Men Hanbok Dark Blue Durumagi
Men's Hanbok Dark Blue Long Coat
Men Hanbok Dark Blue Durumagi
Men's Hanbok Dark Blue Long Coat

Men's Hanbok Dark Blue Long Coat

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A Dark Blue Hanbok with Long Coat for Men to look the finest for korean parties.

Want to find a hanbok that you'll look awesome in ? Then chances are you will love this dark blue hanbok.

This traditional korean outfit consists of: a dark blue baji pants, a white jeogori vest, a dark blue durumagi long coat and a beautiful red belt to hold it all together.

As elegant as comfortable this hanbok is made of a choice material: silk. This hanbok is incredibly soft and breathable. Unlike very old hanbok models, it is a real pleasure to wear.

Let's not forget the incredible embroidery work done on this model ! 

To note: The traditional korean hat, called gat, is not included.

Specifications of the Men's Hanbok Blue Long Coat :

  • Embroidered with traditional patterns.
  • Does include the pants, vest, coat and belt. Hat is not included.
  • One size fits all.
  • Material : Silk
  • Hanbok Color : Blue and White

Hanbok sizing :


One size

Robe Length

 52.8 in or 134 cm


44.1 in or 112 cm

Vest Length

53.9 in or 137 cm

Pants Length

42.1 in or 107 cm


52 in or 132 cm

Care and maintenance

  • To be washed separately in cold water.
  • Do not use any abrasive brush to clean it.
  • Do not tumble dry.