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      Once pants and t-shirt are on the back, what is missing in a Korean streetwear outfit ? The shoes, of course! We walk a lot with them and they can sometimes go unnoticed but the choice of shoes is crucial in streetwear. Whether you prefer to wear jeans, cargo pants or even sweatpants, there is bound to be a pair of streetwear shoes waiting for you. Because apart from the different types of shoes that we will discover, there is also an almost infinite choice of colors.

      What are Streetwear Shoes ?

      Streetwear is a fashion whose influences are diverse: the skaters movement, punk, hip hop or even the sports world. We can find different types of shoes that can be called streetwear. From the skate culture, there are low sneakers like Vans or Stan Smith. From the punk movement, we find very massive black boots that are called chunky boots. There are also the sneakers Air Jordan type straight from the basketball courts of the NBA. As you can see, there is no single style of streetwear shoes.

      On the other hand, if we had to name some common denominators between all streetwear shoes it would be the following: comfort, creativity, audacity. Streetwear shoes can be classic, but they are often precursory, even futuristic, in their creative approach. Today, the most worn shoe models are sneakers in all their forms, boots and slides, which appeared more recently in streetwear.

      The Must-Have Streetwear Shoes

      Sneakers, the Queen of Streetwear Shoes

      In the streetwear world, shoes are often a synonym of sneakers. Because indeed it is the queen shoe in the street. Available in different models and colors, sneakers offer a comfort to the feet and an incomparable ease of movement. True elements of fashion, the addicts of the accessories of mark will be filled by the sneakers.

      Your pair of sneakers must fit perfectly to your silhouette, your size and your style. So, pay attention to the height of the sneakers, high, medium or low that could suit you. You can choose between different materials, suede for a sophisticated style, canvas for simplicity, nylon for its strength, cotton for its lightness and leather for elegance...

      Another very important criterion: the color. It can ruin or enhance your outfit. Sneakers come in different colors, both warm and cold, including gray, black, white, which is undoubtedly the most elegant and most convenient to accessorize. Do not forget to choose the size that brings you the most comfort. It is the details that make all the difference and bring charm. Choose thin laces, easy-glide closure, metal lace eyelets, sewn and natural rubber soles, uniform fit, lining made of natural fibers or leather, double and tight stitching. These are useful tips for a well-made choice.

      Boots, for a Strong and Black Style

      In streetwear, the presence of boots is due to the dark, very raw and imposing style inherited from the punks. Even if the image of streetwear is often associated with hip hop and basketball and therefore with Jordan sneakers, boots are not shoes to cross off the list of streetwear must-haves. Yes, you read that right! Having a pair of streetwear boots is mandatory for any self-respecting streetwear fan. But beware, not all boots and ankle boots are to be worn because some could stain your outfit.

      Here are the models of boots that we recommend for an assertive and authentic streetwear style: chunky boots and combat boots. You can opt for variants with thicker soles, thinner or thinner laces, or higher or lower boots, but don't go too crazy with the color. Indeed, streetwear boots are all but black. If you are not a fashion expert, the best thing to do is to stick to this rule: streetwear boots only in black.

      Slides, Cool for Summer or as Slippers

      You want streetwear shoes for summer ? Shoes that will follow you to go to the beach, to go out with friends and to go shopping with cool feet? Then slides are definitely the streetwear shoes you are looking for! Popularized by Adidas with its Adilette, then taken over by Supreme and Yeezy, the brand of Kanye West, the slides are making a smashing entry into streetwear.

      Regarding the colors, the flip-flops are available in the traditional colors: black, gray and white that will blend with almost any outfit. These flip-flops are the equivalent of the Stan Smith, you cannot go wrong by choosing to wear them. If, on the other hand, you want your flip-flops to be the highlight of your streetwear outfit, then you will appreciate the camouflage models or in bright colors, even neon like pink, yellow or green.

      If you don't see yourself wearing the slides outside your home, you can use them as slippers. Throw away your old slippers and opt for a nice pair of streetwear slides!

      Where to buy streetwear shoes online ?

      There are several options available to you to get a pair of streetwear shoes. If you have chosen a particular model or brand, then you can order your shoes on their official website or in their stores directly.

      Another possibility is to order on websites specialized in streetwear and sneakers as it is the case of Korean Street Fashion, specialist of Korean streetwear. We offer streetwear shoes for men and streetwear shoes for women. Although most of the time our shoes are unisex and can be worn by both : men and women. On Korean Street Fashion we have done our best to offer you new and clean sneakers at affordable prices. The vast majority of our sneakers are under $100.