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      Often despised, the sweater has however much to bring us, in particular in streetwear. For many, the image of the sweater corresponds to a woolen sweater with big stitches (perhaps knitted by your grandmother) and which itches terribly when you wear it. Fortunately, fashion has appropriated this wardrobe essential to produce cotton or wool sweaters that are comfortable to wear and soft on the skin. There are also many different styles: from vintage, to skull and crossbones and even to cute sweaters with patterns like hearts. Let's discover them together!

      The streetwear sweater, a great alternative to the hoodie

      When we talk about streetwear we immediately think of skinny jeans, sneakers and hoodie. The hoodie is the essential piece of any streetwear outfit to be warm with style. It is undeniable. But let's not forget the streetwear sweater. Although it doesn't have a hood, just like the sweatshirt, it is a great piece of clothing to dress warmly and complete a streetwear outfit. The style is however different, where the hoodie is often fleece, the streetwear sweater shows beautiful knits.

      As for the hoodie, there are different types of streetwear sweaters including the hooded sweater, cropped sweater and the stripped sweater and many more that we are about to discover. If you have colorful pants or sneakers you can easily choose a plain colored sweater in oversized cut. If on the contrary you rely on your crewneck sweater to make up your outfit, then you have the choice among printed sweaters.

      Are you a fan of vintage? In this case, you can opt for a sweater with checks or stripes but it will not scratch you. Especially you will have the choice of several colors: black, navy blue or brown but also green, purple or red for example. You like the dark style, skull and flame? You can also find your happiness with a blue flame sweater or a black sweater with a white skull on it.

      You want a cute sweater that will add a touch of sweetness to your outfit? There will be a whole bunch of sweaters made for you like: cloud sweaters, sweaters with a heart, with cute animals like teddy bears or kittens. There is also the tie and dye sweater which is an explosion of color and adds to any outfit a touch of cheerfulness instantly. Often available in colors like blue-purple or yellow-green. There are also plenty of other types of sweaters like patterned sweaters: cow, leopard, zebra, etc.

      The streetwear sweater: an oversize sweater

      Oversize is one of the key characteristics of streetwear and it is also true for sweaters. Much appreciated for its comfort and freedom of movement, the streetwear sweater are always very loose, and never tights. To have a streetwear style at the rendezvous, the ideal is to always follow the rule of 1 wide garment and 1 close-fitting garment. So, if you decide to wear a streetwear sweater with wide sleeves and an oversized cut, don't wear baggy pants. The oversized look was very fashionable before but now the must is to balance your outfit. So choose a pair of jeans or sweatpants that are not too wide and will not be too much. Unless you are a fan of oversize and you know how to handle it... If you are a fan of the oversize cut, then feel free to add a great oversized pants and why not a t-shirt that exceeds under your streetwear sweater. As trendy as comfortable, the oversize is an indisputable streetwear.

      The streetwear sweater, a comfortable garment

      The oversized cut of the streetwear sweater allows a very appreciable comfort. But it is not the only pleasant point of the streetwear sweater. With its round collar close to the neck, the streetwear sweater is covering but it also allows to be put on and taken off very easily. It is ideal for the periods of the year when the temperatures are very changeable and when you need to be able to cover or undress easily. The streetwear sweater is mostly wool in appearance, but it is cotton or a cotton-wool blend. This means that you get a cotton sweater that keeps you warm without making you sweat and especially that is absolutely not itchy! And just for that we love it. In addition to having style, wearing a streetwear sweater is to be comfortable in your clothes in all circumstances. The streetwear sweater is also comfortable in the sense that it goes with a lot of different pants. So you don't need to have a huge wardrobe with a sweater that matches the color of every pant you have. Although it is often with long-sleeves there are also sweaters with short sleeves or even sleeveless.