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      Streetwear is a fashion that was born in the United States in the late 1970s and was primarily adopted by skateboarders and hip-hop fans. Many artists and designers adopted this fashion and decided to personalize their sweatshirts, T-shirts and many other clothes with their effigy. Streetwear and streetwear brands were born! And all the streetwear accessories: watch, hat, backpack, cap that play a very important role in the streetwear look.

      G-Shock, the watch brand precursor in streetwear

      Very few accessories have been able to go through the ages without getting old and without having to touch their original functions. Like shoes and clothes, watches have their classics adopted by streetwear for real functional purposes. The G-SHOCK was the gateway to the world of watchmaking for many streetwear enthusiasts in the early 1990s. Its affordable price and reliability made it a collector's watch while its primary functionality was quite different. Indeed, the G-SHOCK watch was designed by Kikuo Ibe and Yuichi Masuda to be a very durable quartz watch, meeting the Triple 10. This means that it can withstand a fall of 10 meters, resist a pressure of 10 bars and have a battery that lasts 10 years.

      Extremely resistant, it quickly conquered the professionals: construction workers, military and police. Then in the 90's, skateboarders who wanted to wear a watch that could withstand their practice started to democratize the G-SHOCK watch to the general public and to the streetwear world. In 1998, BAPE, a streetwear brand, made its first collaboration with a brand and it was with the Casio G-SHOCK! From this moment, we can consider that the G-SHOCK watch has officially entered the streetwear fashion. Stussy also made a collaboration with the brand on the same period. Since then, the G-SHOCK watch has become more and more firmly established in streetwear thanks to its incredible reliability and its various collaborations. It is without a doubt, the watch that popularized watchmaking among people claiming to be streetwear.

      How to choose your streetwear watch ?

      Made of steel, gold or platinum, watches are made from different materials, more or less prestigious. We can also distinguish watches according to their many functions: quartz watch, mechanical watch, automatic watch. And this is without counting the many types of watches and the unique versions that are developed by each manufacturer. Nevertheless, we can mention the most common types in the watch industry:

      • Classic watch,
      • Modern watch,
      • Chronograph watch,
      • Skeleton watch,
      • Aviator watch,
      • Diving watch,
      • Military watch,
      • Sports watch
      • And the minimalist watch.

      Each type of watch can be suitable for several clothing styles, but some are absolutely forbidden in a streetwear outfit. Classic and vintage watches, for example, are models to be avoided, as they are too delicate and fragile in appearance. Let's see together the few types of watches we recommend for your streetwear wardrobe. Apart from the type of watch and the colors, you have to take care to choose a dial size in accordance with the size of your wrist. A watch that is too big can give a badass look, but it is not the best. And having a watch that is too small will look ridiculous on your wrist, which is not the desired effect!

      The minimalist watch

      To enhance a streetwear style, opting for a minimalist watch can be a wise choice. Its slim, clean design and simple lines add a little nuance to sometimes bold outfits, and are extremely practical to wear on a daily basis. It's a perfect watch if you have a streetwear style closer to casual than to hardcore streetwear. You can imagine wearing this watch with a nice pair of Korean sneakers, jeans with holes and a leather jacket. This is of course only an example, and the minimalist watch will also be an excellent streetwear watch for those wearing very colorful or extravagant sweatpants and hoodie.

      The sporty or even military type watch

      Streetwear is greatly influenced by sports and especially sportswear. We sometimes wear sweaters, joggers, sneakers or even black or camouflage cargo pants. It is therefore quite natural that sports watches with a dynamic, sometimes aggressive look go perfectly with streetwear outfits. Brightly colored back, silicone strap, angular dial and bezels are all characteristic elements of this watch, ideal for streetwear. We also don't forget the G-SHOCK watch and all the military type watches with a massive appearance.

      Do you need to buy a luxury watch as a streetwear watch ?

      The influence of streetwear on fashion has not spared the world of luxury. Indeed, the worlds of streetwear and luxury are intertwined. Today we find brands such as Supreme taking up the strategies of luxury by creating unique products, often in limited edition and therefore exclusive. One example is the recent collaboration between Jacob & Co and Supreme on a watch model. But luxury watch manufacturers do not need to collaborate with streetwear brands to see their models widely worn as is the case with Rolex or Audemars-Piguet. You will notice that these two brands, although they are expensive and luxury, have watches with a sporty appearance and therefore very streetwear friendly.

      Fortunately, the choice of streetwear watches is very wide today. And you don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a stylish watch. That's exactly why we created this collection on Korean Street Fashion: to allow as many people as possible to get a nice streetwear watch to match their outfits.