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      Socks have long been the forgotten of the clothing style because it was considered that they were not seen much, except in shorts. We bought ten or twenty pairs of black or white and that was it. Today, the look on socks has changed and they have become fashion accessories and streetwear accessories in their own right. We choose them carefully to soften his outfit or on the contrary to strengthen his style. We roll up our pants and we are proud to show them! Choosing your socks can be tedious, as the choice is vast in terms of height, material or color. Let's see together the different types of streetwear socks and what you should consider before buying them.

      What is a pair of streetwear socks ?

      Socks have been around for hundreds of years, so it's only fair to ask what makes streetwear socks different from other socks. As their name indicates, streetwear socks are socks belonging to the streetwear clothing style and therefore draws its influences from the street. The streetwear socks have evolved over time, offering us today a range of fantastic choices! But streetwear socks are also more widely influenced by pop culture, that is to say music including rap in particular, cartoons, sports and video games too. Since the growing evolution of streetwear in Asia, especially in Japan and South Korea, we find more and more streetwear socks with references to these cultures. It is possible to wear socks with Japanese kanji, Korean writings or even socks with pastel colors and cute patterns from kpop and bringing another style of streetwear socks.

      Among the streetwear socks there are socks with logo because the logos of brands are often highlighted in streetwear. They are mostly white or black. In the same spirit, there are socks with graffiti or writing in other languages such as Japanese or Korean for example. Other socks with lines, polka dots or checks considered as classic can also do the trick in a streetwear outfit. It all depends on the look you want! More exotic, there are streetwear socks that break the codes: tie and dye socks, camouflage socks, socks with flames, with skulls. Or socks with geometric shapes, socks inspired by manga, superheroes or music bands. We do not forget the vintage socks, often present in daring colors that can be an excellent choice. Although there are short socks or even sockets of streetwear type, the real streetwear socks are long socks, stopping at mid-calf.

      How to wear streetwear socks ?

      In streetwear you don't wear socks just to keep your feet warm. Since they are a fashion accessory and an integral part of the streetwear style, they can be worn in summer and winter and with all kinds of outfits. Streetwear socks can be worn with cargo pants, jeans or sweatpants. It is possible to leave them voluntarily hidden under the pants but it is also possible to slightly roll up the bottom of the pants or to opt for cropped pants to show the beautiful socks that you have on your feet. Some people even put their socks over the bottom of the pants for a unique streetwear style. Do not hesitate to try it!

      Earlier we said that streetwear socks could be worn in summer too. And it's perfectly true, because even though streetwear socks are often long socks, they can be worn with cargo shorts for example or with a skirt for women. It's even the ideal way to proudly display your taste for streetwear and your style to everyone! Obviously, when we talk about streetwear socks we talk about sneakers, the two go together. Whether you wear classic sneakers like Stan Smith or futuristic sneakers, streetwear socks will always finish your look.

      Matching the color of your socks to your sneakers, a good idea ?

      Well, now that we've shed some light on the main types of socks, we can turn our attention to another point that you should definitely focus on: colors. The first and almost only thing you need to know is that the perfect match is the one that you will like. It is indeed mostly a matter of taste! If you like harmony, choose socks of the same color as your sneakers. If on the contrary you want to break the codes do not hesitate to wear colored socks or even black socks with a pair of white sneakers. However, be careful not to fall into clichés by pushing the colorization to the limit, the objective is to put your shoes in the spotlight and not the other way around. This doesn't mean you can't go for bright colors, but again, be sure to keep your wardrobe in balance. Always keep in mind that the simple things are often the best.