on, thanks to the marketing of luxury brands, glasses have become a fashion accessory in their own right. A real streetwear accessory, so much so that several well-known brands invented frames without prescription glasses that women and men wear only for style. Yes, you read it right, wearing glasses without prescription lenses is the new fashion!

      Glasses : an essential streetwear accessory

      It is quite surprising to see how glasses have become more than ever an accessory in the street fashion. Everyone, men, women and young people walk around with a pair of glasses, either because they really need them for their eyesight or simply for the style. And some don't hesitate to take several different frames that they associate according to their look of the day. Just like they change their belt or their cap. Like a real world accessory.

      But today, glasses are no longer reserved for those who have vision problems, everyone is getting into it. Because the glasses dress all the streetwear styles and complete the silhouettes. Whereas before they were considered as an obligation to see well (and not to get signs in the street while walking...) that many people want to get rid of, we now start to appreciate them, and even want to change them regularly to stay in the latest trends. And to be able to match them with its looks and its outfits.

      Coming in all shapes, you can find discrete triangular models to more daring glasses in the shape of huge butterflies or even hearts. Depending on your style and your taste for streetwear you may not opt for the most extravagant models but it should be noted that they exist. This new mix of practicality and style, we have understood it well at Korean Street Fashion. Indeed, we offer a large number of pairs of glasses at various prices and glasses for all styles. Finally, frames of all styles, from the most classic (black, the most stylish and all-purpose) to the most retro (the brown scales that were a hit last year), or even daring frames in their shapes or in their flashy colors.

      What are the trendy streetwear glasses?

      Geometric, thin or oversized, many distinctive details are taken into account when choosing streetwear glasses. In addition to these criteria, there are also the trends of the moment and the season. Yes, there are events entirely dedicated to eyewear, like Fashion Week in the fashion industry, which indicates the next trends. Because today, we choose frames as we choose other matching fashion accessories.

      For a trendy outfit, choose them with brightly colored frames or ornaments, while a transparent and more discreet frame is perfect for a more subtle look. However, clear frames are still very popular in Korean streetwear and even in more explosive outfits.

      Moreover, this year, eyewear trends are even more daring. Indeed, in terms of color, we now abandon the dark shades to give way to color combinations and prints that prove to be very interesting. This doesn't stop streetwear glasses with black and brown frames from being popular, nor light pastels and translucent ones from being in vogue.

      Choosing your streetwear glasses

      Since glasses are becoming accessories in their own right to complete streetwear outfits, don't forget to carefully choose particularly stylish frames. It's up to you what you prefer: round glasses, square glasses, rectangular glasses or even octagonal glasses. And that's without counting all the more original shapes of glasses like heart-shaped glasses, flower-shaped glasses or rectangular glasses but very thin.

      Depending on your face shape, some models will fit you better than others, it's up to you to observe and choose accordingly. The color and size of the frames are also important. Do you want a discreet pair of glasses to complement your outfit? Or on the contrary a pair of glasses which will be the centerpiece of your outfit? The choice will be different, if you want a pair of streetwear glasses that stands out, don't hesitate to choose big frames with why not colored glasses: blue, red, yellow, green, pink. It's up to you to match your glasses or sunglasses to your streetwear outfit.