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      Korean streetwear pants embody a style that is modern, futuristic and vintage all at once. Whatever the case, Korean streetwear always provides the right balance between style and comfort. As this style has gained prominence in the international fashion scene, it has now taken the top spot in the ready-to-wear world. It even won the best sales during these last years. Such a craze can be explained by the fact that the majority of the big streetwear brands have decided to trust young talents who know how to target the street youth.

      Streetwear is not limited to a simple style of clothing, it is even considered as an identity. You give yourself a chance to assert your value by knowing how to wear Korean streetwear well. If you want to adopt the streetwear style, you must choose it as your lifestyle. Indeed, this style involves many pieces like jacket, sweatshirt, t-shirt and especially pants. By discovering our series of tips, you will have the opportunity to choose your streetwear pants.

      What are the characteristics of streetwear pants?

      Strong of its foundations, streetwear flourishes by incorporating new values in its heart. The influence of music, sports and the military formed its principles and enriched the sport. Combined with some retro elements, it acquired a retro feel, making it more mature. Thus, the designer incorporates endless sources of inspiration to project urban fashion in all directions. The boundaries of streetwear have become blurred, sometimes mixed with other clothing styles. Nevertheless, the characteristics of streetwear remain unchanged. In short, the style of streetwear pants is :

      • Casual: men's fashion has long been condemned as a classic high suit. The streetwear revolution paved the way for casual wear from luxury clothing brands. Today, you can wear casual clothes and still walk on the cutting edge of fashion.
      • Modern: Streetwear takes us into the future. This style inspires modernity and innovation. The avant-garde ideas of the urban model are distinguished by their originality and practicality. These are new concepts that we can easily accept and wear every day.
      • Military streetwear jeans
      • Practical: the primary action of streetwear is not to sacrifice comfort for fashion. It aims to dress the body harmoniously, allowing you great freedom of movement and does not restrict your activities.
      • Inclusive: Streetwear is at the center of many cultural trends. This diversity gives everyone the opportunity to join the movement and contribute through their interests. For example, the gaming community and otaku are the biggest fans of streetwear.
      • Subversive: the interest of urban fashion lies in its disregard of established rules. We are constantly testing the limits, trying new concepts and bringing innovation. Streetwear is a conservative trend that defends a glorious cause through unisex clothing, minority protection and provocative attitudes.

      How to choose a streetwear pants ?

      Pants are undoubtedly one of the most important accessories in the highly sought after streetwear style. Knowing how to wear the colors of the street requires coordinated clothing, and that is always built on a solid foundation. Without a carefully selected base, hoodies and other jackets will do nothing. For this reason, it is especially important to choose streetwear pants that match your personality. The creativity of ready-to-wear cannot be affected by approximations.

      The different types of streetwear pants

      Among the different styles of streetwear pants, there are three particularly representative of this vibrant urban culture:

      • Cargo pants are originally intended for workers on construction sites or in warehouses. Therefore, they are comfortable to wear, have multiple pockets and are optimized for easy movement. Streetwear culture enthusiasts wear them very wide to show their obedience to this style and pay tribute to the pioneers who made the trend.
      • The jogging suit, another pair of pants, has gradually taken hold in the hearts of streetwear enthusiasts. Again, these are the everyday clothes, as they offer a soft and fluffy comfort. It allows you to run fast and well, to lift your legs high when you kick hard.
      • Jeans are a timeless product. Jeans were originally a kind of workwear, but now they have become the main product of urban fashion. Sturdy jeans are long lasting and can be worn in any situation, depending on the style you want to adopt. You can find a selection of jeans from over 30 streetwear and urban brands, with straight, slim or skinny cuts, or wide and comfortable models with a paint effect, with holes and one or two side stripes.

      The cargo pants

      The cargo pants are a very stylish and ultra comfortable streetwear. Known for its cut close to the body, like the skinny. They have two large side pockets on the thighs and a zipped opening at the ankle. This type of pants fits all styles, just choose the one that enhances your figure:

      • If you have a slimmer waist, you'll definitely find a wide selection of cargo pants: solid color, patterned, light or dark color, with or without back pockets, etc. Whatever you choose, take the time to try it on before you buy.
      • If you're a taller person, choose plain, dark colored cargo pants (khaki green, gray or black). Pants without back pockets are great for slimming your figure. You can balance the line by opening the zipper above the ankle.

      The korean sweatpants

      When choosing streetwear sweatpants, there are several aspects to consider:

      • The material: when it comes to clothing, the material is undoubtedly the most important criteria. A classic jogging suit is usually made of cotton, viscose or polyester. Synthetic materials (viscose or polyester) are particularly ideal for absorbing and eliminating perspiration efficiently. Cotton pants are best for regular physical activity, as they are both warm and soft.
      • The cut: you can find four types of cuts for jogging pants. It can be straight, slim, skinny or baggy. The baggy cut is the most common in the streetwear style. It is rather wide at the level of the buttocks.
      • The size: when you are looking for a comfortable garment, you should always pay attention to the size. The pants should not be compressed at the waist, whether they are men's or women's pants.

      The streetwear jeans

      The next pair of pants you need is of course the jeans, it is certain that the lost versatile pair of pants, the jeans, is very neutral and fits any aesthetic and any outfit. You can opt for blue jeans, faded jeans, black jeans or even a pair of colored jeans. If you opt for black jeans for example you don't have to worry about color matching, you can focus on a monochromatic look, the all black look or a contrasting look by adding an oversized colored or creamy white tee shirt. Jeans are streetwear pants that also come in different categories, the main ones being skinny jeans, oversized jeans and baggy jeans. Some jeans have chain additions, while others are ripped, it's up to you to choose the type of jeans that best suits you.