Men's Silky Hanbok Orange

Men's Silky Hanbok Orange

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An Orange Silky Hanbok for Men for a great look !

What could be more beautiful than a silky hanbok, shining under the sun? If that's what you like too then this traditional garment should delight you !

As silky as silk and as light as polyester, this acetate hanbok is a real gem to wear. In terms of comfort, if you compare it to the hanbok of the old days, it's night and day.

In the hanbok, there is an orange jacket, a long sleeve top and dark blue pants, appearing as black at first sight. As a fan of embroidery, we can only emphasize the remarkable work that has been done on this hanbok.

Specifications of the Men's Silky Hanbok Orange :

  • Embroidered flowers on the collar and belt.
  • Does include the pants, top and vest. 
  • Material : Acetate
  • Hanbok Color : Orange

Please refer to this chart to choose your size :


Top Length




Pants Length


26.4 in

or 67 cm 

 42.5 in

or 108 cm

22.4 in

or 57 cm 

52 in

or 132 cm  

40.9 in

or 104 cm 


27.2 in

or 69 cm 

44.1 in

or 112 cm

23.6 in

or 60 cm 

53.5 in

or 136 cm  

42.1 in

or 107 cm 


28 in

or 71 cm 

47.2 in

or 120 cm

24.8 in

or 60 cm

55.1 in

or 140 cm 

43.3 in

or 110 cm 

The size is Asian size. Make sure to take your measurements before ordering your usual size.

Care and maintenance 

  • To be washed separately in cold water.
  • Do not use any abrasive brush to clean it.
  • Do not tumble dry.