Korean Street Fashion's Story

Seoul Street

It all started a spring morning about 30 years ago in Seoul...

...The day I was born.

Yep, without me Korean Street Fashion would never have been born 😆😊

Let me explain why:

Korean, I grew up in the beautiful city of Seoul. 

I was immersed in Korean culture throughout my childhood and adolescence. Before I moved to California with my parents at the age of 15.

Having always dreamed of going to the US, it was just a magical experience for me! (By the way, living in Santa Monica ☀️ 🌊, I still love the country)

I had the opportunity to discover another culture, new landscapes and to make great new friends.

But, there was something I missed about Korea...

Korean Clothes

...korean fashion clothes.

I had searched high and low in local clothing stores, online, talking to other Koreans I met and... N.O.T.H.I.N.G. 😲

Impossible to find any Korean clothing at all. Whether it is streetwear, casual or even traditional clothing.

Well, you will tell me that it is a whim of little princess. But if you are a fashion lover like I was then you understand the pain of not being able to wear what you find cute 😢

In high school, I had then come up with the idea of starting my own business, sourcing the trendy Korean clothes and importing them to the US. In order to be able to spread Korean fashion internationally. (And to be able to indulge myself too, I confess 😍)

Like many ideas we have when we are young, I didn't go further. And I went back to my daily life. Then I graduated, got hired at a corporate company and got caught up in the spinning wheel of life.

Several years passed, and this project was no longer of interest to me. Indeed, I was now going to Seoul several times a year for work.

I had all the time in the world to do my shopping there :

Seoul Shopping

Ahhh what a pleasure! I could finally dress the way I wanted to, I was ecstatic. 🥰

When I returned to the US I noticed every time how lucky I was. Almost every day I received compliments either from my colleagues or my friends for my look. Sometimes even from women on the street!

Until the day a woman asked me where I bought my pleated skirt. When I replied to her, she answered me: "Ah it's a pity, I would like so much to be able to buy it here".

And that was my trigger ✨

I then immediately thought back to my idea from a few years ago and said to myself, "Now is the time to try, Min, otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life. So go for it!" (Just in case, Min is my firstname 😊)

You already know the next part...

Since that day, weeks have passed and the online shop : Korean Street Fashion was born. From now on, every day I'm busy scouting out new super cute and trendy pieces to add to the store. ❤️

As you may have noticed, I took care to recreate the korean fashion as close to the same as possible. So there are the three main clothing styles in Korea: streetwear, casual, as well as traditional korean fashion and Hanbok.

No matter which korean style suits you, you will find what you need!

And that's it, I was going to say "The story ends here".

But in reality, it's just beginning! And you are now part of it 😉

Hope you'll enjoy Korean Street Fashion as much as I do,