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      In Korean streetwear, sneakers and boots are often the only two types of shoes that are found in outfits. But isn't there a more suitable type of shoes when summer comes? Of course, there are sandals or flip-flops, but as you know they are often unsightly, sometimes uncomfortable and therefore totally incompatible with the streetwear style you want to adopt. On the other hand, there is a very old type of shoes that have been brought up to date, and especially to the streetwear taste: the slides. Said like that, it may not make you dream, but you will discover all the possibilities that these streetwear shoes offer for the style lovers that we are.

      The birth of streetwear slides

      Sliders as such are not new in the world of footwear. In fact, their origins go back to Ancient Greece where they were made from various leaves and papyrus. Over the centuries, the materials used by shoemakers have evolved and so have the shoes. Until the 1950s, classic sandals and mules and slides were the preferred summer footwear. With the back of the foot bare as in mules and the toes exposed as with flip flop, slides sandals are a blend of both styles.

      Sliders have developed strongly in the 60s with several brands like Adidas or Birkenstock. Still today, their "Adilette" for Adidas and "Madrid" for Birkenstock are worn all over the world. Ideal for the summer, because they let the feet breathe and with a thick rubber sole they keep the feet perfectly dry. Other brands of different clothing styles then became interested in the slides, including sportswear brands like Nike or streetwear brands or even luxury brands like Supreme. Today, slides are worn for the beach, the pool, as slippers and on the street as streetwear shoes.

      Yeezy gives streetwear slides the importance they deserve

      In 2019, Ye - short for Yeezus or Yeezy - is throwing another wrench into the works with the launch of a brand new model born from Kanye West's collaboration with the 3-stripes brand: the Yeezy slide, a pair of slides with a minimalist and sleek design. With the Yeezy Slide, Kanye West changes his style and takes on... sliders. We are far from the iconic sneakers Yeezy Boost 350 V2 or Yeezy Boost 380!

      And yet, the rapper recycles proven ingredients: a futuristic and uncluttered silhouette, a simple and effective look, monochromatic colors, and comfort above all... In a word: the ultimate slides for chilling at home!

      With its sober and minimalist lines, the Yeezy Slide seems to be made of a single piece. In terms of materials, Kanye West opts for EVA foam, which is comfortable, light, flexible and resistant. The sandal, with a single wide strap, is embellished with a notched sole for added grip and support. The Adidas logo appears discreetly at the heel.

      Selling like hotcakes, the Yeezy slides have revived the slides trend and many brands and designers have followed suit to offer their own designs. Now, you can find streetwear slides at all sportswear, streetwear and luxury brands. The choice is almost infinite, as you can see with our selection of 100% streetwear slides.

      How to choose a pair of streetwear slides ?

      As always the style is important. So it's up to you to judge if you should opt for a pair of sober black slides or for a more unique pair to enhance your streetwear outfit. Once this choice is made, let's look at other equally important criteria concerning comfort.

      Streetwear slides with an EVA foam sole or with a "classic" sole?

      Linked to the evolution of materials and technologies, the slides did not remain rubber soles with a simple strap on top. Finally, these slides are still available but there is now an innovative sole technology present, itself present in Yeezy slides : the EVA sole.

      Simply put, it is a therapeutic cushion that removes tension from the feet and performs a micro-massage with each step you take. EVA is characterized by special cushioning properties previously reserved for high-level athletes, which allow to gently absorb each step taken.

      It's a real joy to walk in, especially if you have leg or back pain. Wear them all day and at the end of the day you won't notice any discomfort or pain. They can be worn at home as slippers, at the beach and as part of your everyday streetwear.

      Of course, there are still the more classic slides, i.e. with a sole with a classic cushioning system. They are not less good for all that and if a pair you like does not have the EVA sole, it's probably worth a try. It is certainly a plus, but it is up to you to judge whether it is absolutely essential or not.

      The sole of your slides : non-slip or not ?

      Despite the great versatility of slides in everyday life, some models of streetwear slides are not equipped with non-slip soles. This can be a significant disadvantage if you intend to use them to go to the bathroom or to the pool, where the floors are often very wet and therefore slippery. If you plan to use your slides in this type of environment then consider this factor, otherwise it may not be essential, you be the judge.

      With slides with non-slip soles, whether you wear them while running around the pool or just running errands every day, you'll enjoy comfort and style in all circumstances. That's why most of our unisex models are equipped with them for added safety and comfort.

      The manufacture of the soles of your pair of streetwear slides

      EVA orthopedic slides are respectful of your skin. No glue or rubber gas pedals are used in the manufacture of these sandals to minimize the risk of irritation to the skin of your foot. If you have ever experienced symptoms of allergic contact dermatitis (e.g. swelling, redness, blisters or cracks in the skin, burning, itching and pain), EVA insoles are probably the best and safest for you. But not only streetwear slides with EVA technology are made without skin-aggressive glue. There are many other streetwear slides available on Korean Street Fashion. The only drawback of sandals with soles without chemical glue is that they are often more expensive, just like the slides with EVA soles. These slides are also much more durable in the long run as they are made from high quality materials. It's up to you, depending on your budget and your needs!