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      The streetwear jacket: an essential !

      A streetwear jacket with a strategic design is perfect for people of all ages. However, you should always choose a jacket with care. The streetwear jacket you choose must have something that represents your personality because in this day and age the way you look defines you. To put it more bluntly, these streetwear jackets have been edited for a minority of people who have ingrained this urban culture, even this korean culture, in them.

      Get a casual look that stands out from anything too classic. You don't want to look like that bland man with unstylish, one-color clothes. For starters, streetwear is an alternative style that is very varied and diverse. From men's streetwear jackets to women's streetwear jackets, you can find a streetwear puffer jacket like a korean denim jacket, a bomber or a korean varsity jacket and put that piece together with another part of your wardrobe. In reality the only limit is you.

      We often refer to holey jeans and flashy styles when we say "streetwear" and yet it's very okay to put together classy and elegant pieces with a casual style, for example a traditional korean jacket merged with cargo pants. After all, this is what will make you a whole person and contrary to the codes of our society. In short, follow your instincts, your passions and be on the lookout for outfits that surround you, you can build your own identity and style. That's how people will appreciate your taste for streetwear fashion.

      Our selection of streetwear jackets

      We have also designed for you the streetwear puffer jacker, it is an essential in all circumstances, it is a timeless ready-to-wear. It can be worn on all occasions, it has become over time a piece with a sportswear spirit. You will also find the hooded coat, a real all-rounder that he wears today by any occasion also, it will allow you to stay warm while maintaining your casual style. Speaking of warmth, we also have a whole range of fleece jackets with technology to keep the body warm. They come in a slim fit for a slim jacket or a more oversized fit if that's the effect you're going for.

      Korean Bomber Jacket

      It is also possible to adopt a bomber jacket or otherwise called the aviator jacket designed with quality finishes. They are usually loose fitting and stuffed with a synthetic material, they are similar today to a chic jacket. In the same field we find the blazer jacket, it can be padded in some cases but it remains very often in the bomber style with a straight cut that makes it the perfect jacket for mid-season.

      The denim jacket in fashion

      In the turn of the denim jacket to enter the runway, this one is often similar to a denim jacket, it is created to be a short jacket with long sleeves, they are ideal for a dressy style. It can be worn with raw jeans or in a camouflage spirit. It will bring out your silhouette wonderfully, in a skinny cut as in an oversized cut. These jackets are not waterproof but can compete with a light down jacket. They can also be zipped with a button or a double button. Some are very atypical, we are talking about the printed jacket. It is a piece that is very close to the leather jacket or the velvet jacket.

      The streetwear jacket for women in the air of time

      First of all we would like to remind you that streetwear is an alternative style which is very varied and diversified. You will find here all kinds of streetwear jackets for women, from the korean puffer jacket to the korean bomber and assemble these pieces to another part of your wardrobe. Because yes, many streetwear clothes are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. So let your imagination be your guide! Often the jacket is worn with one of the famous streetwear pants to make your traditional style totally atypical but as a woman, the choice is very varied and we know that you have the talent to make an exceptional outfit. Another essential element in the world of korean look: Pairs of sneakers. And speaking of sneakers, we have exactly what you need, all created by us!

      We also regularly think of jeans with holes and extravagant styles when we talk about streetwear or korean style for women, and yet, it is quite possible to assemble classy and elegant clothes with a casual style, that's what will make the difference, your difference! In short, follow your instincts, your passions and be observant of the custom styles around you, that's how you will be able to build your identity and your Korean or streetwear style.

      The Korean Street Fashion advice for a streetwear outfit

      We advise you to start with the basics for those who are new to streetwear or korean street fashion, which says basic, says simple and effective. Adopt a denim jacket merged with a good big hoodie and chino pants or jeans and your debut should be successful.

      Now all you have to do is pick your favorite design from our urban jackets. You're bound to find what you're looking for here. Whether it's a hoodie, women's jacket, leather jacket or even a track jacket we have everything you need to complete your korean streetwear wardrobe.

      It is also very important to know the history of sneakers in the korean fashion world. Korean jewelry is also often out! It is important to have a small korean ring or a korean bracelet. As time goes by, the Bling-Bling style mixes more and more with korean streetwear fashion, some combining several styles to not be a carbon copy of another.

      Let us tell you about the latest korean touch, the korean cap and the streetwear beanie, it all depends on your style orientation! The korean hat became very popular in the late 80's, today it is unthinkable for a hipster or a big fashion fan not to wear one, or worse, not to match the outfit.

      How to choose your streetwear jacket ?

      This is a crucial conclusion. The goal is to stand out at all costs, but you must keep your identity! Are you more of a refined style? Then wear an Asian coat with a stand-up collar, a turtleneck or a cotton jacket. You like to be noticed and impress your entourage with a korean silk jacket ?

      We also have for you several very warm pieces like korean fleeces. They are essential to the korean style or are very often worn in the streets of Seoul. It's up to you to imagine what would look best on you, just try everything on! It is by going through this step that you can refine your style. So now treat yourself to a quality raincoat or a hooded puffer jacket from our collection. It will also be possible to go for a man's flannel shirt during the mid-season to keep a real atypical and korean style.

      There is a strategically designed collection of souvenir jackets at your disposal. They make a good impression on people of all ages. However, you should always choose a souvenir jacket with care. Originally, these outfits were fully customizable and tailored to korean symbols. Thus, the korean bomber jacket you choose for yourself should have something that represents your personality.

      To put it more bluntly, these souvenir jackets should say something about the wearer. To design the styles of our korean jackets, you have to understand the cultural history behind this unique and amazing outfit. That's where korean items in our atypical collection come in. All the Japanese souvenir jackets we offer are perfectly representative of the original purpose for which these jackets were designed.